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Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro Review

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Samsung recently introduced the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, their new top-of-the-line earbuds that offer the most immersive wireless audio experience with a streamlined, compact form, seamless connectivity, and powerful ANC to cancel out ambient noise.

The earbuds deliver superior Hi-Fi 24bit Audio with a high dynamic range and crystal-clear resolution. With the new Samsung seamless codec (SSC HiFi), high-quality music can be transferred without pausing, and the new coaxial 2-way speaker makes those sounds richer than ever.

The audio listening experience is even more satisfying when the powerful ANC is turned on. The Galaxy Buds2 Pro filters out 40% more noise, including soft wind sounds.

The intelligent 360 Audio adds a new realistic dimension with cinematic sound that feels both large and intimate. If the user is watching a virtual concert with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, the 360 Audio feature will fully surround the user with sound that syncs to head movements, giving the impression of being physically in the crowd.

The Galaxy Buds2 Pro has a redesigned ergonomic fit that is 15% smaller than the Galaxy Buds Pro’s dimensions (weighing only 5.5g for each bud). It also has True-Fit sizing for different ear shapes, which helps to achieve a secure fit engineered to prevent rotation, which is ideal for those who like to use their earbuds during their gym sessions. The improved design in wind flow technology also helps the air move more effectively, minimising noises for maximum comfort and sound clarity.

When you need to answer an urgent call while playing a game or watching a movie on your tablet, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro can switch the audio connection to your phone with the touch of a finger. The Galaxy Buds2 Pro now has Auto Switch, which allows you to seamlessly transition from your favourite TV show to taking a call from a loved one.

SmartThings Find now makes it possible to locate the Galaxy Buds2 Pro regardless of whether they are inside their cradle or not.

The Galaxy Buds2 Pro comes in a premium colour palette ranging from the neutrality of Graphite and White to the outstanding Bora Purple. The popular Graphite and White colour options convey a bold, classy, and sophisticated image. In contrast, the trendy, vibrant Bora Purple colour exudes a joyful, creative, and upbeat spirit.

The Galaxy Buds2 Pro is polished to a high gloss with a matte interior that feels soft against the skin and blends in with any outfit.

I really appreciate the in-ear design of the Galaxy Buds2 Pro as my previous pair of earbuds were frequently falling out, to the point where I would never use them out of my house for fear of losing them. This seriously limited the usefulness of my previous pair of earbuds as I mostly listen to music through large speakers at home.

With the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, I can confidently bring them on travels or on commutes on the MRT/ LRT knowing that they will stay securely attached to my ears without hurting my ear canal. I even use the earbuds when I wash my car, with the high-quality music making the whole activity so much more enjoyable.

The new ANC feature is incredibly useful as on most days I really prefer not to hear screaming kids or crying babies in public spaces. With the ANC on, I can truly enjoy my music or movie that I’m watching without annoying distractions. Turning the ANC off temporarily to talk to someone is touch-free as all I need to do is speak. There are also touch controls which are customisable (to a certain degree).


  • Super portable – The small case easily fits into most pants pockets
  • Lovely rich high-quality sound and acceptable bass
  • Auto ANC off when you speak
  • Doesn’t fall out of the ears
  • Surprisingly effective ANC makes it suitable for daily commutes or travel


  • Limited battery life due to the small size of the case (however, it is more than enough to last me at least a day’s usage of a couple of hours without recharging)
  • The black and white colour variants are rather common in the tech world (but the Bora Purple option is really outstanding but is probably more suited to the fairer sex)

The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro can be purchased online at

Photo credits: Samsung Malaysia


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