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Liquido Miss Bikini 2013 Search – Behind the Scenes of the Photoshoot


Following the auditions at the Andy Kho Photography Studio on 14 October 2013 (you can read about that here –, the top 12 finalists were shortlisted and brought to the photoshoot at Luna Bar, Pacific Regency Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on 9 November 2013.

As MHB (Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers) is the official digital media partner for the event, I dragged myself out of bed and over to Luna Bar to see the search’s official photography partner Andy Kho shooting, as well as to snap some pics so that I can share the experience with you.


1462566_610362415676896_1474076090_o 1463394_10151695362671610_99925456_n 1468638_10151695365801610_1981910527_n 1470185_10151695361831610_1302504432_n 884445_610362559010215_555446618_o 892189_10151695364076610_129361730_o 1001279_10151695360696610_679042409_n 1395123_610362772343527_2018175310_n 1395255_10151695360841610_1052147377_n 1398158_10151695361321610_1882609809_o 1403253_10151695364296610_496971991_o 1412781_10151695360276610_1119976640_o 1422392_610362629010208_694470387_n 1453466_610363465676791_306667193_n 1454633_10151695361246610_1837396039_n 1460109_10151695361371610_1179216401_n




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More info on the search at

More info on Liquido at

Photo credits: Spiel Chow and author’s own


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