Chinese New Year Dining Hotel

Chinese New Year 2021 Dinner and Yee Sang in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Chinese New Year 2021 dining promotions by hotels and restaurants in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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Below are the Chinese New Year 2021 dining and yee sang promotions by hotels and restaurants in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

The list will be updated as more info becomes available.

Kuala Lumpur

  1. Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur
  2. The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur
  3. Hilton Kuala Lumpur
  4. Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara
  5. Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur
  6. The Westin Kuala Lumpur
  7. Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown


  1. One World Hotel Petaling Jaya
  2. The Saujana Hotel

Christmas 2020 Kuala Lumpur

New Year’s Eve Kuala Lumpur 2020

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The Macallan Double Cask range will be available in The Macallan E-Boutique, premium bars and retailers from October 2020.

For further information, head over to

Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur Christmas promotions 2020


Kuala Lumpur

Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Usher in the Year of the Ox at Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur with an exciting menu of Cantonese delicacies at Yun House, Curate, and The Lounge, starting as early as 11 January 2021.

Make joyful new memories with family and friends and create fabulous Instagram posts at Yun House, the city’s iconic destination known for the finest Cantonese cuisine. For this year’s signature menu, Executive Chef Jimmy Wong spent months tracking down the very best ingredients across land and sea – from wagyu beef and duck to sea urchin and abalone.

Sample traditional Chinese recipes including a superb selection of yee sang platters, with a choice of rare premium ingredients. “The Platinum Seafood Yee Sang with champagne gelee and Ccviar is my personal favourite,” notes Chef Jimmy.

Diners also get to take home the Treasure Goodies Box and CNY Goodies Bag, filled with delights such as mandarin oranges, chocolate gold coins, fortune cookies and ang pao.

  • January 11 – February 25, 2021
  • MYR 388 nett, MYR 468 nett and MYR 538 nett, MYR 1088 nett

Prosperity Feast at Curate

Come together with loved ones and friends at Curate for a feast that evokes prosperity, happiness and abundance. Inspired by the auspicious occasion, Four Seasons chefs present creations that ignite the senses, brimming with authentic flavours and dramatic flair.

“Along with an extensive international spread, our menu this year includes specialties from different regions of mainland China,” says Chef Mujtahid (Matt) Lukman. Savour Thypoon Shelter fried flower crab (a beloved Cantonese recipe), La Zi chicken (a spicy, herb-filled Hunan dish) and Szechuan pepper crab (a Szechuan staple). The buffet also features an array of wok-tossed dishes, delicately steamed seafood, roasted meats, a lok-lok steamboat station and Chinese desserts. Diners can even curate their very own yee sang.

Gather the family together for a scrumptious spread at Curate or host an exclusive meal in one of the private dining rooms. On the way out, don’t forget to pick up the Golden Ox Chocolate Box and Ang Pao Goodies Bag, compliments of Four Seasons.

  • January 11 – February 25, 2021
  • Lunch: Monday – Saturday MYR 158, Sunday Brunch MYR 228
  • Dinner: Monday – Sunday MYR 189
  • Beverage package: starts at MYR 188, special prices for select wines, CNY cocktails and mocktails

Festive Afternoon Tea at The Lounge at Four Seasons

Elegant and welcoming, the light-filled Lounge at Four Seasons offers a magical setting to celebrate the first day of the Year of the Ox. Available only on 12 February 2021, the CNY edition of afternoon tea pays tribute to cherished Chinese flavours.

Sample savouries such as five spiced braised beef, Szechuan smoked eel and soy-cured tuna belly, followed by sweet treats such as Mandarin orange cheese cake, durian chocolate sphere and macaroons with salted egg yolk custard. Guests can also savour teatime classics such as warm scones with Devonshire clotted cream, or try the reinvented version prepared with red dates and lotus seeds.

Brightened by fresh blossoms and charming decorations, with exquisite treats passed around by Four Seasons butlers, this stylish celebration which is priced at RM188 starts the Lunar New Year on a high note.

For more info, head over to

The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur

This Chinese New Year, celebrate good health, echoes of hope and an abundance of happiness for a prosperous new year with a myriad of exquisite rooms and dining experiences at The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur. For families safely unite during this auspicious season, The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur has created safe spaces throughout the property for families, friends and loved ones to continue creating life-long memories that further strengthen the generations’ beliefs and culture.

Savour heirloom recipes and rituals from the hotel’s owning family and hosts, such as The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur signature Prosperity Yee Sang, exquisite set menus that feature customary delicacies and heart-warming dishes, Chinese New Year “House of Fortune” for delectable takeaway goodies and auspicious Night Lion Dance.

