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Valentine’s Day (2017) Menu at Prego, The Westin Kuala Lumpur

[Valentine’s Day]



I enjoyed my Valentine’s Day dinner at Prego at The Westin Kuala Lumpur so much last year that I was looking forward to this year’s dinner with much anticipation and excitement. (Read about last year’s dinner here –

This year though, Prego at The Westin Kuala Lumpur has a special Valentine’s Semi-Buffet dinner entitled “Head Over Heels” that’s unlike the traditional sit down and course by course dinner like the previous year. This year’s dinner is semi buffet style showcasing a spread of authentic Italian staples which is perfect for big eaters like me! The dinner which is priced at RM168 nett per pax, is only available on 14 February 2017, and encompasses a range of Antipasto, fresh salad selection, seafood on ice, main course to share, a cheese board, as well as a chocolate ravioli and caramelized banana for dessert.



Prego has won many awards over the years
Prego has won many awards over the years




14th FEBRUARY 2017


As the appetizer section is a buffet, help yourself to as much as you want however I’d advise you to leave space for the soup and mains!


char-grilled asparagus, porcini mushroom emulsion, grated pecorino


roasted pumpkin and risoni salad, feta cheese, balsamic reduction


black angus beef carpaccio

This was the bomb as it was drizzled with a little truffle oil!

slow cooked chicken supreme with salsa tonnata and sicilian capers berries


beetroot salad, arugula, lemon dressing, goat cheese

smoked duck salad with puy lentils, citrus confit

seared tuna venetian style


seafood on ice

oysters (live station)

tiger prawns

flower crab

blue mussel

japanese half-shelled scallop




beef pepperoni, turkey salami, beef salami, beef bresao


salads selection

mesclun, rocket, fresh baby spinach, radicchio

red radish, carrots, cucumber, tomato wedges, french beans


marinated castelvetrano olives with lemon and thyme

kalamata olive with garlic, chili flake and rosemary

marinated wild mushroom with garlic and herbs

wood oven roasted yellow and red bell pepper with oregano

italian giardiniera pickles, pickled fresh mediterranean anchovies

marinated grilled artichoke, marinated zucchini

slow roasted tomato, cornichons, capers


soup (individual portions)


lobster ravioli, sea urchin roe, crustacean veloute, truffle foam

This was a really delightful soup that’s really flavourful! We ordered some Chardonnay to go with it and it paired perfectly! The truffle foam provided a hint of flavour that did not overpower the soup (truffle must always be used sparingly or risk overpowering the entire dish). The lobster ravioli provided an added touch of luxury to this dish.



main course to share


herbed parmesan crusted black angus tenderloin, wild mushroom pithivier

zucchini flower, natural jus

Cooked to a beautiful medium rare (please don’t let the cow die for nothing by asking for it to be cooked anything more than medium) and was juicy, tender and flavourful. The herbed Parmesan crust on top provided a nice addition to the taste of the steak and even more flavour was provided by the natural jus although I used most of the jus to go with the phitivier (the little heart shaped pastry) as the steak was already so good on its own.


The reverse angle of the main (above)

seared cod fish, cherry tomato and fregola salsa,

grilled jumbo asparagus, preserved lemon aioli

The cod was beautifully cooked but the component of this dish that impressed me the most was the lemon aioli sauce which really perked up the dish and added a creamy yet piquant dimension that went so well with the cod!


sweet memories


manjari chocolate emulsion, chocolate ravioli and caramelized banana

passion vanilla curd, honey comb ice cream

A pretty dessert that will definitely have the girls taking a photo of to upload to Instagram. The chocolate ravioli sat atop a bed of caramelized banana that went well with it (chocolate and bananas are a great pairing pretty much every time!) while the deep and rich flavours of the dark Manjari chocolate pudding paired well with the sweetish honey comb ice cream. The chocolate coated strawberry was a finishing touch that will surely send the tastebuds of the fairer sex to heaven!



cheese board


gorgonzola, taleggio, parmigiano reggiano, pecorino, goat cheese, brie

Oh yeah! Absolute heaven for a cheese lover like myself and my date for the night loved it too. We choose from a selection of soft and aged cheeses and enjoyed the different flavours and textures with some red wine. Great ending to the meal!


