ADV: Get Your Passes to Carlsberg’s Where’s The Party? 2012


Where’s The Party?

Where’s what party?

Yes you heard me right! The party is called Where’s The Party? and this year (2012) will be the third time that Carlsberg Malaysia is organizing this epic party to give Carlsberg consumers the opportunity to step up to the challenge and create memorable, inspiring moments and unforgettable experiences.

For a better picture of what I’m trying to tell you read my experience at the first and second Where’s The Party that happened last year:

Cool right? Ok so it’s a bit irritating not knowing where the venue is but that’s half the fun! Actually it’s eating me up thinking of where it is. I hope it’s gonna be a beach party again (girls in bikinis!).

Anyway here’s what happened the last time and what I predict will happen again but in a bigger magnitude and there will probably be some surprises in store for us!


You meet up on the designated date at the designated venue and get transported to the party venue in buses!
Each person will get a RFID tag that will track how many points you accumulated during the party and you can exchange the points for prizes at the end of the trip!
Then you arrive at the party venue. The first Where’s The Party? was at the Golden Palm Tree Resort in Sepang Gold Coast!
Loads of fun games. That’s me in the background hoisting Wilee hahaha!

This reverse bungee required dexterity and coordination!

This one was soooo cute and fun! Human Pacman!

Don’t mess with Naomi and Jane Fong or they might Nerf you!

I’m afraid of heights so I didn’t step up to this challenge. Sigh… Perhaps I will this time round if they have it. Gotta face my fears and overcome them!

That’s me getting dunked after Wilee successfully hit the bullseye. Look at the grin on her face!

After you’re hot and sweaty from playing the games you can always go through the human wash!

After you’re done with the games you can sit down and get a massage!

And have an ice-cold beer!

Then the party will really pick up at night!

Great company don’t you think?

Hot and sexy DJs!!!!!!!!!!!! Oooh la la!!!

Janet and I


So where do you think the party will be? I have no clue. I’m hoping a beach like the first Where’s The Party? Or perhaps a cool hilltop? This year not only will you be able to party with guests from Malaysia, but you might even make some new friends from Singapore and Hong Kong as winners from both countries will also be partying with us!

How can you attend the party?

Win yourself invites to this by-invitation-only event will take place on 10 November 2012 and is a 2 day/ 1 night trip by simply heading over to

Just get the most number of correct answers in the fastest possible time then look out for the winners announcement.

Easy pleasy! So what are you waiting for? Get cracking now!




The Facebook contest will run from 17 September to 21 October, with 375 lucky winners to walk away with invites and they can each bring one friend along.

Awesome party with fun games, hot girls, cool DJs and performances and of course loads of ice-cold Carlsberg! Now That Calls For A Carlsberg!


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Photo credits: Carlsberg Malaysia, and author’s own

Do remember to Enjoy Responsibly!


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