Porsche Club Malaysia’s Annual Dinner 2013 and Jabra Solemate Launch

Porsche Club Malaysia’s Annual Dinner 2013


I had the opportunity to attend the Porsche Club Annual Dinner 2013 on 15 December 2013 at the KL Golf & Country Club. No I don’t own a Porsche in case you were wondering, unless you count my little 1/24 scale model that is.

I have to digress here for a moment and say that there seem to be more and more golddiggers around as I know girls who love to date guys who drive Porsches or other sports cars. Of course each person has his/ her own objectives in life but girls using looks and their body to get cash or luxury items or a high-end lifestyle eating fine dining and going on trips, etc. etc. just doesn’t deserve any respect in my books. Sometimes the people who you think you know will surprise and disappoint you with their hunger for the luxury lifestyle. Perhaps one day I’ll write a book of all my brushes with bimbos and golddiggers…

No offence intended to any Porsche owners of course. I’m sure most owners worked long and hard to earn their fortunes and be able to afford a Porsche especially in Malaysia with the ridiculously high import and excise duties. Much respect to people who make it on their own intelligence and by the sweat of ones brow and conduct their work/ business in an ethical manner.


The annual dinner was a double celebration as it was also the Porsche 911's 50th anniversary
The annual dinner was a double celebration as it was also the Porsche 911’s 50th anniversary



Lots of ice cold Sapporo beer!
Lots of ice cold Sapporo beer!
The very colourful usherettes!
The very colourful usherettes!
Bevy of beauties - Miss World Malaysia 2011 Chloe Chen, Miss World Malaysia 2012 Lee Yvonne, and popular MC Julie Woon (L-R)
Bevy of beauties – Miss World Malaysia 2011 Chloe Chen, Miss World Malaysia 2012 Lee Yvonne, and popular MC Julie Woon (L-R)

A highlight of the evening was the fashion show by Amee Philips which had all the women going “Ahhhhh!” and all the men going “Arghhh!”. Didn’t manage to take any shots of the show itself but I managed to arranged for the models to pose for a shot outside at their display.




More info on the Porsche Club Malaysia at

Or follow their exploits on Facebook at

More info on Amee Philips at


Jabra Solemate Launch

[Tech & Gadgets]



Andy Kho and I headed over to WonderMama in Bangsar Village 1 (which has some lovely and affordable fusion Malaysian food!) on 28 November 2013 for the Jabra Solemate launch.


Jabra Solemate Mini (top), Jabra Solemate NFC (middle), Jabra Solemate Max (bottom) – we purposely stacked the speakers to give you a size comparison.


Now as most of you will remember, I reviewed the Jabra Solemate a year ago and a year on I’m privileged to be invited to preview the new 2nd generation of Jabra Solemate, called the Jabra Solemate NFC, which is available in red, blue, yellow and greyscale. Jabra has added super-fast Near Field Communication (NFC) pairing to the device for added convenience. By simply tapping your NFC-enabled device and your Solemate together, you’re instantly connected, and to disconnect just tap them together again!

Along with the Jabra Solemate NFC, Jabra also launch two (2) more models of its portable speakers:


Jabra Solemate Mini

Going on a holiday? Bring along the compact Jabra Solemate Mini which is compact yet durable enough to handle the scrapes and bumps of regular use with all round rubber protection and resistance to sweat, dust and splashes.

Here are some of its key features:

· Long playback time with a battery life of up to 8 hours

· Easy pairing using Bluetooth or NFC and wirelessly controlled from across the room

· Integrated cable in the sole of the speaker so you have the choice to connect wirelessly or wired

· Exciting range of bold primary colours –  red, yellow and blue or classic black


Jabra SolemateTM Max

This big guy was definitely the hero of the day.

Here are some of its key features:

• Two tweeters, two woofers, a custom-designed bass slave and Dolby Sound Space Expander that plays your music wirelessly, the way it should be heard

• A rechargeable battery for 14 hours of listening pleasure, plus you can charge your phone while playing your music

• Resistance to dirt, dust and water so you can venture outdoors

• A high-tech design that looks as good in your living room as it does out in the garden

• No wires and easy pairing with Bluetooth® or NFC




Also launch was the Jabra Sound App with Dolby Digital Plus which delivers a sound space enhancer giving extra depth and dimension of the sound emerging from the Solemate.


The Jabra Solemate Mini has an RRP of RM379.00

The Jabra Solemate NFC has an RRP of RM599.00

The Jabra Solemate Max has an RRP of RM1,399.00




For more information, head over to

Photo credits: Andy Kho Photography ( and author both using the Sony NEX-5T. More info at or


The Hobbit – The Desolation Of Smaug



From Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Peter Jackson comes “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,” the second in a trilogy of films adapting the enduringly popular masterpiece The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien.

The three films tell a continuous story set in Middle-earth 60 years before “The Lord of the Rings,” which Jackson and his filmmaking team brought to the big screen in the blockbuster trilogy that culminated with the Oscar®-winning “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.”

“The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” continues the adventure of the title character Bilbo Baggins as he journeys with the Wizard Gandalf and thirteen Dwarves, led by Thorin Oakenshield, on an epic quest to reclaim the Lonely Mountain and the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor.

Having survived the beginning of their unexpected journey, the Company continues East, encountering along the way the skin-changer Beorn and a swarm of giant Spiders in the treacherous forest of Mirkwood. After escaping capture by the dangerous Wood-elves, the Dwarves journey to Lake-town, and finally to the Lonely Mountain itself, where they must face the greatest danger of all—a creature more terrifying than any other; one which will test not only the depth of their courage but the limits of their friendship and the wisdom of the journey itself—the Dragon Smaug.


tomcat says – I had the chance to catch the media preview of this movie in IMAX and I thought it had some stunning visual effects and the storyline was more fast-paced as compared to the first movie in this trilogy. There’s also some eye-candy for you guys in the form of Tauriel the female elv, played by Evangeline Lilly. There’s also Legolas played by Orlando Bloom for you ladies. BTW do catch it in IMAX if you can.

The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug opens in Malaysian cinemas on 12 December 2013

For more info, head over to



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