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“Paired” Craft Beer & Wine Menu At Toastina Cafe & Bar




Headed over to Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur with Adrienne, Pearl and Andy to try out their new “Paired” Craft Beer & Wine Menu at Toastina Cafe & Bar. I actually visited Toastina Cafe & Bar for a little coffee break back in 2013 (which you can read about here – ) and I was delighted that the hotel was doing something a little extra special in the outlet.

I’m no stranger to Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur and I’ve previously done reviews of Villa Danieli (still one of my fav outlets in KL), Celestial Court, Essence, and Sasagawa (review coming soon!).

Sheraton® Hotels & Resorts, which is part of Starwood Hotels & Resorts, is reinvigorating its bar experience with new and imaginative menu additions.  “Paired”, a new food and beverage program comprises of artisanal small plates and eclectic bar snacks served alongside suggested premium wines and local craft beers.

“Sheraton guests crave new and personalized experiences, and when they travel, they look to create these opportunities,” said Dave Marr, Global Brand Leader, Sheraton Hotels & Resorts. “By building on the equity we have in wine, we’re adding local craft beers and introducing fun and exciting food pairings, which will offer our guests enriching and memorable culinary moments in our hotels.”

The new menu at Toastina pairs small plates and bar snacks with a recommendation from Sheraton Selects—a menu of premium wines rated 85 points or higher by Wine Spectator—and a craft beer, sourced specifically for this Paired Program.

The Paired program is offered across Sheraton properties globally, and is available daily during the lobby venue’s hours of operation.

Here’s a look at some pairing we sampled:


Spicy sardin and egg white

Spicy Sardine & White Egg paired with a Villa Maria, Sauvignon Blanc or a Hitachino Nest

Gorgonzola Mash

Gorgonzola Mash paired with a Shiraz, De Brotoli or a Mountain Goat

This one was crazily addictive! I personally felt that the smooth and creamy mash went best with the Mountain Goat beer!


Beef Pastrami with Pickle paired with a Chardonnay, De Bortoli Deen Vat 7 or a Two Step

I can never say no to beef pastrami! The pickles were nice and provided a nice bit of acidity to balance out this dish. This one goes well with the beer!


Chili Chicken Tortilla Roll paired with a Syrah, Gerard Bertrand or a Two Step

This made quite a hearty snack and went well with the fruity flavours of the Two Step.


Baby Lamb Ribs Soup paired with a Syrah, Gerard Bertrand or a Mountain Goat

This is one of the best “sup kambing” I’ve ever tasted! Truly very flavourful and with deliciously tender lamb ribs inside. My pick for ultimate dish for this pairing!

Baked chicken wings

Baked Chicken Wing paired with a Syrah, Gerard Bertrand or a Mountain Goat

Tender and flavourful chicken wings! Chicken wings always pair well with beer and this is no exception.

Cherry tomato salad

Cherry Tomato Salad paired with a Villa Maria, Sauvignon Blanc or a Hitachino Nest

Guess this one is more for the girls. Lol. Went nicely with the Sauvignon Blanc though. Now give me more meat!


Salted Anchovies Cigar with Peko De Gallo Dipping paired with a Grenache Rose, Gerard Bertrand or a Mountain Goat

This was actually a most unusual but very delightful little dish. Dip the “cigars” into the different sauces for different flavours. The sauces were so good I think they would also go well with breadsticks or croutons or just about any of the dishes above actually!



We also took the opportunity to celebrate Pearl's birthday
We also took the opportunity to celebrate Pearl’s birthday
The photos were shot by Andy Kho -
The photos were shot by Andy Kho –


Being a beer lover, I generally preferred pairing the food items above with the different craft beers however that’s not to say that I didn’t like the wine – just that I love my beer more! Actually we did finish the wines by the end of the evening.

“The new Paired menu at Toastina Café & Bar will delights the palate and make you want to come back,” said Rajesh Kanna, Director of Culinary Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel. “That right be beverages can make all the difference in the world as it will enhance the taste of the food and the meal, the team here has chosen a fantastic selection of premium wines and craft beers to complement each of our unique menu items.”

The new menu is available in Toastina Café & Bar from 11.00am onwards on Monday to Friday and 12.00pm onwards on Saturdays.


Toastina Cafe & Bar is located at

Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur

Jalan Sultan Ismail,

50250 Kuala Lumpur



Telephone: 03-27179900




Parking: There is ample parking in the hotel’s basement parking lot especially after office hours

Hotel’s website:

Hotel’s Facebook:



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