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Tiger UNCAGE Launch at Nagaba



Headed over to Nagaba near Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur with Veron on 11 September 2014, for the launch of Tiger Uncage – Tiger Beer’s latest campaign which features short films on the real stories of young Asian personalities.

The campaign aims to inspire consumers, and features inspiring stories of female Chinese tattooist Joey Pang, a make-up artist turned coveted tattooist, Thai-American stuntman Charlie Ruedpokanon, who studied business management but is now a Shaolin-trained stuntman, and Singaporean filmmaker Anthony Chen, whose films broke Asian conventions. UNCAGE tells the story of how they have forged their own paths, breaking free from conformity.

Joey Pang

Joey Pang was born in Yunnan, China, but moved to Hong Kong when she was three, and grew up wanting to be an artist. Joey was inspired by the way the human body and art could interact, and she began as a makeup artist, but permanency of tattoos caught her attention and she pursued her dream of becoming an artist working on living canvas and changing how body art is seen.


Why is she an UNCAGE hero:

Joey Pang has completely redefined the way the human body can be used as canvas to express a personality, and has broken free from the cage (ie. Stereotype) that has kept women away from the art of tattooing. She took inspiration from New Zealand’s Maoris, and shifted the understanding of tattoos in Hong Kong from an appendage worn by gangsters to an expression of self, coveted by celebrities and sought after around the globe.



Anthony Chen

Anthony was born and raised in a classic middle class Singaporean family, and was expected to follow the predictable path to career and financial success. He unexpectedly discovered a passion for filmmaking, and in 2013, he won the prestigious Cannes Caméra d’Or (“Golden Camera”) for his debut film ‘Ilo Ilo’.


Why he is an UNCAGE hero:

Anthony is part of a new generation of filmmakers, and has broken through the conventions of Asian cinema, dominated by action and gangster films, to create work that conveys a new sense of honesty that he hopes will inspire others to uncage their stories and their creativity. In doing so he has redefined what success looks like for a Singaporean, and demonstrated that you don’t need to be a banker or high-flying corporate exec to be successful.



Charlie Ruedpokanon

Charlie was inspired by a two minute action film trailer that attracted him to the silver screen not by the lure of action. He learned the skills from Shaolin Masters eventually found his way into one of Asia’s top stunt troupes.


Why is he an UNCAGE hero:

Raised in America, Charlie followed the advice of his hardworking Thai parents and played it safe by going to college and getting a degree in business management. But Charlie wanted more out of life and the lure of Asia’s amazing action films lead him to break free and chase his dream. His singular focus and self-belief helped him drew the attention of the Jaika Stunt Team and he puts his life in their hands as he performs his death-defying stunts.

With Veron and Deep the Thirsty Blogger
With Veron and Deep the Thirsty Blogger

While the brand has focused primarily on football, and music over the past few years particularly targeting the Chinese speaking market in Malaysia with events such as the Tiger Asian Music and Tiger Street Football, this new campaign marks a departure away from the traditional beer advertising themes and hopes to connect to young adults in a personal way, to inspire them to realise their potential. (This campaign also appears to be a regional brand initiative implemented by the local brand guardians in the various South East Asian markets which Tiger is in.)

Many young Asian adults believe that they must conform to societal or family expectations and take the safe, well-trodden path and sometimes boring path to be successful in life. Tiger aims to portray itself as a symbol of courage – encouraging people to ‘ignite the Tiger inside’ and take the leap to follow their passions and dreams.

Bruce Dallas Marketing Director of Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) said, “As an iconic beer brand created in Asia, Tiger aspires to spark a change among young Asians. We see great potential emerging from this region and through UNCAGE hope to inspire young talents to follow their dreams.”

This new campaign challenges people to think about their personal cages, and hopes to inspire them to overcome the odds, the naysayers and their own negativity to chase their dreams. Whether you want to uncage yourself from the daily nine – to – five grind, the paper chase, the morning rush hour commute or any other routines and norms, UNCAGE encourages you to find your courage and act to change your life.

Well…on a personal note, I must say that it’s not easy following your dream. Being an entrepreneur and managing Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers (MHB) has been no easy feat although you see lots of pics of me attending happening events with lots of beautiful women. Behind the scenes, there’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears that goes into what I do but I do it because I have the passion for media and I simply love what I do. Of course lately I get quite ticked and amused when I see desperate competitors try to copy the MHB concept, and while I found it rather annoying in the beginning, I try to look at it in a more positive way now – imitation is the sincerest form of flattery ha ha!

Sexy Tzia
Sexy Tzia

There are two (2) simple contests were created where you can win some prizes from Tiger. For the first contest, you need to watch Tiger UNCAGE videos at http://www.tigeruncage.com.my and answer three simple questions to win an exclusive paid trip to Hong Kong for a freehand tattoo by Tattoo Temple founder Joey Pang.

Secondly, you can also opt to participate in a photo contest and stand a chance to win exclusive UNCAGE merchandise. The website also has a feature where you can create your personalised 15-second UNCAGE video from some photos the app grabs from your Facebook profile.

For more info, head over to www.tigeruncage.com.my



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