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Editor’s Note – February 2018

[Editor’s Note]

February has always been one of the most anticipated months in my calendar as Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year (well sometimes it falls in January, but most of the time, part, if not all of CNY will be in February).

This year, I have a couple of features with information useful for those of you celebrating Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year in Malaysia, as well as Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, and Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts around the region.


Valentine’s Day

Standalone restaurants – https://timchew.net/2018/01/04/valentines-day-2018-romantic-dinners-in-kuala-lumpur-klang-valley-langkawi-and-penang/


Restaurants in hotels/ hotel stays – https://timchew.net/2018/02/04/valentines-day-2018-romantic-restaurant-dinners-and-promotions-in-hotels-in-kuala-lumpur-penang-and-langkawi

Marina Bay Sands Singapore – https://timchew.net/2018/01/26/valentines-day-2018-at-marina-bay-sands/

Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts – https://timchew.net/2018/01/29/valentines-day-at-four-seasons-koh-samui-and-chiang-mai-thailand-and-jimbaran-bay-bali/


Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year – https://timchew.net/2018/01/09/chinese-new-year-cny-dinners-promotions-and-yee-sang-in-kuala-lumpur-and-selangor-2018/



Miss & Mrs Chipao (Cheongsam) Malaysia 2018 Press Conference

Photo by Dragon for Miss & Mrs Chipao (Cheongsam) Malaysia 2018

The founders of the Miss Malaysia Kebaya (MMK) series of cultural pageants recently officially announced the Miss & Mrs Chipao (Cheongsam) Malaysia 2018 pageants and also introduced the inaugural International Chipao Queen 2018 pageant, at the Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa in Bandar Sunway.

Themed “Beauty With A Caring Heart” the pageants will be presented in conjunction with One Caring Heart Malaysia Community Leadership CSR Excellence Awards. The pageants are supported by the Ministry of Culture & Tourism Malaysia.

This will be the fourth year the Miss Chipao Malaysia pageant series will be organised by the experienced team from MMK and will see prizes and services worth up to RM50,000 being offered to its winners & Finalists. 30 (10 per category) selected finalists will be vying for the various titles being offered through the three pageant categories this year. The selection process which began from 1st January, 2018 and that will conclude on 15th February, 2018, is conducted through direct auditions at the MMK office in Scott Garden, Kuala Lumpur and via online search through Facebook.

Registration for the pageant is free.The Grand Final of the pageants will be hosted by the international award winning Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa at their Grand Lagoon Ballroom on Sunday, 1st April, 2018.

The Grand Finals will see longest-serving former Minister of International Trade and Industry, Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, gracing the event as guest of honour. The event will also be attended by Organising Chairman & Founder-President of MMK & MKW, Mr Jason Hee, and One Caring Heart Malaysia’s Founder & President, Puan Sri Dr Susan Cheah who is also EXCO member of Sunway Group.

Pageant activities (15th Jan to 31st March 2018):

  1. Search for candidates and audition of applicants & ambassadors
  2. Studio photoshoot for finalists & ambassadors
  3. Press conferences
  4. Fashion & talent shows @ High traffic shopping malls
  5. Sponsor visits.
  6. Talent competition.
  7. Yacht photoshoot
  8. Motorsports photoshoot
  9. Online competition
  10. Weekend training , grooming & rehearsals
  11. 4D3N beauty camp @ Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa
  12. Grand finals
  13. Beauty with Caring Heart Appreciation Night & After Party by MMK

Finalists Selection criteria:

  • Willing to learn and passionate in representing Miss & Mrs Chipao
  • Knowledgeable
  • Have a caring heart.
  • Pretty and presentable
  • Good natured.
  • Good attitude

Competition Categories:

Miss Chipao Malaysia 2018 ( Age: 18 to 35 )
Mrs Chipao Malaysia 2018( Age: 21 to 50 )
Open to all ethnicity International Chipao Queen (Expatriates)( Age: 21 to 60 )

  • 160cm and above
  • Free registration
  • Wardrobe, makeup & hair styling will be provided for the Grand Finals.

Required Profile Details:
State/Country: Name:State: Age: Height: Weight: Body Measurements: Profession: HP Contact Nos:Email: FB: Photos: 2 – 1 x full length & 1 x waist length
Prospective candidates may WhatsApp their profile photographs and details to Jason Hee at 012-92111486 or Nicole at 012-6116752. They can also email missmalaysiakebaya@yahoo.com
Pageant updates can be found in the official Miss Chipao Malaysia Facebook page.All applications need to be submitted to the organizers before 15th, February 2018. Final selections will be announced by end February at https://www.facebook.com/MissChipaoMalaysia/



Wishing All My Chinese Readers a Happy Chinese New Year!

To all my readers in my beloved country, when you’re back in your hometowns this Chinese New Year, I urge you to spread the message of hope and the urgent need for change. I will be staying in Kuala Lumpur this year. Why? Because most of my relatives (and friends too!) have migrated overseas, having given up on the current corrupt and bigoted leadership, which is leading the country to ruin.

Therefore I urge you to talk to your family members, your neighbours, your friends when you go visiting or entertain visitors. Gently but firmly explain to them that the country is on fire and that we can ill afford to wait for the “perfect fireman” to put it out. We need to put out the fire now… before the country burns to the ground. We don’t want to end up like Zimbabwe, or Venezuela, where the currency is pretty much worthless. We’re firmly on that road now and if we don’t change course, we’ll end up as another failed state – one where we will have to send our daughters overseas to become maids, and sons to work as migrant labourers.

Ask them what sort of person they are. Do they agree with the corruption, abuse of power, religious extremism, racial hatred and utter nonsense that has and is currently happening? What about the soft market from years of mismanagement and the lack of ethics, leading to low investor confidence? What about the high prices of goods? Surely almost everyone (except the wealthy citizens) can feel the pinch this CNY.

Explain to them nicely. Don’t throw a wet blanket over the joyous mood. Inspire hope that we, together as ethical and upstanding citizens, can still make a difference. The time to do just that is near and every single vote will count. The upcoming elections will be a battle for the country’s soul – are we as a people so unethical, dishonest, and unscrupulous that we will vote a corrupt and nefarious party into government? Or will we stand up for what is good and just?

Ensure that not a single vote goes to politicians who:

  • Are corrupt
  • Abuse power
  • Steal the rakyat’s money under the guise of setting up cow farms, 1MDB, etc. etc.
  • Promote religious extremism and hatred among the races to divide the rakyat
  • Use religion to garner votes
  • Marginalise non-Malays
  • Lack ethics and respect for others

Together, we can affect change, and rebuild our country.


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