Carlsberg’s Where’s The Party? 2012

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If you have been following my blog since the middle of last year you will know that I went to the first two of Carlsberg’s ‘Where’s The Party?’ err…parties. If not then you can read about them here:

After the success of the first and second Where’s The Party? (I will refer to it as WTP from now on because I’m lazy) parties, Carlsberg Malaysia decided to team up with Carlsberg Hong Kong and Singapore to throw the third WTP!

So early on Saturday 10 November 2012, I headed over to the Carlsberg brewery in the 7-seater Honda Stream RSZ which was generously borrowed to me by Honda Malaysia (I don’t own an MPV) with MHB’s Stephanie, Ashley, and Chelsea.

After registering the MHB girls boarded the bus which would ferry them to the meet up point in Penang
I have pretty bad motion sickness if I’m the passenger in a car/ bus and as they didn’t allow me to drive the Carlsberg bus I decided to drive up to the meeting point in Penang with Chelsea, Ashley and Aivee in a Honda Stream RSZ which is a stylish and fuel efficient 7-seater MPV
The party venue – Hard Rock Hotel!


So after a couple of hours on the road we finally made it up to Penang and checked-in to our rooms in Bayview Beach Resort which were provided as part of the trip (cool right?) then went next door to the Hard Rock Hotel where the party was happening on the beach!


I had some time to spare before the press conference so I headed to the event area on the Hard Rock Hotel beach and had a few ice-cold cans of Carlsberg while chilling to tunes by my friend DJ Nikki
Soon it was time for the press conference where even more Carlsberg (and Carlsberg girls) awaited me! As you know by now it’s pretty easy to make me happy…
One by one the artistes were revealed. Here’s the sexy DJ Mayumi!
The full lineup of artistes with Carlsberg Malaysia, HK and Singapore’s top management
MHB with the Love Cubic dancers from Korea – all ready to party!
Before a night of partying we had to feel up our stomachs first


I always look forward to eating Penang food whenever I’m in Penang and to my delight there were a dozen stalls in the WTP Food Zone serving up a variety of popular Penang and Malaysian such as Char Kuey Teow, Oyster Omelette (O Chien), Cucur Udang, Satay, Chicken Rice, Murtabak, Pai Tee, Ais Kacang and many more!

After a satisfying meal it was time to grab a cold cup of Carlsberg and partay!!!


First up – a photo!
Party time!!!


Hosting the party were none other than Joey G and the lovely Patricia K! This time besides party people from Malaysia, guests from Hong Kong and Singapore were flown in to party with us! It was a great atmosphere with 1,200 guests partying on the beach of the Hard Rock Hotel Penang!

The acts for the night’s concert kicked off with Carlsberg MD jetskiing to the beach then leaping on-stage for a collaborative performance with Malaysian beatboxer Sean Lee. Following that explosive performance was Mad August a.k.a Crossfire playing some popular rock and alternative rock hits, Rubberband with Cantopop rock song (Beyond!), Love Cubic dancers from Korea who performed hits from Girls’ Generation, Hyuna and of course PSY, DJ Inquisitive – Dubstep and electro house, R&B and hip-hop diva Kelis,, producer/ DJ Norman Doray, and last but not least the sexy DJ Mayumi!


Everyone was having a ball of a time with loads of Carlsberg flowing…
Meanwhile the performances continued!
After a while I went to rest and play some electronic darts in the CHILL OUT Zone


Nearby the electronic darts there were Carlsberg ambassadors distributing brochures and encouraging consumers to test their BAC (Breath Alcohol Content) as part of its efforts in increasing knowledge and awareness amongst consumers on the significance of responsible drinking. If you managed to win the ‘Drunken Man’ game on the iPad you were given your very own breathalyzer! They were also giving out bottles of mineral water to help guests sober up. Remember to always Enjoy Responsibly!

After finishing my mineral water (this time round I was determined to stay on till the end of the party and I had to keep myself hydrated so that I could enjoy myself and not be too tired the next day) I headed back to the party zone.


Enjoying our ice-cold cups of Carlsberg!
Kelis shaking her milkshake…
Everyone was having a good time with the rockin entertainment and drinks aplenty!
There were some real hotties in the crowd (excluding my MHB girls of course)
Povy and Evonne’s sister (ok I forgot her name and was calling her ‘pink bikini’ throughout the night)
Lots of sexy Carlsberg girls!
DJ Mayumi was the last act of the night and she played a set which contained quite a lot of popular tracks which got the crowd dancing along right up to the end
What a party! Finished my beer, drank a bottle of mineral water to rehydrate myself then went back to the room for some much needed rest after a night of intense partying.
One last group shot this time with Chuckei from Nuffnang before heading back to KL and reality


It was a good and fun trip. I even managed to bring the girls for more Penang food before we headed back to KL. Wish Carlsberg would have the party more than just once a year! I wonder where the next one will be…


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Photo credits: , Carlsberg Malaysia and author’s own


That Calls for a Carlsberg!

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