Prosperity Yee Sang (from 11 January 2021)

The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur’s Prosperity Yee Sang is a recipe handed down from generation to generation of the hotel’s owning family, Puan Sri Sharon Chua’s ancestral kitchen. With the intention of enticing her children to eat their greens, the secret to The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur special Prosperity Yee Sang lies in an undisclosed final ingredient. Made with a base of finely chopped and sliced fresh fruits and vegetables accompanied with assorted nuts, seeds and sauce, guests will be able to add on slices of Abalone & Soft Shell Crab or Salmon & Jellyfish or Hokkigai & Jelly Fish or opt for a Vegetarian version. Puan Sri Sharon Chua hopes her family’s recipe brings much longevity, prosperity and abundance to all.

The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur’s Prosperity Yee Sang will be available upon reservation from 11 January to 26 February 2021 for dine-in at The Brasserie, take away or in the hotel’s private dining rooms on Level 2.  

House of Fortune 瑞吉满堂 (11 January– 26 February 2021)

The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur “House of Fortune” will be your one-stop shop to pre-order and take away homemade cookies with signature spreads, cakes and the traditional “Nian Gao”. This year, add-on to your gifting with a selection of three large Prosperity Boxes filled with a collection of homemade goodies priced from:

  • MYR988.00+ with a bottle of The Macallan 12-Year-Old Double Cask Chinese New Year Limited Edition Scotch Whisky (only 12 bottles available)
  • MYR988.00+ with a bottle of Delamotte Champagne
  • MYR618.00+ without alcohol

Prosperity Boxes include:

  • Mandarin Tree Cake: Orange Butter Cake, Chocolate Truffles, Filled with Chocolate Gold Coins
  • Fortune Box: Almond Cookies, 1 Jar St. Regis XO Sauce, 1 Jar Puan Sri Chua’s Signature Yee Sang Sauce, 1 Jar Homemade Orange Marmalade
  • Treasure Box: Cashew Nut Cookies
  • Lucky Box: Pineapple Tarts
  • Sweet Money Box: Assorted Chinese New Year Cookies
  • Mandarin Ginger 72% Valrhona Dark Chocolate Bar: Mandarin, Ginger, Almonds
  • Jasmine Tea 40% Valrhona Milk Chocolate Bar: Jasmine Tea, Chestnut
  • Sichuan Chili 66% Valrhona Dark Chocolate Bar: Sichuan Chili, Pepper
  • Nian Gao

Choice of:

  • The Macallan 12-Year-Old Double Cask Chinese New Year Limited Edition Scotch Whisky
  • Delamotte Champagne

Executive Pastry Chef, Gael Moutet unveils his signature cakes and pastries for Chinese New Year making them the perfect gesture for your festive gift-giving. Give a gift of a 1.2KG “Mandarin Tree Cake” – an orange butter cake, topped with white chocolate truffles and filled with chocolate gold coins, or the “Valrhona Chocolate Chinese Lantern” – a chocolate lantern filled with chocolate gold coins. Alternatively, personalised sized cakes like the “Mandarin & Lotus Cake” and the “Red & Gold Black Sesame Éclair” will also be available.

Chinese New Year Set Menus (11 January – 26 February 2021)

For signature set menus, dine on Chef De Cuisine, Cheong Boon Fei’s and the hotel’s owning family’s curated treasured family recipes like the absolute outstanding Cantonese-style Seafood Soup with Chinese Spinach & Egg White, handmade Almond Cheese Prawn Dumpling with Radish Shrimp Cake & Supreme Scallop Sauce, Braised Chilean Abalone, Dried Oyster, Fatt Choy & Seasonal Vegetables, Duck Meat Fried Rice with Crispy Silver Anchovies & Fish Roe and more. Available for lunch and dinner, reserve the private dining rooms, The Astor Rooms or the Grand Ballroom for groups from as small as 4 guests onwards.

Chinese New Year Afternoon Tea (25 January – 26 February 2021)

Enjoy a decadent Chinese New Year Afternoon Tea at The Drawing Room with desserts that include a Mini Mandarin Ginger Cake, Bird’s Nest & Licorice, Gold Sesame Brownie & Ganache Cake, Mango & Lotus Cream Firecracker and warm scones with clotted cream, homemade jam and free-flowing savoury canapés.

The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur’s Night Lion Dance (12 February 2021 at 7:30 pm)

A part of the Chinese culture for thousands of years, the lion symbolizes power, wisdom, good fortune and banisher of evil spirits to bring in happiness, longevity and good luck. Catch the twin lions perform at night on Chinese New Year Day at the hotel’s porte-cochère and make their way throughout the hotel.

