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Now you might be wondering why I’m reviewing another  7-seater MPV. Well in my family we only have sedans and a hatch and I had to bring my bloggers up to Penang for Carlsberg’s Where’s The Party? 2012 which you can read about here –

As I needed extra seats the nice folks at Honda Malaysia were kind enough to lend me the Honda Stream RSZ for the trip. And no in case you were wondering there was no drink driving as I parked the car safely at the party location which was the Hard Rock Hotel Penang, partied then stayed over at the hotel. Always drink responsibly and never drink and drive!


The Honda Stream RSZ - first impression? Is this an MPV?
The Honda Stream RSZ – first impression? Is this an MPV?


Stylish front bumper and grille design with embedded fog lights


Side skirting gives it a lowered look


Smoked tail lights embedded into the D pillars


Aerodynamic tailgate spoiler for stability at high speeds, and a rear diffuser.


Stylish headlights


Multi-spoke alloy rims with low-profile tyres for a sporty look! 205/55 R17 to be exact.


Powerplant & Transmission

The Stream RSZ is powered by a 1.8-litre i-VTEC engine which I believe (looking at the power output) is the same as the last generation Civic (not the current generation).

The 4 cylinders, 16 valve SOH i-VTEC engine which generates 140PS and 174 nM of torque is mated to a Drive-By-Wire (DBW) system to deliver adequate power with good fuel economy.

The DBW system ensures minimum lag of the 5-speed automatic transmission, ensuring a smooth and instant acceleration.

Now I thought this was ok along level roads however along hilly stretches especially the Ipoh to the Jelapang tunnel I used the paddle shifters to manually downshift to lower gears to provide more acceleration.


How does the above benefit the average consumer?

Reduced fuel consumption! I made it up to Penang with 4 passengers on just half a tank of petrol! FYI the fuel tank holds 55 litres of fuel.


Suspension & Handling

Front – MacPherson Strut

Rear – Double Wishbone

Front MacPherson Strut suspension with a side cancellation spring for driving comfort and the double wishbone suspension system coupled with the low centre of gravity provides ride comfort while handling like a large sedan (tomcat does not condone driving the Stream as one would drive a sedan. Remember the vehicles limitations and keep to it!).



Increased rigidity

In the Stream RSZ, high-tensile steel has been applied to more areas of the body to improve structural rigidity. The chassis incorporates fused steel plates of different thickness and materials which enable the Stream RSZ to encase passengers in a safety cell in the event of an accident.


Improved G-Force Control Technology

The G-Force Control effectively absorbs and disperses collision impact through crumple zones while maintaining a survival zone for occupants. In addition, consideration of the Stream RSZ’s “crash compatibility” with other vehicles seeks to enhance selfprotective performance while reducing the extent of car-to-car collision damage.


VSA and ABS with EBD

VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist), and ABS (Anti-Lock braking system) with EBD (Electronic Brake-Force Distribution) work together to help you keep control of the vehicle to get out of hairy situations.


Dual front SRS airbags and seat belt pretensioners


Reinforced connection points

Strengthened pillar joints to improve the rigidity of the body door frames. Front sub-pillar is eliminated to secure increased visibility and a cleaner outer appearance.


Now to the interior.


Very spacious front row and excellent seating position ensured that I arrived in Penang after a 5 hour drive (we made some stops along the way) not feeling tired at all.
Plenty of leg room in the 2nd row. The third row is less roomy though although the 2nd row seats can be moved forward to give more room behind but I highly recommend anyone above 165cm tall to sit in either the first or 2nd rows.
Need extra room? You can put the seats down by just pulling a strap.
And you’ll have lots of room for luggage! The Stream has many seating/ luggage options available to suit your lifestyle. There’s even a tyre repair kit at the back (out of sight though).
Sporty allow pedals!
A very useful arm-rest, centre console where you can keep your stuff out of sight and most importantly cup holders! So so useful during my trip!
The centre console had simple controls and had a 2 DIN slot for the CD player
Steering wheel audio control and paddle shift controls so that you can keep your hands on the wheel at all times
Simple dashboard that displays the info you need to know


The Stream is everything you can expect (and more) for a MPV by Honda and can be yours for RM158,995.30 (OTR) with insurance.

More in depth specs on the Honda Stream RSZ head over to

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