Polignac Cognac Networking Cocktail




Pearl and I headed over to Holiday Inn in Glenmarie for the Polignac Cognac Networking Cocktail on 7 May 2015. Polignac might not be famous as other brands of cognac which spend loads on marketing in Malaysia, nevertheless it is a premium brand. We got to enjoy the cognac with some delicious canapes while the live band provided the entertainment for the night.

Before I go any further, here’s some history on the brand.

Prince Hubert de Polignac, heir to an illustrious family of the French aristocracy, started very young a brilliant career as a counselor handling trade for France. Recognized by his peers as a perfectionist, as well as diplomat with an open mind, he was a capable gentleman who was quite the connoisseur of cognac. Led on by a desire for conquest and adventure, the prince decided to collaborate with the House H. Mounier and their partnership gave birth to the Hubert de Polignac Cognac on 21 January 1947.

And the rest is history as since then Polignac cognac has been exported to many countries around the world and has garnered a name for being a quality champagne cognac.






We got to try some drinks made from Polignac Reserve V.S.O.P. and V.S.O.P.  We had them separately with gingle ale, cranberry, soda water, and Coca Cola (which I would never recommend anyone mixing any premium spirit with this as it totally destroys the taste), as well as neat, or on the rocks.



This Reserve was created with the idea of showcasing the blending expertise of Maison Prince Hubert de Polignac. This VSOP is a marriage of eaux-de-vie coming exclusively from Grande Champagne, the premier cru of the Cognac region. This cognac achieves a balance between intensity and mellowness.



This variant of the cognac that is both racy and full featuring caramelised notes of peach and plum, with a tender vanilla touch. It can be served neat or on ice, revealing delicate notes of toast and woody vanilla, while in cocktails the intensity of its aromas will come to the fore.



For more info on the brand, head over to http://www.polignac.fr/eng or www.hmounier.fr

Prince Polignac cognac is available at Mercato, selected bars and restaurants, and in duty free outlets.

Should you wish to purchase the cognac in bigger quantities, you may contact one of these authorised Malaysian distributors:

Iconic Wines Malaysia – florianr@iconic-wines.com

Eujeen BWS – http://www.facebook.com/eujeenbws


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