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Bang & Olufsen’s BeoSound Moment

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Movement

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Bang & Olufsen Beosound Movement


Bang & Olufsen launched its new BeoSound Moment at CES 2015, premiering the device which is an intelligent and intuitive wireless music system that integrates your music collection and services into one. 

The top of the new BeoSound Moment is a detachable and double-sided interface that allows for two different listening experiences.
One side is an elegant aluminium interface with a delicate touch screen where you can browse the endless online music catalogue, your favourite playlists and share your music collection.

The wooden side is designed for one-touch access which allows you to have your favourite music flowing from your speakers with just one touch on the wooden wheel.

The BeoSound Moment introduces a new, intelligent feature that adapts your listening patterns and suggests music or radio programmes that fit with the relevant day of the week and the time of day. The advanced PatternPlay feature automatically memorizes your musical preferences and makes your listening experience both familiar and explorative. Over time, BeoSound Moment will gradually start to know your taste in music, and be able to play what you most likely want to hear.

The music presented by PatternPlay stems from your own preferred favourite artists and playlists plus an extensive online catalogue of music, with access to more than 35 million songs, supplied by leading global music streaming service Deezer. You can activate PatternPlay directly, with one touch, on the oak panel.

The aluminium interface displays another new feature of BeoSound Moment – the MoodWheel. A single touch on the multi-coloured MoodWheel activates an automatically generated playlist defined by your finger’s position on the wheel. The closer to the centre of the wheel, the more familiar the music. In the very middle of the MoodWheel the music will be picked from your lists of favourites only, whereas the outer parameter of the circle tempts the listener with musical adventures of associated music from the vast online catalogue of songs.

The MoodWheel is divided into a colour gamut that ranges from melancholic blue over a passionate red zone to an energetic yellow area. Combined, these two dimensions on the intuitive MoodWheel offer limitless possibilities for defining your selection of music. The BeoSound Moment is also compatible with the whole Bang & Olufsen range of wireless and wired quality speakers.

“As a modern, cloud based music system, BeoSound Moment will offer software updates with new features and improvements. We have prepared a firm software update roadmap for BeoSound Moment including the deployment of a very compelling multi-room experience that encompasses both television and other audio products planned for Summer 2015”, says Marie Kristine Schmidt Vice President, Brand, Design & Marketing Bang & Olufsen.

BeoSound Moment will be available exclusively at Bang & Olufsen Grand Hyatt showroom from end February 2015 at the recommended retail price of RM11,000.00 inclusive of 12 months of prepaid Deezer Premium+.


Bang & Olufsen also launched the new BeoVision Avant 75” which is the newcomer to the BeoVision Avant family which already includes the 85” and 55”. BeoVision Avant was honoured at CES 2015, receiving the Design and Engineering Innovation Honoree status within the High Performance Home Audio category.

“As we anticipated, BeoVision Avant has followed in the footsteps of its predecessor, which was a game changer in the analogue era,” Marie Kristine Schmidt, Vice President Brand, Design and Marketing explains. She continues, “When we launched it last year we saw unprecedented demand and unsurpassed feedback from consumers around the globe that agreed with our vision of the future of television. With this family of Avants, we hope to offer consumers the choice they crave to make sure the TV can fit with their lifestyles and complement their homes. We not only wish to make sure the TV can blend into the background when not in use, but also add the wow factor with a show stopping piece of technology”.

The designers at Bang & Olufsen have aimed at reducing the physical presence of BeoVision Avant when not in use. By offering both a motorised stand and a wall bracket option, you have the choice to either let this 75-inch television stand out or blend into your interior. Switch it on and watch it gracefully unfold, then just press one (1) button on BeoRemote One, and it finds your favourite position, your favourite channel and your favourite sound setting. Switch off the Avant 75 and it folds back the speakers and returns to its discrete resting place close up against the wall.

These days it’s all about integration between smart devices, and the BeoRemote App 2.0 offers two-way control of the Bang & Olufsen TV from your iPad or smartphone, with a distinct and premium Bang & Olufsen feel of course. You get easy navigation, a handy keyboard for entering text, and the same operation philosophy from BeoRemote One including MyButtons functionality. In addition the iPad version includes an outstanding Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) function with extended information on the TV programmes, channel info and logos. This means you can check out other programmes or look for additional information on your iPad without disturbing the viewing experience for others watching the broadcast.

The BeoRemote App 2.0 is available on the App Store and Google Play for free.

The BeoVision Avant 75” is available in Bang & Olufsen stores from April 2015 at the recommended retail price of RM82,500.00 including BeoRemote One. Placement options on either wall or floor available too.

For more information on Bang & Olufsen, head over to www.bang-olufsen.com


London No.1 Gin Cocktail at Mr. Brooks



Paige and I headed over to Mr. Brooks in Bangsar Shopping Centre recently for the London No.1 Gin cocktail. The London No. 1 is one of a handful of gins actually distilled in London, and was created to echo the complex and full-bodied gins of yesteryear, with a modern twist – the gin has a striking turquoise-blue colour derived from maceration with gardenia flowers.

The gin is made from high quality Suffolk and Norfolk grain used in distillation, and the small batch “pot still” method ensures a consistent quality. Finally 12 carefully selected botanicals are included to give it its distinctive taste.

The recipe includes juniper, coriander and angelica – the first two botanicals provide fragrance and spiciness, whilst angelica, together with orris root, give body and structure to the other botanicals. Liquorice root imparts a freshness to the gin while the fusion of bergamot oil in the mix makes it somewhat reminiscent of Earl Grey tea.

The citrus notes come from the fresh juicy flavours of orange and lemon peel, balanced with the thyme-like aromatics of savory, while the sweet, spicy notes of cinnamon and cassia bark complete the gin which is then rested for three weeks after distillation before being shipped out.

The London No. 1 is delicate and elegant on the nose with marked spicy and balsamic notes. On the palate it is soft, elegant and mellow with a long refreshing finish, making it a sophisticated, well rounded gin containing 47% alcohol.

London No. 1 goes great with cocktails and is very easy to drink (this comes from someone who really doesn’t like gin ie. me). London No. 1 is available at Mr. Brooks and other bars and entertainment outlets that serve premium liquor.



Cava Noche Y Dia’ Sparkling Wine is distributed in Malaysia by Iconic Wines (Malaysia). For more info or to purchase the wines you may contact Florian at florianr@iconic-wines.com


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