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Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers 2nd Anniversary Party Part 2

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Part 2? Yeah baby! One party is not enough to celebrate such an occasion!

So we headed over to Vertigo Club KL on 17 November 2012 to a night where we could reflect on the year that had been, enjoy each other’s company, and let our hair down and PARTAYYYYY!


Venue for the party this time was Vertigo Club KL at The Gardens Mid Valley
Slowly but surely everyone started trickling in to the VIP area in Nero that was cordoned off specially for MHB!
With Esther. Kelly and Wilee
Drink of choice for the night was my fav – Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve. If you’re having a celebration, there’s only one way to go – GOLD!
With Naomi and Andy and our gold Johnnie Walker ‘Striding Man’ which the man is walking forward, symbolising forward thinking and the pursuit of excellence which was very much how MHB is managed


OK I must pause from the story to just mention that although it was MHB’s 2nd Anniversary Party (MHB was formed back in August 2010 as a community for female Malaysian bloggers to make new friends among the bloggers and experience a lifestyle with invites to happening events in KL and beyond) it was actually MHB’s 1st year in operation as a business.

Our first year was spent building up the brand and finding the right members to join the community. It was not until October 2011 that I actually ventured into managing MHB fulltime and expanding the business aspect of the community providing online media solutions to many top lifestyle brands.

It has NOT been an easy task especially with some scheming and very unethical competitors in the industry (it is a very bitchy industry) however with the support of key members, Andy Kho our official photographer, friends and clients we have made it thus far and we will continue to strive to be a professional, ethical and efficient community and media organisation.

Hard work, passion, perseverance, business ethics and good morals will triumph in the end and those are the values I try to instil in every MHB member.

The constant need to improve and better ourselves was the reason why we were wearing the ‘Striding Man’ that night. Unfortunately I don’t know where my ‘Striding Man’ went at the end of the night (some girl must have kidnapped it) so I’ll probably have to wait till the next Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge to get another one. Ok now back to the story…


The girls surprised me with a cake for the occasion!
What a happy moment! The look on my face says it all.
My birthday was a few days earlier and Karen made me a card and got all the girls and guests to sign it!
As founder and birthday boy I got the first slice of the cake!
With Adrienne, Jane, Chelsea and Esther
Some good friends came along to celebrate with us
With the Johnnie Walker Gold Label flowing merrily! The girls actually knew how to appreciate it with ice and water which had me quite impressed!
With Chenelle and Darius
Josiah brought model Kiri along too!
Wilee, Jane, Karen and Chenelle
Chelsea brought her ex-model friend Suzanne along
With beauty queens Lee Yvonne (Miss World Malaysia 2012) and Yvonne Sim (FHm Girl Next Door 2010)
We were very honoured to have celebrity blogger and host Fay Hokulani at our party too!
Here’s to many more anniversaries to come!


Special thanks to Vertigo KL for being the venue sponsor of the party. Check out their upcoming event on 21 December 2012.


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Vertigo Club KL is located at 6th Floor, The Gardens, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur.

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