Chinese New Year Brunch (14 and 21 February 2021)

The Brasserie’s Sunday Jazz Brunch will be joining in the celebration with a Chinese New Year themed brunch highlighting signature dishes from the Chinese New Year menu.

Chinese New Year Set Menu with Choice of Yee Sang

财似春潮滚滚来 碧绿苋菜海鲜羹
Cantonese-style Seafood Soup with Chinese Spinach & Egg White

喜喜哈哈迎新春 杏仁芝士虾球拼虾米罗卜糕
Almond Cheese Prawn Dumpling with Radish Shrimp Cake & Supreme Scallop Sauce

年年有余金满屋 港式鲜人渗蒸大海斑
Hong Kong-style Steamed Giant Sea Grouper with Fresh Ginseng

好事连年发大财 鲍鱼蠔士扣发菜
Braised Chilean Abalone, Dried Oyster, Fatt Choy & Seasonal Vegetables

家和事顺好运来 银鱼鸭粒炒稻苗
Duck Meat Fried Rice with Crispy Silver Anchovies & Fish Roe

开心甜蜜来相聚 雪燕香芒露
Chilled Creamy Mango Soup with Snow Bird’s Nest

万事如意步步高 芋头炸年糕, 马来糕
Deep-fried Yam “Nian Gao” & Plum Sugar Sponge Cake

The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur’s set menus are priced at:

  • Set A MYR468.00+ per person with an Abalone & Crispy Soft Shell Crab Yee Sang
  • Set B MYR398.00+ per person with a Salmon & Jelly Fish Yee Sang
  • Set C MYR398.00+ per person with a Hokkigai & Jelly Fish Yee Sang
  • Set D MYR368.00+ per person with a Vegetarian Yee Sang

The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur’s Yee Sang is priced at:

  • (L) MYR468.00+ or (M) MYR238.00+ for the Abalone & Crispy Soft-Shell Crab Yee Sang
  • (L) MYR268.00+ or (M) MYR138.00+ for the Salmon & Jelly Fish Yee Sang
  • (L) MYR268.00+ or (M) MYR138.00+ for the Hokkigai & Jelly Fish Yee Sang
  • (L) MYR198.00+ or (M) MYR108.00+ for the Vegetarian Yee Sang

(L) sized Yee Sang serves up to 10 guests and (M) sized Yee Sang serves up to 6 guests.

For more info or reservations, call +6012 280 1303 or email

Hilton Kuala Lumpur

This Chinese New Year, Hilton Kuala Lumpur presents an exciting lineup of seasonal dining experiences that honor the long-lived traditions of loved ones coming together and savoring feasts in unity. The culinary delights will herald a bounty of replenished luck, prosperity and happiness. This includes lucky foods like fish, which in Chinese is a homophone with the word for ‘surplus’, signifying a wish for abundance; dumplings, which represent great wealth due to its shape like a Chinese gold coin while noodles are all about longevity and smoothness.

There is the option to takeaway and dine in the comfort of your home on selected items with Bring Hilton Home.

  • Chynna

Throw a memorable family reunion at Chynna as they offer a scrumptious ensemble of Lunar New Year treats. The special creations include Supreme Assorted Hotchpotch, Wok-Fried Prawn & Scallops with Coconut Sauce, Poached Chicken with Angelica, Fatt Choy and Ginger and more. Five choices of set meals offer a true splendor of Cantonese delights including Steamed Deep Sea Grouper Fillet, Braised Lobster Seafood Soup with Pumpkin Puree and Fried Rice with Preserved Duck Meat in Lotus Leaf. There is also a stunning dim sum collection designed for the most discerning palates. Explore awe-inspiring interpretations of yum cha tradition over Steamed Black Truffle Dumpling with Squid, Crispy Rice Roll with Mango and Shrimps, Green Tea and Red Bean Nian Gao and more.

