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David Guetta Live in Kuala Lumpur 121012


Headed down to the Sepang International Circuit on 12 October 2012 for the David Guetta Live in KL rave party. How I’ve pretty much seen most of the world’s top DJ’s live and Guetta was pretty much the last one on the list so come hell or high water (incidentally KL was flooded that evening) I was going to make it to the event.

So off I went with Naomi and her manager Ray who generously offered to drive (I really hate driving all the way to and from SIC) and we made it there in time to catch Alesso spinning. Although I went primarily to watch Guetta I must say that Alesso is a pretty good DJ and he’s only 21 years of age! A bright future awaits him.

It was a sea of people at the party!



Steph, Sonia and their friends
I spent most of the night in the ‘Drinking Zone’ area and I came across the Marlboro booth with the sweet Estelle, Belinda and their colleague
I also took the opportunity to take a pic at the photowall in the Marlboro booth with the gorgeous Yvonne Sim and her tall colleague
MHB’s Lee Yvonne, Jennifer Foh and Andrea with L’oreal, Yvonne and the tall chick



So he made a little typo but guess what? No one cared! Everyone was having a good time!
Alexis (centre), Michelle (R) and their friend (L)



MHB’s Stephanie Lim with Jamie Chin
MHB’s Karen Kho



Malaysian duo Goldfish and Blink rounded off the night with a thumping set!
Till the next party!


I thought the organisation (traffic control, access to the main event venue, etc. etc.) could have been a little better but then again this is Bolehland where nobody really cares about these details.

Overall I had a good time and after the event ended I even managed to try out the nasi lemak from the Tom, Dick & Harry’s booth there!

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Photo credits: Stephanie Lim, Karen Kho and author’s own


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