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Richard Hennessy – The Architect of Eternity Lives On

Richard Hennessy’s history and heritage have endured for more than 250 years, recognised and held in high regard by cognac aficionados all across the world. The renowned Maison was founded in Cognac, the capital of the Charente region, on the quays of the Charente River in 1765. It has been passed down through eight generations and is still recognised as a preeminent icon of fine artistry.

The former member of the French army who served under French King Louis XV created Maison Hennessy with the aspiration of being not just a trader but also a producer of exceptional, uncompromising cognacs. The Irishman, a father of a small family, took control of his own destiny and saw the potential of the emerging eaux-de-vie industry right away.

He quickly assembled his own “army” of talented craftspeople who shared his renowned vision and backed it thanks to his aptitude for business and ability to spot intrinsic potential. His legacy was carried on by his visionary son James Hennessy, who intuitively united two illustrious families in 1806 – Hennessy and the Fillioux families of Master Blenders together. This alliance proved to be a formidable one because the Maison’s cognac is still regarded as one of the best in the world today.

The two families’ relationship remains strong today and has been immortalised in the history of cognac. This legacy will be handed down to future generations. Richard Hennessy had no idea at the time, but his two founding principles—choosing only eaux-de-vie with exceptional ageing potential and passing on his trade secrets to future generations—would eventually become the cornerstone of a lasting legacy. His legacy has earned him the distinction of being given the title of Architect of Eternity.

The rarest cognac in Hennessy’s repertoire is presented in a spectacular package created by internationally renowned architect Daniel Libeskind as a tribute to this incredible legacy and inspiring tale.

“The vessel in which a cognac is stored and decanted is equally as important as its smell and taste. For an extremely limited blend that has been made to be a living tribute to the Architect of Eternity, the vessel had to be even more extraordinary.”

Patrick Madendjian, Managing Director of Moët Hennessy Singapore & Malaysia

With Daniel Libeskind at the helm, Hennessy introduced a completely transparent Baccarat crystal decanter that has strong architectural lines but is nonetheless light and aesthetically stunning – inspired by the potent symbol of Richard Hennessy. This eye-catching decanter wonderfully embodies Richard Hennessy’s personality and his passion for quality cognac, making it a collector’s item in and of itself. The past, present, and future of Hennessy were intertwined to create a new meaning, which served as inspiration for the distinctive design and aided in its creation.

Daniel Libeskind immersed himself in Hennessy’s rich history and legacy to create this masterpiece, shaping the decanter to become a visionary like the creator himself. He worked on the concept for several years, producing countless hand sketches. Even if the decanter appears futuristic, Richard Hennessy and his renowned decanter are still remembered through the iconic cognac decanter shape.

This masterpiece, which is the result of the architect’s first collaboration with Maison Hennessy, evokes the ideal collaboration that has effectively brought Richard Hennessy’s history and legacy to life. The decanter combines Libeskind’s famed architectural use of jagged edges, diagonal cuts, and sharp edges with the iconic decanter from the Maison.

The Richard Hennessy cognac still stands as a living testament to Maison Hennessy’s past and is a synonym for exceptional, unique eaux-de-vie. The Richard Hennessy cognac has a strong character and is shamelessly intense, confident, and aggressive. It is made from some of the oldest eaux-de-vie in the world. Rich yet restrained, and incredibly complex, it is the ideal mix.

Only 12 barrels of this exceptionally rare mix of Richard Hennessy cognac are produced annually from Hennessy’s stockpile of some of the rarest eaux-de-vie. It is created in a historic barrel that has been handcrafted from French oak by generation of cooper masters at Hennessy’s own barrel-making facility.

With its distinct complexity and unmatched scents, the blend epitomises the expertise of a Master Blender. Cognac lovers will be pleasantly pleased by the strong, spicy taste and aromatic notes of leather and candied fruits on the palate. This blend was created to conjure up images of the daring soldier who evolved into a visionary entrepreneur.

Photos of the launch in Malaysia were provided by Hennessy Malaysia (Moet Hennessy Diageo Malaysia)

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