Available from 15 January to 26 February 2021 from 12.00pm – 2.30pm and 6.00pm – 10.30pm

Chinese New Year Yee Sang

Yee Sang with Smoky Grilled Wagyu Slices and Crispy Rice

Yee Sang with Tossed Peach Gum, Almond and Snow Crab

RM128 nett for half portion

RM316 nett for whole portion


From RM28 nett per portion

Set Meals

  • Prosperity Set (7-Course) priced at RM208.80 nett per person (minimum 5 pax)
  • Fortune Set (8-Course) priced at RM268.80 nett per person (minimum 5 pax)
  • Wealth Set (8-Course) priced at RM338.80 nett per person (minimum 5 pax)
  • Grand Fortune Set (6-Course) priced at RM499 nett per person (minimum 2 pax) – order one (1) day in advance
  • Auspicious Set (5-Course) priced at RM688 nett per person (minimum 2 pax) – order one (1) day in advance

Dim Sum Set 1 – 26 Feb 2021, priced from RM228 onwards

Dim Sum Ala Carte from 1 to 26 Feb 2021, priced from RM25 nett per basket

Chinese New Year Take-Away Set Menu (6 Course)
15 Jan – 26 Feb 2021
RM538 (for 2-4pax)
RM1288 (for 6-10pax)

*Lion Dance on 18 February 2021

For further enquiries or reservations, call +603 2264 2264, or email, or visit

Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara

Welcome the prosperous Year of the Ox with an auspicious Lunar New Year celebration at Wan Chun Ting at Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara filled with good fortune, success, wealth, health and joy. This Chinese New Year, guests will feel the prosperity in the air and their bellies as Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara’s Chinese Restaurant introduces its selection of specially-curated Lunar New Year menus.

With the Lunar New Year just around the corner, invigorate your spirit with a delightful reunion feasting with family, friends and esteemed associates. Select from three specially-curated Lunar New Year menus, featuring auspicious dishes like Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Maca Root & Fish Maw, Roast Duck in Curry Sauce with Mantao, Wok-fried Fresh Tiger Prawns with Superior Thick Soy Sauce, Deep-fried Chinese New Year Cake with Yam, Steamed Egg with Bird’s Nest & Ginger Juice, and more!

Prosperity Set Menu

9-course dinner priced at RM238.80nett per person (Minimum 4 persons)

Fortune Set Menu

9-course dinner priced at RM268.80nett per person (Minimum 4 persons)

Wealth Set Menu

9-course dinner priced at RM288.80nett per person (Minimum 4 persons)

Guests seeking an a-la-carte dining experience can savour a menu of Chef Leong’s Lunar New Year recommendations which include Double Boiled Chicken with Red Mushroom and Shrimp Wonton, Crispy Boneless Chicken with Mixed Fruits Salad, Stir Fried Shredded Scallops with Osmanthus egg in Romaine Lettuce, Wok Fried Stuffed Scallops, Lily Bulb with Brocolli and Walnuts and more. There is also a selection of delicate dim sum (only available for lunch) ideal for gatherings with family, loved ones and colleagues.

Wan Chun Ting celebrates the festive tradition from 11 January 2021 to 28 February 2021, available for lunch and dinner. Private dining rooms are also available – perfect for entertaining clients, or a gathering of family and friends.


Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara’s unique selection of Yee Sang is a refreshing alternative for those seeking for greater indulgence. Accompanied with varying authentic ingredients topped with fresh fruits and vegetables, our selection of Yee Sang is pleasing to the eye at the same time healthy and a definite treat for the palate. Prosperity Yee Sang Platter is available for dine-in and take-away.

Yee Sang Menu

Vegetarian Yee Sang
RM88.00nett (Half Portion) | RM176.00nett (Full Portion)

Jelly Fish Yee Sang
RM88.00nett (Half Portion) | RM176.00nett (Full Portion)

Norwegian Salmon Yee Sang
RM108.00nett (Half Portion) | RM216.00nett (Full Portion)

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab Yee Sang
RM98.00nett (Half Portion) | RM196.00nett (Full Portion)

2Head Abalone Yee Sang
RM148.00 nett (Half Portion) | RM288.00nett (Full Portion)

Crispy Fish Skin Yee Sang
RM108.00nett (Half Portion) | RM216.00nett (Full Portion)

Scallop with Snow Pear Yee Sang (Advance Reservation Required)
RM108.00nett (Half Portion) | RM216.00nett (Full Portion)

Add On

Cracker                   RM6.00nett (Per Packet)
Snow Pear                RM18.00nett (Per Portion)
Jelly Fish                 RM28.00nett (Per Portion)
Crispy Fish Skin       RM38.00nett (Per Portion)
Salmon                    RM40.00nett (Per Portion)
Soft Shell Crab        RM48.00nett (Per Portion)
Scallop                    RM68.00nett (Per Portion)
Head Abalone        RM268.00nett (Per Portion)


The lion dance is one of the most important traditions at Chinese New Year. Its performances would bring good luck and drive away evil spirits. Join the festive atmosphere and bring happiness to the spectacular acrobatic lion dance performance, accompanied by the music of beating drums, clashing cymbals and resounding gongs that symbolizes power, wisdom and superiority in Chinese Culture.