The interior of the restaurant is warm and cosy
The interior of the restaurant is warm and cosy
The restaurant features an open kitchen where you get to watch the chefs in action
The tables will be decorated with rose petals for the Valentine's Day dinner
The tables will be decorated with rose petals for the Valentine’s Day dinner
There's a fully stocked bar and wine cellar
There’s a fully stocked bar and wine cellar


The romantic “Head Over Heels” dinner at Prego is priced at RM168 nett per person. I would highly recommend that you order a bottle of red wine then enjoy it with your dinner and especially with the cheese from the cheese board.


If you’re more of a meat eater, Qba at The Westin Kuala Lumpur has a special Brazilian Churrascaria buffet on 14 February.




RM148 nett per person

to begin with….

“leafy greens”

arugula, mesclun

“salad bowl”
caprese salad – tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil, olive, balsamic reduction, avocado

gaúcho potato salad – potato, carrot, peas, eggs, raisins brazilian salpicão – shredded chicken, peas, corn, apples,

lime, spring onion

brazilian steak salad – beef, pineapple, mango, arugula, spinach, ginger, red pepper forbidden black rice salad – sea salt, garlic, coriander, mango, mint

caprese salad – tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil, olive, balsamic reduction, avocado

“salad toppings”
carrots, peas, corn, cocktail onions, gherkin, green beans, capers, tomato, green olives, black olives, kalamata olives, spring onion, coriander, quail eggs, palm hearts, artichoke heart, anchovies, roasted peppers, cucumber, croutons

balsamic, light ranch,  passionfruit, caesar, thousand island, lemon, cuban mojo, classic vinaigrette

arroz branco – brazilian white rice feijoada – authentic brazilian black bean stew and farofa corn on the cob estrogonofe de frango – chicken stroganoff plantain – banana chips pure de batata – creamy mashed potato

soup copa de camarão – coconut shrimp soup cajun spice bread, dips

‘brazilian rodizio – from the grill..’

servers come to the table with knives and a skewer, on which are speared various kinds of quality cuts of meat, most commonly

cuts of beef, lamb, chicken, sausages and seafood

beef picanha – pea-con-yah

rump cap/sirloin – cap a lean, juicy cut of beef with a mild and tangy and garlicky flavor

brazilian costeláo

 bone in beef ribs slowly roasted for 6 hours with homemade spice rub baste with “barbie” sauce

filet mignon con queso parmesano

slow grilled garlic and parmesan crusted beef filet

lamb cordeiro com pebre – cor-day-doh-khom-peb-ray
boneless lamb leg roasted with a homemade chilean cilantro rub has a fresh garden taste with none of the

sweet overtones of many marination

picada kebab de cordero minced lamb kebab

poultry sobrecoxa (so-bree co-shah)
means the upper drumstick, the chicken thigh, wrapped with turkey bacon full with rich smoky flavour

a mouth-watering garlic chicken marinated with lemon, garlic, spices

“piri-piri” chicken wing
skewered tender juicy pieces of chicken wing soaked with homemade piri piri and glazed it lemon, herb and chile sauce as it comes off the grill

coração de frango temperado – (cor-da-sone)
coração de frango temperado is one of brazil’s favorite “churrasco” appetizers.

chicken hearts were traditionaly found gracing in the first “churrascarias” in southern brazil. chicken hearts, though different in texture, are very flavorful

camarones – brazilian grilled shrimp

this seafood classic is fresh, mopped with special garlic coriander basting sauce


cordeiro chorizo

spicy lamb sausage

abacaxi – ah-bakah-shee
fresh glazed and grilled pineapple

platter to the table

 fish & seafood

concoction of grilled seafood topped with freshly made pico de gallo, cheese sauce and balsamic vinegar  snapper, seabass, turmeric squid, scallop

vegetais variados – ve-ge-tha-is-va-ri-a-dos  grilled medley vegetables with parmesan cheese


red chimichurri, homemade “barbie” sauce, homemade piri piri sauce and brazilian pepper sauce


for her – love

red rose sparkling sherbet, 56% chocolate parfait with red velvet and pop candy

 for him – tuxedo
strawberry chocolate with ala-minute vanilla ice cream and green tea micro sponge



SPG members are entitled to 15% discount on the above restaurant promotions for food only

Beyond Dining members are entitled to 15% discount on the above restaurant promotions for food only


Prego and Qba are located at:

The Westin Kuala Lumpur

199, Jalan Bukit Bintang,

Bukit Bintang,

55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Telephone: +603 2773 8338 (Westin Dining)



For more info on the hotel, head over to


Thanks for having us Prego!
Thanks for having us Prego!



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