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La Maison Rémy Martin Kuala Lumpur 2019


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Sylvia, Andy Kho and I recently headed over to the very first (media) session of the “La Maison Rémy Martin” which is a 6‐day experiential pop‐up held at Zebra Square Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur is privileged to be the first city in South East Asia to host the “La Maison Rémy Martin” (and the 4th country after London (UK), Moscow (Russia) and China)!

The invite-only event runs from 1st till 6th July 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (congrats to those of you who registered and got your passes, your palate is in for a lovely treat!).

Now I’ve been to countless alcohol related events during my 11 years in the media (which includes the eight years in MHB Digital). From huge 5,000 people parties featuring international artistes/ DJs, to more luxurious and sophisticated parties, to intimate pairing dinners, and everything in between – I’ve pretty much seen it all, so it takes quite a fair bit these days to impress me.

However, I must say that I was pretty impressed with the overall setup and experience dished out to us guests at La Maison Remy Martin Kuala Lumpur (2019). Awaiting us in various rooms/ sections were a series of curated experiences which seek to surprise and delight while at the same time, encourage them to explore and unleash their own inner talents. We got to learn about the long history of Rémy Martin and the cognac making process, while also experiencing an interactive tasting session conducted by Chian Mei Gan – one of Remy Martin’s international brand ambassadors who’s a Malaysian based in France! 


“Malaysia’s cocktail scene has exploded in the last few years and is now one of the fastest growing markets in the region. It’s therefore no surprise that Malaysia was chosen as the first country in Southeast Asia to launch La Maison Rémy Martin” said Tyrel Ball, General Manager of Rémy Cointreau Malaysia (3rd from the right). “Kuala Lumpur’s diversity creates the perfect vibrant city for La Maison Rémy Martin as we invite younger consumers to discover their potential talents, while also gaining an appreciation of Remy Martin cognac.”
The launch opening was officiated on 1st July by Rémy Martin’s Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau – who became cellar master for the House of Rémy Martin in 2014, at the age of 34, making him the youngest cellar master to be appointed by any major Cognac house.


For three centuries, Rémy Martin has been driven by one ambition: to capture the heart of Cognac. From their winegrowing origins, family legacy, choice of Fine Champagne, trust in the power of time and people’s talent, and signature style based on harmony, they are rooted in exception ‐ have been so since 1724.

The fruits of labours, the talents of the cellar masters and the range of cognacs crafted allows Rémy Martin to cultivate the most premium products and it is in that very message, the most inspiring people are never just one thing but diverse and multitalented, waiting to discover their passion. La Maison Rémy Martin Kuala Lumpur encourages the public to explore and celebrate every side of themselves through this exclusive pop‐up with the Rémy Martin.



To further enrich the motto of “One Life Live Them”, Rémy Martin exemplifies it through an immersive installation at La Maison Rémy Martin where guests are able to explore various sections, each unveiling a different and carefully curated experience.

Upon entering the pop-up Maison, guests will begin by immersing themselves in a brand heritage voyage while learning the cognac making process of distillation, blending and aging. Leveraging on the versatility of Rémy Martin cognac, the experience is further enhanced with craft cocktails concocted by well‐known cocktail bars and XO tasting sessions hosted by Rémy Martin International Brand Ambassador. Other activities will include lifestyle masterclasses and workshops which will be led by some of the most talented craftsmen and experts in Kuala Lumpur.


Shawn Choong of Omakase + Appreciate


La Maison will also feature guest bar tender shifts from some of Malaysia’s best bars including Omakase + Appreciate, Bar Trigona and Coley, where guests will get to try cocktails specifically designed for the event.

Staying true to exploring one’s own talents, local renowned artists and key opinion leaders (KOLs) such as Hannah Tan, Jenn Chia, Jojo Goh, Koe Yeet, Roen Cian and Weiron Tan have also been invited to speak about their own success stories to inspire others.


Roen Cian sharing his entrepreneurship journey


Artistic Direction

Guests will get acquainted with Rémy Martin through a brand maze, enjoy a comprehensive selection of craft cocktails and performances by local DJs and bands.



Craft Masterclasses & Workshops

Facilitated by various lifestyle partners with live demonstration of the craft process and customization including a leather making workshop.


Opulence Revealed

Guided by the Brand Ambassador, guests will experience a sensorial tasting journey, featuring a table of ingredients which represent the aromas and flavours of XO.



Celebrating Talents

KOL talks led by the talent of the day who will share life story featuring their multi talents, to motivate others to discover their own inner flairs.





For more information, please refer to http://lamaisonrm‐kl.com/

Photo credits: Andy Kho Photography (http://www.andykho.com) and author’s own



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