Date    : 12 February 2021

Time   : 12.30pm onwards

For enquiries and reservations, email HA123-FB3@SOFITEL.COM or call (03) 2720 6688.

Download the set menus (with the pricing) here:

Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur

The Imperial Garden was constructed during the Ming dynasty back in 1417, designed to be a private retreat for the imperial family to relax, gather and enjoy beautiful scenery. At each of the four corners there is a pavilion symbolizing the four seasons.

Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur has recreated the scenery of the Imperial Garden through the window of the Pavilion of Myriad Springs with a delightful line up of delicacies, gifts and goodies. Looking through, an evergreen landscape with abundant trees and flowers with an ox gazing towards the sun represents hope for positivity in the new year and a hummingbird visiting the flowers for nectar signifies the start of Spring and life.

Lemon Garden

Join in on the celebrations from 8 January to 26 February 2021 with Lemon Garden’s Chinese New Year Lunch & Dinner with Yee Sang. Lunch will be served every Monday to Friday at RM128 nett per person and at RM138 nett per person on Saturdays and Public Holidays, featuring items such as Jelly Fish Yee Sang, Wok Fried Tiger Prawn with Special Honey Marmite Sauce, Deep Fried Breaded Chicken Cude with Hoisin Glaz and more.

Brunch is served every Sunday at RM148 nett per person, where you can enjoy Steamed Fish with Salted Black Bean and Choi Po Veggie, Roasted Whole Duck with Orange Reduction and Wild Honey Glaze, Beef with Malay Spices and Dark Soya Sauce.

Dinner will be served every Sunday to Thursday, priced at RM168 nett per person, with dishes such as Clay Pot Rice with Mushroom, Chicken, Spring Onion and Ginger, Duck Roulade with Onion Marmalade & Juniper Berries Sauce and Pommes Dauphines amongst others.

Every Friday & Saturday, enjoy the Seafood Buffet with Yee Sang, priced at RM 178nett per person. Try favourites such as Jade Abalone Yee Sang, Pan Sear Beef Mignon, Mushroom Duxelle and Cheesy Cherry Tomato Fondant and Stir-Fried Tiger Prawn with Marmite Gravy.

On 12 and 13 February 2021, the Seafood Buffet Dinner with Yee Sang will be priced at RM188 nett per person, including assorted Yee Sang, Double Boiled Chinese Crystal Pear Soup with Red Date and Goji Berries, Kam Hiong Mud Crab and more.

(Kindly note that operating days are subject to change depending on SOP.)

Lemon Garden 2Go

From 8 January – 26 February 2021, Lemon Garden 2Go has Imperial themed gift boxes and signature pralines adorned with rich symbolism of prosperity, abundance and success, which are ideal gifts for family, friends and clients.

Auspicious Hampers brimming with delicious treats will be available in three varieties:

‘Treasure Delight’ filled with eight type of treats priced at RM688 nett, ‘Golden Premium Treasure’ with nine type of goodies priced at RM988 nett, as well as ‘Prosperity Premium Treasure’ packed with 13 type of new year treats and priced at RM1,388 nett. Depending on the hamper chosen, items range from Eight Treasure Cake, Premium Oolong Tea, Shangri-La Pralines and more!

Lemon Garden 2 Go will also have a series of Signature Chinese New Year Pralines, crafted by our expert chocolatiers and boasting East-meets-West flavours. The Signature Pralines are available for purchase at RM88 nett per box of nine pieces.

Lobby Lounge

Without departing too far from customs and tradition, Lobby Lounge’s Chinese-twist on their well-loved afternoon tea features delicate finger bites, beautifully ornate sweets, classic warm scones and traditional soup. Munch on savoury takes such as BBQ Chicken Jerky with Fried Mantou Pickled Cucumber and Chicken Floss, Marinated Spicy Prawn with Mango and Pineapple Salsa, Deep Fried Nian Gao Glutinous Rice Ball and Poached Szechuan Chicken. Jump on the sweet train with Mandarin Orange, Dark Chocolate Firecracker, Chrysanthemum Tea Financier, Vanilla Cream Almond Bird Nest and Chinese Five Spice Chocolate Macarons – nyums! The set comes with a serving of Lemon Orange Scones with Raspberry Jam, Lemon Curd and Clotted Cream – end your meal with a bowl of hot soup of your choice either Tang Yuan or Black Sesame.

There’s a special set for kids as well – serving BBQ Chicken Jerky with Fried Mantou Pickled Cucumber and Chicken Floss, Crispy Prawn Fritter with Sweet Mayo and Egg Skin Roll with Crispy Chicken and Orange Marmalade alongside sweet treats Mandarin Orange, Dark Chocolate Firecracker and Vanilla Cream Almond Bird Nest.

