2013 Recap – Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers


2013 was yet another interesting year for Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers (https://www.facebook.com/myhotbloggers) as we attended and covered various clients’ events and happenings in town.

From fashion shows to product launches to parties, we were kept busy throughout the year but nevertheless we’re most grateful that we got to expand our horizons and have interesting, exciting and exclusive experiences.

Here are some of the more notable events that we attended:

(FYI you can move your mouse over the pics to see the captions and/ or click on it to viewer the larger version)


Swedish House Mafia – Live in Kuala Lumpur


Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers Chinese New Year dinner at The Royal Flush Chinese Restaurant at Oasis Square, Ara Damansara


Dessert @ De Jouer Fashion Show


Kronenbourg 1664’s L’Aperitif Fashion in conjunction with STYLO

Read more at https://timchew.net/2013/03/28/stylo-kronenbourg-1664-laperitif-fashion/


Ferrari F12berlinetta Launch

Read more at https://timchew.net/2013/04/02/ferrari-f12berniletta-launch/


Future Music Festival Asia 2013


Hennessy Kyrios launch at The Butter Factory KL

Read more about it here – https://timchew.net/2013/04/02/hennessy-v-s-o-p-kyrios-party-at-butter-factory/


Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge 2013

Read more about it here – https://timchew.net/2013/04/14/johnnie-walker-circuit-lounge-march-2013/


Marlboro M-Scape VIP Lounge at the Malaysian Formula One Grand Prix

Read more about it here – https://timchew.net/2013/04/03/marlboro-m-scape-lounge-2013/


Hennessy Artistry at PISA Penang


Club Asahi at Soju Room, Penang

Read more about it here – https://timchew.net/2013/06/28/club-asahi-miami-soju-room-penang/


House of Haagen Daz Party

Read more about it here – https://timchew.net/2013/07/16/house-of-haagen-daz-party/


MHB and friends visit G Factory

Read more about it here – https://timchew.net/2013/11/15/casio-baby-g-mhb-visits-g-factory/


MHB members hair makeover by Shawn Cutler


Carlsberg’s Where’s the Party? 2013

Read more about it here – https://timchew.net/2013/07/09/carlsberg-wheres-the-party-2013/


Celcom 4G LTE Bloggers Race with MHB

Read more about it here – https://timchew.net/2013/07/13/celcom-4g-lte-blogger-race/


Leica C launch with MHB

Read more about it here – https://timchew.net/2013/11/19/leica-c-launch-with-malaysias-hottest-bloggers/


Arthur’s Day at SIC


Carlsberg’s Oktoberfest

Read more about it here – https://timchew.net/2013/09/29/carlsberg-malaysia-oktoberfest-launch-260913/


Launch of The Roof at First Avenue Bandar Utama

Read more about it here – https://timchew.net/2013/11/04/preview-soft-launch-of-the-roof-first-avenue/


Hennessy Artistry HALO at MIECC


Club Asahi Moscow at PLAY at The Roof, First Avenue Bandar Utama

Read more about it here – https://timchew.net/2013/11/28/club-asahi-moscow-at-play-the-roof-131113/


Somersby Brunch Club at The Roof

Read more about it here – https://timchew.net/2013/12/11/somersby-brunch-club-signature-at-the-roof-first-avenue/


The girls also had a pampering session courtesy of Beaute Library


We attended various fashion/ beauty related events


Lots of product launches from cars to smartphones and cameras


Ate lots of good food at various restaurant reviews


Parties, parties and more parties!



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Photo credits: Andy Kho Photography (www.andykho.com), respective brands, and author’s own


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