Carlsberg’s ‘Where’s The Party?’ 250611

[Special Event – Long Post]

Carlsberg’s “Where’s The Party?”, Definitely THE Outdoor Party of the Year!

Shah Alam, June 30, 2011 – Myself and a contingent from Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers were among the select media (there was only one media bus) and 500 lucky guests that Carlsberg took to a secret location for an all-expense paid 2 Day / 1 Night trip with a party featuring 6 hot and sexy international female DJs!

Managing Director Soren unveiled, “This event is going to be the benchmark for all Carlsberg consumer parties, perhaps for the next few years. Carlsberg’s “Where’s the Party?” has proven to be a successful platform in many parts of the world, in engaging with our consumers. We thought this is the perfect time to introduce ‘Where’s the Party?’ here in Malaysia now and to entice our consumers to take the courage to join Carlsberg’s party with a secret location idea. We are pleased with the overwhelming response and That Calls for a Carlsberg!”

“Where’s the Party?” by Carlsberg was organized for the consumers following Carlsberg’s recent global relaunch. Carlsberg’s new positioning encourages all to step up and to do the right thing in life and this party gave more reasons for the consumers to call out Carlsberg’s new tagline, ‘That Calls for a Carlsberg’.

Check out the queue! Good thing us media got to register and board our bus first.
The buses all lined up and ready to ferry the guests to the secret party venue
We found the party!!! The secret venue was the Golden Palm Tree Resort in Sepang Gold Coast.
The welcome party which gave us a rousing (and very loud) welcome! Wow we certainly felt like superstars!
First up the press conference for the media and us bloggers. Our Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers girls Naomi, Jane, Wilee, Rachel and Iris with the 6 hot sexy international female DJs brought in specially by Carlsberg for the party!
Check out my room!!!
After dumping my bag in the room and freshening up I wasted no time in going down to the beach to play with the girls…err play the games I mean. There were 10 different fun courage-calling games that were aimed at encouraging stepping up and doing the right thing, in line with Carlsberg’s new positioning (see their ads in the newpapers).
When we registered in the morning at Bukit Jalil we were all given these RFID tags to wear. These nifty little devices were scanned everytime we completed playing a game and it would automatically update the points earned from the games as well as our Facebook status!
Yes it is what it looks like – Pacman!!! Life sized Pacman and ‘ghosts’ running around the maze where we had to ‘eat’ the green coloured balls while running from the ‘ghosts’.
Met the cute Connie (centre) who worked for my EVO roving team previously.
Zorb Wrestling! These girls were going at it like there’s no tomorrow! Definitely entertaining to watch! Lol
This was fun and Naomi beat me to the finish line as I was bouncing everywhere but forward! Good fun though!
This one was also quite funny to watch as the cord attached to the player’s back will pull you back down! The expressions of the players were priceless!
Yes that’s me in the background hoisting Wilee up into the air hahaha!
The Dunk Me game quickly became a crowd favourite when Soren Ravn offered himself to be dunked (and got dunked!) by the guests. All of us had our turn being dunked with the girls throwing the balls very enthusiastically when it was my turn. Tsk tsk tsk!
There was like an army of hot promoter girls and staff on hand to ensure that us guests enjoyed every minute of our trip
Some guests choose to hang out in the chill zones where there were fortune telling stations set up. Yes nowadays fortune telling is high-tech with the use of iPads! Don’t play play! Lol. Other pampering activities in the area included the manicure & pedicure and the temporary airbrush tattoo station.
After hours of playing on the beach it’s nice to get a foot massage! Kudos to the Carlsberg team for thinking of this one!

As night approached, I headed back to the water chalet, had a nice bath, then headed back to the beach for a buffet dinner then it was time to party!!! First up were ‘live’ performances by talented local bands Paper Plane Pursuit, Love Me Butch and Caprice. Showing his sporting nature and taking everyone by surprise, Soren Ravn, the Carlsberg Managing Director himself went on stage and surprised everyone when he started to rap to the Carlsberg song with Caprice! Coolness! Can you say that of your MD/ big boss?

Then it was the highlight of the night as the 6 beautiful and sexy international DJs came on deck to spin at the same time. DJs Charlotte Narni, Maxine Hardcastle, Sam Cooke, Ms. Pink, Catherine McQueen and Kellie Acreman got the crowd dancing and shuffling to their mix of R&B/ hip hop earlier in the night followed by sets of dance, techno and house.

Amazingly, the famous Malaysian-born shoe designer, Dato’ Jimmy Choo together with Dato’ Lewré Lew (of Lewré) made a surprise visit, which resulted in dozens of girls rushing over to have their pictures taken with the designers. Proves that you don’t need to be Justin Bieber or Brad Pitt to pull in the chicks!

Large and impressive setup even though it was only us 500 guests!
All ready to party!!!
Eye candy all around!
MD of Carlsberg definitely gets my vote for coolest MD of the year! Pictured here is Soren rapping the Carlsberg song with Caprice.
Some hot babes were hauled up onto the stage where they shook their booty!
The 6 hot female DJ’s really raised the temperature at the party!
Dato Jimmy Choo found the party as well! He’s a babe magnet even at his age! All the girls wanted to take a pic with him!
A fireworks display to add to the merriment!
The following day we redeemed our points for gifts when we checked out! I got a mini-beer tower!!!

Definitely an outdoor party that set the benchmark for outdoor parties in Malaysia. It’s going to be hard for Carlsberg to outdo themselves but I’m sure next time round we’ll be in for another fabulous time! Hats off to a party which was extremely well organised, incredibly fun and tremendously enjoyable! An experience to remember for years!

Now that really calls for a Carlsberg!

Remember to always party and drink responsibly! Know your limits and stick to them!

For more images and info on the party, check out or head over to Carlsberg’s Facebook page (click here).

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