Digi WWWOW Awards 2015



In Malaysia, there are different awards such as the Putra Brand Awards and the Brandlaureate Awards to recognise the best in the industry. For the digital industry, there’s the Digi WWWOW Awards which is back for the 5th year running with the aim of recognizing and rewarding deserving individuals who inspire on the internet.

Digi WWWOW believes that the Internet is people and people make it all that it is. That’s why Digi WWWOW is on the lookout for aspiring individuals who make the Internet greater, inspiring individuals who make it more entertaining, helpful, educational, and accessible through innovative services and new products.


There are eight (8) different categories this year namely:

  1. Videos and Photography
  2. Social Influencers
  3. Independent Publishers
  4. Web E-commerce
  5. Mobile E-commerce
  6. Social Media E-commerce
  7. Social Impact
  8. Social Movement

Of all the categories above, the one that’s closest to my heart is the “Independent Publishers” category as I’ve been a blogger for a couple of years now.

This award is to honour excellence in content creation and self-publishing. This category is open to Weblogs or Online Journals Content Sites who create quality editorial, and past winners include high traffic and content filled Beautiful Nara.

Being in the digital media industry has given me many experiences and opportunities.

From being at the forefront of cutting technology
From being at the forefront of cutting technology
To meeting Felipe Massa during the Malaysian Formula One Grand Prix
To meeting Felipe Massa during the Malaysian Formula One Grand Prix
Hanging out with Amber Chia at fashion events
Hanging out with Amber Chia at fashion events
Attending exclusive supercar cocktail parties
Attending exclusive supercar cocktail parties
Going on a cruise on a super expensive luxury yacht
Going on a cruise on a super expensive luxury yacht

Of course, it took time and lots of effort to get where I am today and I thank God for the opportunities He has given me. Being the managing editor of Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers, I often remind my bloggers of the importance of ethical blogging, and producing quality editorial pieces.

These days, there are many young bloggers who want the so-called “glitz and glamour” of the celebrity bloggers, and therefore resort to all sorts of rather unethical practices like shilling (a practice where a person is paid to promote a product/ service, and does not disclose that to his/ her readers or followers), to plagarism, and even the lazy act of copying and pasting from a press release directly onto their blog.

However, there’s no shortcut to success and you can ask the digital publishers who are recognised by brands and clients and have a strong readership. These publishers consistently produce quality materials time and time again – researching topics, writing engaging and entertaining copy, shooting beautiful photos, etc. etc.

I really respect these individuals because I know the amount of work and effort that goes into it.

Fortunately there are awards like this to separate the sheep from the goats…

The winner of each category gets RM10,000.00 and more importantly the chance to attend the WWWOW Hangout – a sit in with industry experts to elevate their businesses, platforms and social ventures.

Category winners will spend the day with industry leaders in the marketing world whereby they will receive guidance and mentorship to create campaigns to take their products and services to the next level. The industry leaders will also share their personal insights and opinions on the best practices, dos and don’ts, and their journey to success.

These are some important dates to remember if you wish to submit or nominate (or vote for) someone.


So if you’d like to win the prize or would like to nominate someone deserving, head over to http://www.wwwow.my/

P.S. Feel free to submit my site if you think it’s good enough to be nominated for the Independent Publishers category!

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