Kung Pao Chicken and Cherry Tomatoes Marinated in Plum Sauce Recipes by Jing Yaa Tang, The Opposite House Beijing



The Movement Control Order in Malaysia, as well as the “Circuit Breaker” in Singapore, and indeed the lockdown/ quarantine measures in countries all across the globe due to Covid-19 have inspired many who are quarantined or practising social distancing at home to showcase their culinary skills.

Over the past few weeks, my social media feeds have been filled with the creations of the aspiring home chefs! From amped-up versions of instant noodles, to comforting traditional dishes, creative fusion dishes, and dishes that rival fine-dining restaurants, the ingenuity of homecooks is something most entertaining to behold indeed!

Jing Yaa Tang, The Opposite House Beijing’s Michelin-Star restaurant, has decided to share two of its favourite recipes – the fragrant Kung Pao Chicken, and the saccharine Cherry Tomatoes marinated in plum sauce – for homecooks to attempt in the comfort of their abode.

A collaboration with London-based restauranteur Alan Yau, Jing Yaa Tang is a restaurant concept based in The Opposite House Beijing that celebrates Beijing roast duck at its heart with a menu extending to a wide range of favourite dishes from regions across China.

Jing Yaa Tang first opened its doors in 2013 and became a favourite in the city for its Peking Duck and authentic regional takes on Chinese cuisine. Sporting a striking contemporary Chinoiserie theatrical style design, the restaurant can seat up to 155 pax and is open for lunch and dinner.

Its interior also opens into a central social dining space or “Tang”, which is taken from the literal Chinese translation of hall. It was recently awarded a Michelin star in the inaugural Michelin Guide Beijing 2020.


Kung Pao Chicken

Main ingredients:

  • Chicken thigh (20g)
  • Diced green onion (50g)
  • Cooked peanuts (25g)
  • Cooked cashew nuts (25g)
  • Sliced garlic (5g)
  • Sliced ginger (5g)
  • Dried chilli (5g)


  1. Salt (2g), rice wine (5g), sugar (1g), egg (1/3), corn flour (6g)
  2. Sugar (30g), salt (3g), rice vinegar (50g), corn flour (10g)


  1. Mix and pickle the diced chicken thigh with seasoning (ingredients A).
  2. Heat the oil in a heated wok first, and fry the pickled chicken and diced green onion until the chicken is cooked.
  3. Cook the sliced garlic and ginger, dry the red chilli segment first, add the cooked chicken and onion, and then stir-fry the cooked peanuts, cashew nuts and ingredients B.


  1. Cook the fried chicken and diced onion for one minute to elevate the taste.
  2. Turn off the fire when adding the peanuts and cashew nuts to keep them crispy.


Cherry Tomatoes Marinated in Plum Sauce

Main ingredients:

  • Water (300g)
  • Sugar (80g)
  • Preserved prune slice (1 pc)
  • Concentrated orange juice (10g)
  • White vinegar (50ml)
  • Cherry tomatoes (200g)


  1. Remove the root of the cherry tomatoes and peel with boiling water.
  2. Boil the preserved prune in water, and then add other seasonings after 3 minutes. Turn off the fire when sugar melts completely.
  3. Immerse the cherry tomatoes into the sauce for 8 hours after they have cooled.


  1. Keep frozen after immersing.
  2. The length of time immersed will influence the tasty.


Jing Yaa Tang is located at:

Lower Ground Level, The Opposite House,

Taikoo Li Sanlitun North,

No. 11 Sanlitun Road,

Chaoyang District,

Beijing, China 100027





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