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Samsung Malaysia Electronics Launches the Samsung Galaxy Note10 in Malaysia

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Headed over to St. Regis Kuala Lumpur on 15 August 2019 for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ – the newest flagship smartphones by Samsung Mobile that combines elegant design with powerful performance and productivity tools.

Speaking at the official Malaysian launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note10, Yoonsoo Kim, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics said, “The Galaxy Note10 proves that Samsung continues to strive and be the innovator of new mobile experiences across all platforms and devices. For the first time ever, Samsung is introducing not one, but two Note devices. These devices come with four revolutionary innovations in terms of design, creativity, productivity, and performance. With all these features packed into one powerful phone, we now have the capabilities to seize our moments and charge forward into a future of endless possibilities.”


Yoonsoo Kim, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics giving his keynote address
Yoonsoo Kim, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics, showing off Samsung’s new power phones, the Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+.
Every element of the Galaxy Note10 is crafted to be sleek, slim and distraction-free, so users can devote their full attention to the ideas, projects, and content that matter most.


For the first time ever, the Galaxy Note10 comes in two sizes. The Galaxy Note10 opens up the Note to users who want the power of the S Pen and ultimate productivity in a compact form factor, packing a 6.3-inch Cinematic Infinity Display into the most compact Note yet.

The Galaxy Note10+ features the biggest Note display ever with a 6.8-inch Cinematic Infinity Display on a device that’s still easy to hold and easy to use.

The Galaxy Note10’s display is Samsung’s best yet. From its physical construction to its underlying technology, the display is designed to immerse users in their favorite TV, movies, and games.

·         Edge-to-edge Design: The Galaxy Note10’s edge-to-edge Cinematic Infinity Display is nearly bezel-less, while the in-display cut out for the front camera is small and centered for a balanced design. Samsung’s most immersive display creates a seamless experience between thought and action, viewing and creating.

·         Best Quality Display: The Galaxy Note10 features the award-winning Dynamic AMOLED display. With HDR10+ certification and Dynamic Tone Mapping, photos and videos are brighter than previous Note devices, and feature a stunning, wide color range. UL verified the Galaxy Note10 display for its 98% color and brightness uniformity. The Eye Comfort display reduces blue light without affecting color quality for comfortable viewing.


Jinnyboy, Josephine Yap, and Jenn Chia taking a selfie using the S Pen’s Air Actions, which make users even more productive and efficient. (L – R)
illustrator Marianne Tan uses Jinnyboy as her model, drawing a personalized AR filter in a fun demonstration of the Galaxy Note10’s AR Doodle feature.


The Galaxy Note10 features new technologies, enhanced capabilities, and powerful integrations to give users the freedom to work in the way that makes them the most productive.

·         Handwriting to Text: The Galaxy Note10’s re-designed, uni-body S Pen allows users to jot down notes, instantly convert their handwriting to digital text in Samsung Notes, and export it to a variety of different formats, including Microsoft Word. Users can now customize notes by shrinking, enlarging, or changing the color of texts. In just a few taps, meeting minutes can be formatted and shared; bursts of inspiration can quickly become editable documents.

·         Evolution of the S Pen: The Galaxy Note10 builds on the Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled S Pen capabilities initially introduced on the Galaxy Note9 by adding Air Actions, allowing you to control certain aspects of the device using gestures with the S Pen. By opening up the Air Actions SDK, developers can create customized controls that give users the ability to play games or use their favorite applications using gestures.



·         Samsung DeX for PC: The Galaxy Note10 extends Samsung DeX’s capabilities, making it easier for users to work between their phone and a PC or Mac. With a simple, compatible USB connection, users can drag and drop files between devices and use their favorite mobile apps with a mouse and a keyboard, while keeping their data secure on their phone through Samsung Knox.

·         Link to Windows: The Galaxy Note10 integrates Link to Windows directly into the Quick Panel. With one click, users can connect to their Windows 10 PC. There, they can see notifications, send and receive messages, and review recent photos without pausing to look down at their phone.


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With the Galaxy Note10, content creators and everyday users alike can use the new tools to make creative and outstanding videos and photos.