Available daily from 3pm – 6pm, the Chinese New Year Afternoon Tea is priced at RM95 nett per set and RM45 nett for the kids set. For the adult set – add on RM88 nett for one glass of champagne, RM38 nett for one glass of cocktail or pay a total of RM190 nett to enjoy your afternoon tea with a free flow of Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Champagne for two hours. Digital Vouchers are also available for purchase for the Afternoon Tea Set, at a price of RM88 nett each – only available on

Shang Palace

From 8 January to 28 February 2021, the Lunar New Year celebration will not be complete without the partaking of Yee Sang which symbolizes prosperity, vigour, energy and longevity. Selection include Korean Snow Pear at RM108 (S) / RM208 (L), Crispy Fish Skin and Jelly Fish at RM128 (S) / RM228 (L), Smoked Salmon at RM148 (S) / RM288 (L), Sliced Abalone with Caviar at RM248 (S) / RM498 (L) and Tempura Soft Shell Crab and Shimeji Mushroom at RM178 (S) / RM348 (L). 

If Abalone is a big part of your celebrations, try the Premium Abalone Poon Choy filled with traditional Cantonese festival meal composed of many layers and served delicately in clay pot. The assorted ingredients include 10 head abalone, sea cucumber, Japanese fried scallop, goose web, king prawn, roasted duck, steamed chicken, sea moss fish ball, dried oysters, dried fish maw, beancurd stick, sea moss, baby cabbage, mushrooms, white radish, gluten, oyster mushroom and yam. One set is priced at RM1988 nett and perfect for sharing for up to 10 persons. 

Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur will also be offering set menus, this new year, including the Great Prosperity Set at RM238 nett per person (minimum four persons), Rich Fortune Set at RM288 nett per person (minimum six persons), Happy Reunion Set at RM368 nett per person (minimum six persons) and the Wealth Treasure Set at RM488 nett per person (minimum six persons).

Spread the fortune with Shang Palace’s collection of Ninko as lunar gifts to bestow good luck and prosperity to friends and family where you will be able to purchase the Master Chef Golden Ox Ninko Gift Set at RM298 nett per set and Fish-Shaped Ninko at RM98 nett per set. Also available are Nostalgic Pastries Gift Box with assorted cookies at RM98 nett per set. 

For more information, visit

For reservations or inquiries, call +603 2074 3900 or WhatsApp +6019 390 2257

Download the gift price list here –

The Westin Kuala Lumpur

Welcome the year of the Ox with abundance of festive favourites with families and friends from The Westin Kuala Lumpur. From 18 January to 26 February 2021, The Westin Kuala Lumpur will be offering a selection of fresh Yee Sang and alluring festive à la carte items for takeaway or delivery.

Unity Chinese New Year Specialties Yee Sang (18 January to 26 February 2021)

Share the joy and hope for a prosperous future with a symbolic tossing of Yee Sang until February 26, 2021, by takeaway for celebrations at home, priced from RM98 nett per standard serving. Unity Chinese New Year Specialties ‘Lou Sang’ offers four types of healthy and fresh Yee Sang selections from Norwegian Fresh Salmon Yee Sang and Sliced Two Head Abalone Yee Sang with Jelly Fish to a combination of Slices Top Shell Abalone and Jelly Fish Yee Sang and Baby Abalone Yee Sang with Jelly Fish. Start tossing all the way to abundance of joy and happiness!

Sliced Top Shell Abalone and Jelly Fish Yee Sang               
RM98 nett (Standard) l RM196 nett (Large) – à la carte selling price

Norwegian Fresh Salmon Yee Sang
RM118 nett (Standard) l RM236 nett (Large) – à la carte selling price    

Baby Abalone Yee Sang with Jelly Fish
RM138 nett (Standard) l RM276 nett (Large) – à la carte selling price

Sliced Two Head Abalone Yee Sang with Jelly Fish
RM288 nett (Large) – à la carte selling price

Further enhance your Yee Sang with the following add-ons:

  • 海蜇 Jelly-fish RM68 nett per portion
  • 贵妃鲍 Taiwanese Top Shell Abalone RM88 nett per portion
  • 二十头鲍鱼 Baby Abalone RM200 nett per portion
  • 三文鱼 Norwegian Fresh Salmon RM98 nett per portion
  • 鲍鱼 – 二头鲍 Sliced Two Head Abalone RM220 nett per portion

Chinese New Year Set Menu with ONE selected complimentary House Red or White Wine bottle

Among a wide array of festive indulgences, the Double Boiled Premium Herbal Chicken Broth and Steamed Red Mullet with Ginger and Fungus deserves special mention. Add on The Westin Kuala Lumpur’s New Year Specialties Yee Sang with a selection of premium fresh salmon and abalone to make the occasion extra special.

