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Food Review – Tiki Taka at Medan Damansara


Tiki Taka Medan Damansara (37)


I recently headed over to Tiki Taka in Medan Damansara with Joey, Lynn, Andy Kho and his two little cousins to try out this newly opened restaurant and bar. The establishment is owned by Hans who formerly owned D’Legends Bar in TTDI. Hans got the idea for his new outlet when he travelled to Barcelona last year. He liked the culture of having meals in small portions so decided to introduce that concept here but instead of following the Spanish food culture, he decided to put a twist to it by having some Asian influence in the dishes.

So don’t expect this to be a Spanish restaurant because it’s not. It’s a Spanish tapas inspired restaurant and bar which serves up tapas, pinchos, pizzas and more with a fusion of local, Asian and Western flavours! Anyway here’s a look at what we had on a really wet and stormy night in Damansara!


Asam Boi Mojito - RM 25
Assam Boi Mojito – RM 25 – rum with asam boi, fresh mint leaves, lime, syrup and topped up with soda
Kronenbourg Blanc or Asahi - 2 pints for RM42
Kronenbourg Blanc or Asahi – 2 pints for RM42

Fans of draught beer rejoice! Becasue Tiki Taka has some awesome all night long deals for Kronenbourg Blanc, Asahi Super Dry, Carlsberg and Connor’s all night long! BTW watch the bar staff do a three part pour for the Connor’s draught which results in a smooth and creamy pint with a lovely head.


There is also a whole selection of cocktails at Tiki Taka with some classic cocktails like mojitos and Bloody Mary and some cocktails unique to Tiki Taka.

Classic Mojito – RM25.00 – rum with fresh mint leaves, lime, syrup & topped up with soda

Bloody Mary – RM25.00 – vodka, tabasco, salt, blackpepper, and worcerstershire sauce

Pulp Fiction – RM30.00 – whisky, ginger, honey, fresh orange & pineapple juice




Pintxos is pronounced as pinchos, however Tiki Taka spells it in the original way.


Mantou Buttermilk Fried Chicken - RM 9
Mantou Buttermilk Fried Chicken – RM9.00 – steamed mantou bun, buttermilk fried chicken, red sauce, garlic sauce, kyuri sticks, pickled shallots. This one was really awesome although Joey remarked that if the bun was fried it would have been even better. Well better maybe but perhaps too oily and heavy. But hey – you could always do some extra reps in the gym the next day!

Tiki Taka Medan Damansara (11)

Salmon Crema - RM 8
Salmon Crema – RM8.00 – dill cream cheese, smoked salmon, black lumpfish caviar, truffle honey Wow! The different flavours that goes into each bite is intriguing! The saltiness of the smoked salmon, the richness of the cream cheese and the honey, with the fragrance of the truffle honey…a treat for the senses and palate!
Prawn "Roll" - RM 6
Prawn “Roll” – RM6.00 – butter poached prawns, mayo, celery, chives. Lovely and creamy with sweetness from the prawns making this one very addictive dish indeed!
Fruity Berry - RM 5
Fruity Berry – RM5.00 – ricotta, macerated strawberries, oranges, pomegranate, and balsamic glaze. This was more like a dessert than a tapas but you know what? The flavours worked well together making this a sweet yet refreshing starter!



Singapore Chilli Prawns - RM 24
Singapore Chilli Prawns – RM24. Oh I so love soacking up gravy with bread and it’s exactly what I did after we finished eating the prawns. The gravy was sweet with a little spiciness and this is another dish that goes great with a clean draught beer like Asahi Super Dry.
Pork Satay - RM 22
Pork Satay – RM22.00 – marinated pork skewers, spicy peanut sauce, kyuri. Oh yeah! This is comfort food! Delicious and tender pork satay with a modern and spicy interpretation of the classic peanut sauce.

Tiki Taka Medan Damansara (17)

Legendary Wings (top center) – RM 21 – chicken wings in legendary hot sauce, ranch dressing, celery sticks

When they called it “legendary” they really meant it! The wings were spicy and delicious and went well with the ranch dressing which tempered the heat a bit! This is a must order dish if you like chicken wings!

El Cubachino - RM 15
El Cubachino – RM15.00 – slow cooked cuban pulled pork, deep fried mantou buns, kyuri, caramelized onion. These little bad boys are simply bursting with flavours! Not for those on a diet though but hey if you’re on a diet go to a salad bar or something, don’t come to Tiki Taka!



Strawberry Chicken - RM 20
Strawberry Chicken – RM20.00 – grilled chicken, strawberries, bbq sauce, mozzarella, cheddar, feta, caramelized onion, balsamic glaze, coriander. Strawberries and chicken? On a pizza base? Yes and you know what? It works! Now that’s what I call putting a twist on traditional dishes. The balsamic glaze kept things from getting too rich and balanced out the pizza nicely. An interesting combo and if you’re the adventurous sort with food go ahead and give this a try.

Tiki Taka Medan Damansara (22)

Wild Boar Rendang - RM 20
Wild Boar Rendang – RM20.00 – wild boar, mozzarella, cheddar, kaffir lime



Tiki Taka Medan Damansara (27)


Nutella Bacon Wantons (bottom left) – RM12.00 – deep fried nutella & bacon wantons, macerated berries, balsamic glaze, snow sugar

Now this was a really interesting dish! Little parcels of Nutella and bacon wrapped in wantan skins with some berries on the side to balance out the chocolaty and savoury flavours. I love bacon and I think anything with bacon is just fine so this was a dish that’s just perfect for me!


Churros (top) – RM12.00 – spanish skinny doughnuts, cinnamon sugar, dark chocolate sauce

Crispy churros with a lovely dark chocolate sauce which I totally finished with a spoon after all the churros were gone. One serving is never enough!


Ice Ice Baby - RM 12
Ice Ice Baby – RM12.00 – mango sorbet, coconut ice-cream, toasted coconut flakes, pandan palm sugar syrup, buttered popcorn, crushed peanuts, fruit medley The girls polished this one up. Refreshing, sweet and with a totally unexpected contrast in texture from the buttered popcorn. A very unique dessert indeed!
The low tables section inside the establishment
The low tables section inside the establishment
Tiki Taka Medan Damansara (32)
The bar area is also a popular spot with customers
There's a great selection of liquors available including single malt whiskies
There’s a great selection of liquors available including single malt whiskies
Tiki Taka Medan Damansara (34)
Spotted one of my favourite whiskies – Monkey Shoulder!
Tiki Taka Medan Damansara (35)
Apart from draught beers and liquors, the outlet also has a decent selection of red, white and sparkling wines in their wine chiller (not shown in the photo)
The outdoor dining section
The outdoor dining section are features high tables and chairs – more popular among the drinking customers
Andy Kho with his cousins
Andy Kho with his cousins
With Wei Lynn
With Wei Lynn


If you’re looking for some food which is not of the usual variety yet very tasty at the same time, you can give Tiki Taka a go. I must say that the pricing is pretty reasonable for an upmarket area like Medan Damansara. The draught beer promos are great for drinkers while those who prefer liquor will be totally spoilt for choice. Tiki Taka is a great new addition to this F&B row.

Tiki Taka also offers free valet service for all Tiki Taka patrons, which for an area like Medan Damansara which has very limited parking, is very very useful indeed!


Tiki Taka is located at:

138, Jalan Kasah,

Medan Damansara,

50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


For more info, head over to

Telephone: 016-328 7438

Photo credits: Andy Kho Photography (


Tiki Taka Medan Damansara (25)
With cute and spicy Joey

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