·         Premium Video Technology: The Galaxy Note10 enables users to capture pro-grade videos without having to carry around any extra gear. Live Focus Video adds depth-of-field adjustments so you can blur the background to focus on your subject. Zoom-In Mic amplifies the audio in frame and pushes background noise aside to help focus on the sounds that you want. And to remove the bumps and shakes that usually make an action shot blurry, the new and improved Super Steady feature stabilizes footage, and is now available in Hyperlapse mode for steady time-lapse videos.

·         Quick and Easy Video Editing: Once you’ve recorded your video, you can edit-on-the-go instantly right from their phone. Video editor can be used with the S Pen, so instead of having to tap to select or edit a clip, users can choose the precise moment they want to trim. For creators who need even more control over their footage, Adobe Rush on the Galaxy Note10 provides a sophisticated suite of editing tools, now with the added accuracy with the S Pen.

·         Screen Recorder: For gamers who want to add some personality to their streams, or vloggers who want to enhance their tutorials, the Galaxy Note10 introduces Screen Recorder. Easily capture what’s on screen, use picture-in-picture to add reactions, and use the S Pen to annotate as they record for a more entertaining, engaging video.



·         AR Doodle and 3D Scanner: The Galaxy Note10 integrates bleeding-edge AR and 3D capabilities into the camera. Along with an Ultra Wide camera, it opens up an entirely new medium for creators. With AR Doodle, use the S Pen to personalize photos with dynamic drawings, effects, and animations that track to the image. With 3D Scanner – a groundbreaking first for the Note, the Galaxy Note10+’s DepthVision camera can take a scan of an object[6], and instantly turn it into a movable 3D rendering.

·         Night Mode: People take plenty of selfies in low light situations — at dinner, at concerts, or just enjoying a sunset. Night Mode, now available on the selfie camera, lets users capture striking selfies no matter how dim or dark the conditions.


With the pretty Josephine Yap!


The Galaxy Note10 is engineered with top-tier hardware and next-level features.

·         Super Fast Charging: With just 30 minutes of charge, the Galaxy Note10+ lasts through the day[7] with up to 45W wired charging capabilities (available only for the Galaxy Note10+. 45W charger should be purchased separately).

·         Wireless PowerShare: Wireless PowerShare has come to the Note. Users can wirelessly recharge their Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Buds, or another Qi-enabled device with the Galaxy Note10

·         Gaming: The Galaxy Note10 features the world’s slimmest vapor chamber cooling system, which delivers optimal performance during gameplay while keeping the device slim and sleek. With the AI-based Game Booster, the Galaxy Note10 optimizes performance and power consumption depending on the game. And with the PlayGalaxy Link P2P streaming service, users can pick up where users left off on any PC game and enable them to continue playing on the move with no need for local storage.

·         Hyper-fast Speeds: With LTE options, Note10 users can take full advantage of their carriers’ fastest speeds.


Influencers testing out and showing off the results of the Galaxy Note10’s new AR Doodle feature.
Girls (not surprisingly) tried out the selfie function
Aiman Hakim, Yoonsoo Kim, and Zahirah Macwilson (L – R)
Vivy Yusof


Jinnyboy, Brandon Ho, and Shu Faye trying out the new Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+


The Galaxy Note10 is the newest addition to the Galaxy ecosystem, a suite of premium products and services which includes wearables like the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and tablets like the Galaxy Tab S6. Building on these products are Samsung services which provide users with a connected and convenient Galaxy experience. Samsung Pay enables swift and secure payment options. Samsung Health helps users achieve their health and wellness goals with seamless tracking and monitoring. Samsung Knox safeguards data with defense-grade security solutions. Bixby, Samsung’s intelligence platform, provides integrated support to make your life easier, more organized and connected.

The Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10+ (256GB) are priced at RM3,699 and RM4,199 respectively. For those looking for a bigger capacity, the Galaxy Note10+ (512GB) retails at RM4,799. The Galaxy Note10 is offered in three colours: Aura Glow, Aura Black, and Aura Pink, while Galaxy Note10+ is available in Aura Black, Aura White and Aura Glow.

For more information, head over to


With the pretty Jolene Tiong – Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2018 1st Runner-Up


Photo Credits: Samsung Electronics Malaysia and author’s own


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