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New Menu at Tiki Taka Medan Damansara

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It’s been more than a year since I was last at Tiki Taka in Medan Damansara for a review (which you can read here – so I was quite excited to see what new items they had on the menu. With me this time was the sweet Denise Th’ng (who is the little sister of Melissa Th’ng the radio announcer) to try out the new items that Chef Carrie had in store for us.

Tiki Taka is not your average run of the mill neighbourhood bar. Tiki Taka is more of a fusion cuisine gastrobar that serves pintxos and tapas that go well with their fresh draught beers, cocktails, wines, and liquors, as well as a couple of mains for those who want something more substantial. What do I mean by fusion? Well have a look at what we tried:


Mini Pork Burger – RM11.00

Pink brioche bun, grilled pork patty, strawberry pink peppercorn ketchup, kyuri, mozzarella, salsa

A pink burger? Why yes because the pink colour is from the beetroot and not some cheap food colouring. In fact, the establishment does not believe in colouring and most of the ingredients are from natural sources. This little burger was bursting with flavours – the meaty taste of the patty, balanced out with the sweet ketchup and piquant salsa. An explosion of flavours in your mouth! One will probably not be enough…


Pork Belly Mantou – RM8.00

Caramelized pork belly, gula Melaka chilli syrup, pickled starfruit, steamed mantou bun

Pure evil but oh so good! Lovely pork belly and pickled starfruit slathered in a sweet and spicy gula Melaka sauce! Would go great with a pint of Connors Draught.


Miso Scallop – RM28.00

Juicy queen scallops baked with miso mushroom cheese sauce, tabasco, ikura, parsley

A creamy seafood treat of four (4) scallops topped with some ikura which bursts in your mouth adding to the umami flavours of the dish!


XO Lo Bak Go – RM25.00

Pan fried radish cake with Chinese waxed pork sausage and shitake mushroom, homemade premium XO sauce

For a second I thought I was in a dim sum restaurant however Tiki Taka’s take on this Chinese dim sum classic has a very flavourful XO sauce that’s the star of this dish. The texture was a bit more firm than what I normally am used to but I guess it’s Tiki Taka’s house style. It is quite a filling dish though so best shared among friends.


Nasi Lemak Babi  – RM23.00

Deep fried pork ribs, caramelized gula Melaka pork belly, fragrant pandan coconut rice, spicy sambal, anchovies, peanuts, pickled quail egg, crispy shallots and kyuri

With the whole nasi lemak craze happening at the moment it’s no wonder that Tiki Taka came up with their extremely porky version which I found to be most delicious (well I am a huge pork lover)! You get not one but two types of pork together with the usual trappings that make a good nasi lemak – fragrant rice, spicy sambal and the condiments. Oh yeah and the pink colour makes another appearance here – this time with the quail egg that has been pickled with beetroot juice.


Ultimate Lobster Pizza – RM42.00

Red pepper sauce, grilled tiger prawns, mini lobster, slipper lobster, ikura, mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, black olives, prawn oil, spring onion

This dish took the prize for the most amazing presentation of all the dishes we tried. It’s not every day that you see a mini lobster atop a pizza! One thing I like is the fact that the establishment doesn’t skimp on cheeses and the combination of three (3) different types of cheeses adds to the taste! The chunks of seafood on top with the little balls of ikura sprinkled atop the pizza makes this a real winner in my books!



Summer Baby! – RM19.00

Caramelized pineapple in gula Melaka,  handcrafted toasted coconut ice-cream, mango gel, rose sponge, hibiscus preserve, passion fruit sauce

Her eyes lit up like Christmas tree lights when this dessert was served and boy did she love it! I must admit that the mix of tastes and textures was pretty intriguing and refreshing and perfect for a summer’s day (which is practically every day here in Malaysia!). The house-made coconut ice cream was really creamy and delicious and I’m really amazed by the painstaking work the kitchen team does to prepare all the ingredients.



So whether you’re looking for an evening of happy hour with your buddies, or a less than usual dinner, or late night drinks, you might want to give Tiki Taka a try if you’re around the area.

*additional tip – they are they only establishment in Malaysia to serve a 3-part pour of Connors draught which results in a more consistent head


Tiki Taka is located at:

138, Jalan Kasah,

Medan Damansara,

50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


For more info, head over to

Telephone: 016-328 7438


Photos were shot using the Panasonic Lumix LX10.

Panasonic Lumix LX10

To find out more about the camera, head over to


Thanks for having us!


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