Liquido Miss Bikini Malaysia 2013 Grand Finale


A group pic before the event began: L to R: Lee Wei Ni, Choo Mei Xian, Elaine Chee, Sandra Lee, Mocchi Tan, Nadia Hasbi (CEO of Liquido Malaysia), Summer Liew, Audrey Loke, Carron Kho, Gillian Benjamin, Iva Seow.


A confident woman is a beautiful woman. But Brazilian women bring it to a whole different level with their sensuality, style and complete ease of their own bodies and it’s that spirit that founder of Liquido Malaysia aims to bring to our shores.

The Liquido Miss Bikini 2013 Grand Finale event held at The Pool on Saturday, 23 November 2013, with the 10 finalists exuding their confidence, beauty and individual personalities in Liquido apparel.

The search was co-organised by Liquido Malaysia and Pixaworks Creative; and supported by the Brazillian Embassy of Kuala Lumpur while Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers was the official digital media partner.

Founder of Liquido in Malaysia, Nadia Hasbi found herself based in Sao Paulo, Brazil and was impressed with the Liquido brand and the general positive self-image that Brazilian women have of themselves.

“Liquido celebrates the proud, strong and confident woman. A woman who is not afraid to show the world who she is and carries herself with pride. And with that, we are in search of a role model who represents beauty, confidence and also practices a healthy lifestyle in Malaysia. Liquido helps empower women, as style is an extension of themselves, they feel proud and more self- assured while they work out, or whenever they wear Liquido pieces.”


Nadine Ann Thomas, Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 (right) was one of the judges for the finale.
Nadine Ann Thomas, Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 (right) was one of the judges for the finale.
The Pool was packed with family, friends and supporters of the finalists.
The Pool was packed with family, friends and supporters of the finalists.


The Liquido Miss Bikini 2013 competition kicked off in September 2013, utilising mainly social media to highlight the search, and received positive response from the Malaysian women who were attracted to what the brand represented. The search started off with auditions (which you can read about here –, which included a high fashion bikini studio shoot and intense interviews with the audition judges – singer songwriter Atilia Haron, versatile photographer Andy Kho and the bikini tycoon herself, Nadia Hasbi.

Fifteen individuals were shortlisted and online voting commenced to form the 10 finalists who went to the grand finale. Prior the grand finale, the 10 finalists also participated in an outdoor photoshoot at Luna Bar (, took part in Living Social’s “Zombie Run”, and visited sponsors outlets such as CherryCo (

The search attracted a very diverse bunch of women and these were the 10 finalists:

1. Mocchi Tan @ Tan Cho Kuan, 21, University Student Major in Marketing and Photography

2. Sandra Lee, 35, Systems Engineer

3. Choo Mei Xian, 27, Project Management Office Executive

4. Audrey Loke, 21, Interior Designer and Blogger (

5. Lee Wei Ni, 27, Online Fashion Entrepreneur (Peep Boutique)

6. Elaine Chee, 30, Freelance Talent and Clarion (M) Brand Ambassador

7. Carron Kho, 22, Quantity Surveyor and Model

8. Summer Liew @ Liew Zu Xing, 19, Student

9. Gillian Benjamin, 28, Training Fitness Manager

10.Iva Seow, 22, Student and Entertainment Designer












1476431_647268225325861_1172554987_n 1452138_646962632023087_1241488458_n 996033_646975122021838_1411250967_n





The finalists gave their best strut and answers buoyed by the loud support from the audience, trying their best to impress the Grand Finale judging panel which consisted of Nadine Ann Thomas, Miss Universe Malaysia 2010, Andy Kho and Nadia Hasbi. They were also challenged by photography shoot directions provided by selected members of the audience. The audience also had influence over the winner as the audience vote accounted for 30% of the final score.

In the end there could only be one winner and Lee Wei Ni who amazed the judges during her Q&A session was crowned with a ring of flowers as she walked away with RM5,000.00 cash and a one-year brand ambassador contract with Liquido as well as prizes by the sponsors; Zalora, Biotherm, CherryCo Wax & Beauty Parlor, Peak Physique Health & Fitness Club, Living Social and Sally Hansen.

1st runner-up was clinched by Gillian Benjamin, followed by 2nd runner-up winner Carron Kho. Gillian walked away with RM2,000.00 cash while Carron won RM1,000.00 cash prizes, and both the girls were awarded with a brand ambassador contract with Liquido alongside sponsored prizes.




In addition, subsidiary titles were handed out to:

Miss Confident: Mocchi Tan

Miss Popular: Audrey Loke

Miss Photogenic: Lee Wei Ni

Miss Inspirational: Iva Seow


Here’s how their journey from auditions to finale panned out:




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Photo credits: Andy Kho Photography, and Liquido Malaysia

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