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Nokia X Launch, Jumping off Mount Everest, & Huggaz Launch

Nokia X Launch



Nokia joins the affordable smartphone market with the launch of the new Nokia X on 5 March 2013 at Connexion@Nexus, Kuala Lumpur. The Nokia X features Nokia’s quality and design, with the user interface of Nokia’s higher-end Lumia range and comes with Fastlane, a screen which lets people switch between their favorite apps more smoothly.

Consumers will also enjoy Nokia’s HERE Maps – offline maps with integrated turn-by-turn navigation, Nokia MixRadio – free music streaming and downloadable playlists, free cloud storage using OneDrive, and one month of Skype’s Unlimited World Subscription for a limited time (allowing consumers to make international calls to landlines in more than 60 countries and to mobile phones in 8 countries).


Nokia Malaysia’s official account on the LINE platform, NokiaMY, went live on 5 March 2013, and in conjunction with the launch of Nokia X and Nokia Malaysia’s official account on LINE, 50 units of the Nokia X will be given away as prizes. Nokia Malaysia and LINE will also organize a campus outreach program across 10 campuses in Malaysia, where students will be able to experience the Nokia X, and LINE and its character mascots.

Nokia X specs:

  • 4’’ capacitive touchscreen
  • 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Dual Core Processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 3MP camera
  • Dual SIM
  • Up to 32GB expandable memory
  • 1500 mAH battery
  • Satellite GPS
  • Accelerometer
  • Available colours: Bright Green, Bright Red, Black and White

The Nokia X will be available from 10 March 2013 in the Klang Valley, and from 17 March 2013 for the rest of Malaysia at a RRP of RM399.

The Nokia X device can be pre-ordered from 5 March 2013 at all Nokia Stores and on StoreKini. Devices preordered from Storekini from now till 31st March will be entitled to a free gift worth over RM50.

For more info, head over to


Huggaz Launch



I have a pet peeve and that is drinking warm beers. But living in Malaysia that’s quite unavoidable unless you drink you beer in 2 minutes or less after it’s poured from the tap or taken out of the fridge or cooler. huggaz believes they have solved the problem of warm beer by producing decorative and artistic insulation products for beer as well as wine consumers.

“huggaz products aren’t merely very practical ones which improve every drinking experience, but they’re of high-quality, eye-catching and artistic,” said Deepak Gill, huggaz Marketing Director at the poolside launch party.

The products are premium koozies (also known as coolers) for beer cans and beer bottles; and wine carriers, for single or two bottles. All are effective at keeping beverages cold so that drink quality is not affected. While many competitor products are made of foam, huggaz uses only high-quality neoprene, which is the efficient insulation material used for scuba suits. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber compound that’s flexible as well as durable.

To ensure effectiveness, huggaz products have a minimum neoprene thickness of 3.5mm; and up to 5mm for the Road Series. Other product features of huggaz are that they’re machine-washable, stretchable, stylish and even come with a 30-day cash-back quality guarantee if they don’t perform as expected.

There will be a promotion at the Future Music Festival Asia 2014 where you will be able to purchase huggaz there to keep your beers cold. The huggaz can also be customised for corporate orders with Wine Talk Malaysia purchasing a few hundred of customized Wino Series two-bottle carriers for its members.


Huggaz goes through stringent quality checks with Deepak aka The Thirsty Blogger, of Cocktales (, and founder of Alcon (Alcohol Consumer Rights Group Malaysia) checks all products before they are sold to the public.

In conjunction with the launch, there will be photography competitions on both Facebook and Instagram from March 1 until March 31, where the coolest picture with a huggaz product somewhere in it (with huggaz tagged in the picture, not hash-tagged) will win the entire range of all current huggaz series, which is currently more than a dozen items.

You can buy huggaz at Ales & Lagers (Publika – beer koozies), The Food Company (Taman Tun Dr Ismail – beer koozies), Ben’s Independent Grocer (Publika – wine bags), Shiraz (SS3 PJ – all products), and Village Grocer (Bangsar Village 1 – all products) with prices range between RM10 and RM35 per item.

You can also purchase online at and enjoy free nationwide for orders of RM50 and above.

For more info, head over to or Instagram: huggaz or follow huggaz on Twitter: @coolhuggaz


Wingsuit Jumper Joby Ogwyn To Leap Off Summit Of Mount Everest Live On The Discovery Channel



For most climbers, reaching the summit of Everest is the ultimate dream but for Joby, it’s only the beginning as he attempts the first wing suit flight off the summit of Mount Everest. If you don’t know what a wing suit is, here’s a scene from Transformers: Dark of the Moon where Colonel Lennox (played by Josh Duhamel) and his NEST team wing suits into Chicago from a V22 Osprey after the Decepticons capture the city.


While there won’t be any Decepticons chasing him on Mount Everest, you can be sure that the cliffs and terrain below him will be just as deadly making this feat a very challenging one indeed!

“This is history in the making,” said Eileen O’Neill, Group President Discovery and TLC Networks. “Discovery Channel continues to bring live broadcast events unlike anything you’ll see on television – from Felix Baumgartner’s world record for the highest space jump to Nik Wallenda’s incredible tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon.”

Discovery will take viewers along the journey with two, one-hour pre-shows revealing Joby’s intense training and preparations for Everest. The special will then culminate with a live 2-hour broadcast – showing Joby as he battles the grueling conditions on the way to Everest’s summit and ultimately takes the final plunge from the top. Joby’s custom-made wingsuit will be equipped with cameras bringing a bird’s eye view as he descends more than 10,000 vertical feet at speeds of over 150 mph.

Joby is no stranger to Everest. He first conquered the world’s highest peak at just 24-years-old, becoming the youngest American to make it to the top. In 2008, Joby set the world record for the fastest ascent of Mt. Everest, climbing from the base of the south side route to the summit in just nine and a half hours (it typically takes 3-4 days). Ever since then, he’s searched for the ultimate way to explore the mountain – and now he’s found it.

“This will be the final piece of my dream. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve imagined what it would be like to fly. I can’t think of a more spectacular backdrop than Everest,” said Joby. “Everything that I’ve ever accomplished in my life has just been practice for what I’m about to do.”

Here’s a little video of one of his practice jumps.


The event will air live in May 2014 and for more info, head over to or follow the Discovery Channel on Facebook at


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