福寿安康团圆宴 Longevity Reunion Chinese New Year Set Menu priced at RM 888 (6 person servings)

盆菜 Poon Choi (8 person servings) priced at RM1288 nett

Western Platters

  • Cheeseboard with Crackers – RM158 nett
  • Cheeseboard with Fruits – RM198 nett

Delivery and Takeaway

  • Orders above RM150 will be entitled for a 20% discount
  • Delivery up to 8KM will be charged RM10

For takeaway and delivery, please contact Westin Dining at 603.2773.8495 WhatsApp +6012 305 1715, email or log on to for reservations and more information.

Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown 

Usher in the Year of the Ox with Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown. Inspired by nostalgic snacks of yesteryear, Executive Chef Gerald Chong and his culinary team unveil Quan’s Kitchen‘s Triple Prosperity Yee Sang featuring Crispy Fish Satay, Chicken Floss Rice Crackers and Chili Soft Shell Crab (half portion for RM88 and full portion for RM138). Or go lux with the Opulence Yee Sang topped with Tanjung Malim T’Lur Caviar (half portion for RM168 and full portion for RM298).

Continue the celebration with the Spring Happiness Set, an 8-course sumptuous fare that includes the Triple Prosperity Yee Sang, a nourishing Double Boiled Fish Maw Consommé, Baked Cod in a Ginseng Soy Sauce Paste and a Crispy 5-Spice Salt and Pepper Chicken (RM268/2pax, RM528/4 pax, RM788/6pax and RM1318/10pax). Add on a 30 grams tin of Tanjung Malim T’Lur Caviar for RM220.

Send wishes of good fortune with the auspicious 福 Fu Hamper (RM188), a curated collection of 8 items including Beras Salleh by Langit to represent fertility, Nian Gao for prosperity, Pineapple Tarts for luck and Jann KL’s bottled Bird’s Nest Baijiu cocktails.

No Chinese New Year would be complete without a drink of two. Jann debuts its earthy Bird’s Nest Baijiu (RM50) cocktail brewed with chrysanthemum tea, red dates and white fungus. Have it delivered to your doorstep, RM88 for two. Gan Bei 干杯!  

For enquires, reservations or to place an order, call/ WhatsApp 012-507-3327 or email

*Free delivery within 10km radius of the hotel.


One World Hotel Petaling Jaya

Celebrate your “sau kung” or closing of the office/ biz for the Chinese New Year holidays at Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant at One World Hotel Petaling Jaya. Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant is helmed by Executive Chinese Chef Tommy Choong Chan Hoo, and together with the culinary team will get you ready for the Year of the Ox with five intricate set menus.

Expect to feast on treasured family recipes as well as Chef Tommy’s personal favourite specialties such as the Double Boiled Fish Bone Soup with Baby Cabbage and Wonton, Deep Fried Live Grass Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk and Chicken Floss, Wok Fried Wild Rice with Yam, Diced Chicken and Sakura Shrimps; and the Braised Abalone, Flower Mushrooms and Bean Curd with Garden Greens.

Other notable mentions from the 9-course set menus offered include Smoked Duck Breast with Pineapple and Pomelo Salsa Sauce, Pan Fried Alaskan Scallop stuffed with Chicken and Prawn Paste; and the Steamed Live Dragon Garoupa with Superior Soy Sauce.

Wrap up the meal with Homemade Soy Milk with Gingko Nuts and Snow Fungus, Double Boiled Coconut with Peach Gum and Longan; and the Sweet Fancy Duet Pastry.

The set menus are priced at RM988.00, RM1488.00nett, RM1688.00nett, RM1988.00nett and RM2688.00nett per table of 10 persons. Each set menu (except the RM988 set) comes with a bottle of selected complimentary house red wine or premium Chinese tea, while stock lasts.

Reunion Dinner

Gather your family members to savour Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant’s Chinese New Year reunion set meals from 2 February onwards.

Executive Chinese Chef Tommy Choong Chan Hoo and team will be offering five (5) set menus with prices ranging from RM1188.00 nett to RM2688.00 nett per table of 10.

Each menu begins with a platter of ‘’Yee Sang’’ before segueing into a chock-full of ambrosial selections such as the Braised Superior Soup with Lobster Meat, Scallop and Dried Seafood, Roasted Chicken served with Pomelo and Pineapple Salsa, Steamed Marble Goby with Bean Curd, Black Fungus, Ginger and Orange Peel; and the Wok Fried Fresh Water Prawns with Supreme Butter Sauce.

There’s also either the Wok Fried Wild Rice with Yam, Diced Chicken and Bonito Flakes or the Wok Fried Shanghai Rice Cakes with Assorted Seafood or the Braised E-Fu Noodles with Live Boston Lobster and ‘’Nian Gao’’ (sweet rice cake) as well as ‘’Tong Sui’’ (sweetened soup).

Zuan Yuan remains open on the eve of Lunar New Year and throughout the festive season. Six private rooms in Chinoiserie setting are available and prior booking is essential to avoid disappointment.

Yee Sang

If there’s one dish to look forward to during Chinese New Year, it’s got to be Yee Sang! To usher in the Year of the Ox with a bullish start, the culinary team at Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant is offering five (5) enticing variants that you can either toss in the restaurant or for takeaway.

The premium Yee Sang with Lobster Meat and Abalone or the Yee Sang with Alaskan Scallop and Black Truffle is an absolute treat for discerning diners with a taste of the finer things in life.

Other options include the Fruit Yee Sang with Chef’s Special Sauce, Yee Sang with Crispy Whitebait and Salmon Skin; and the perennial favourite Yee Sang with Salmon Fillet.

The seasonal special is priced from RM98.00nett per half portion and from RM168.00nett for a full portion.

To order or for reservations, call 603 7681 1159 or email

The Saujana Hotel

Usher in the Year of the Ox with a change of fortune; to all things glorious and glowing with an abundance of good fortune, health, wealth, luck and joy at The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Celebrate new beginnings and strengthen your bond with your loved ones over Ti Chen Chinese Restaurant’s prosperous set menus starting at RM800 per table of 5 persons which feature an extensive array of luxurious delicacies.

Noteworthy dishes include the Four Seasons Prosperity Yee Sang. Fragrant Healthy Grains Fried Rice with Preserved Meat wrapped in Bean Curd Skin, Braised Stuffed Sea Cucumber with “Fatt Choy”, Double Boiled Vitality 8 Heads Abalone Soup with Black Chicken and Sun-dried Scallops, Steamed “Golden Fish” Nian Gao and Chilled Sea Bird’s Nest all representing good luck, prosperity, and health.

The festive 8-course menus are available daily for lunch and dinner from the 11th January – 28th February 2021 (*closed for 1 day on the 12th February).

鸿运发财宴 Wealth Treasures Set
RM800nett for 5 persons        RM1600nett for 10 persons

四季兴隆宴 Great Prosperity Set
RM1000nett for 5 persons    RM2000nett for 10 persons

金玉满堂宴 Immense Wealth Set
RM1350nett for 5 persons    RM2700nett for 10 persons

Seating will be thoughtfully arranged to ensure ample space between guests. Reservations are highly recommended.

For more info or reservations, call 03 7843 1234 or email

In Association with Albert Wines & Spirits

Show your appreciation to your clients, or send a nice care package to your family and friends this Chinese New Year with the Chinese New Year themed gift packs by Albert Wines & Spirits.

Choose from a selection of authentic wines and spirits, packed in a classy collectible gift box, with prices starting from just RM99.00! If you’re looking to stock up on some wines and spirits for the upcoming Chinese New Year, AlbertWines2u also has a wide selection to choose from, with a free delivery promotion (terms and conditions apply) available during the MCO!

Albert Wines & Spirits has been a trusted Wines & Spirits importer based in Kuala Lumpur since 1992. Albert Wines & Spirits represents many renowned brands from across the world, serving customers from airports and duty-free islands to 5-Star restaurants and hotels. 

Customers can purchase directly via AlbertWines2u with delivery Directly from the Winery to your Doorstep within West Malaysia.

With a large selection of wines & spirits, together with wine chiller and else, AlbertWines2u features over 100 brands from all over the world to suit your every needs, from a simple Tuesday night’s glass of wine to full party supply for the weekend. Most importantly, guaranteed SAFE and GENUINE.

Albert International Wines & Spirits Sdn Bhd (1078485-X) is located at 3A, Jalan KIP 3, Taman Perindustrian KIP, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Telephone: +603 6276 3993 (Landline) or +6017 741 5658 (Whatsapp/Wechat)

For more info, head over to

Photo Credits: Respective hotels and restaurants

Cover Photo: The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur

Chinese New Year 2021 reunion dinner Chinese New Year 2021 yee sang Petaling Jaya Kuala Lumpur

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