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ADV: Malaysia’s Own Oktoberfest at Berjaya Times Square Hotel 270912


Following up to the launch of Malaysia’s Own Oktoberfest (which you can read at I went over to the next party the following night (27 September 2012) at Berjaya Times Square Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

Of course following me were some members of Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers.

Here’s what went down.


Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers
Cute little 400ml mugs at the party. They also had the 1l mugs and I brought home mine! You can too after you finish the beer in it.
These cute girls kept us well watered
Guests were trying their hand at a couple of games where they could win themselves cool prizes like a Carlsberg beer tower, PC speakers, etc. etc.

The crowd was having a jolly good time with the beers and the buffets of German food!
While the authentic but modern Umpapa band was rocking the party!
Everyone was in a jolly good mood enjoying the party!



Erdinger is one of my fav beers and I was drinking it all night!

Erdinger Weissbier (5.3% ABV), pioneered in the 70′s, was the first German wheat to be distributed nationwide in Germany. Erdinger is brewed according to traditional recipes and has no preservatives, additives and pasteurization, complying with the Bavarian Purity Law 1516.


Now I was too busy enjoying the party that I didn’t take any video. However I managed to find one of the songs that the band sang. It’s a really cute song with lots of actions!



German Fliegerlied Lyrics
“So ein schöner Tag (Fliegerlied)”

Ich lieg gern im Gras und schau zum Himmel rauf.
Schaun die ganzen die Wolken nicht lustig aus?

Und Fliegt ein Flieger vorbei,
dann wink ich zu ihm rauf.

Und bist du auch noch dabei,
dann bin super drauf.

Und ich flieg, flieg, flieg, wie ein Flieger
bin so stark, stark, stark,
wie ein Tiger
und so groß, groß, groß, wie ‘ne Giraffe
so hoch uoh-oh-oh
und ich spring, spring, spring immer wieder
und ich schwimm, schwimm, schwimm
zu dir rüber und ich nehm, nehm, nehm dich bei der Hand weil ich dich mag
und ich sag:
Heut ist so ein schöner Tag – la, la, la, la, la


For all you non-German speaking people (like me), here’s what it means:

English Fliegerlied Lyrics
“Today is Such a Beautiful Day (Flier song)”

I like to lay in the grass and look up at the sky.
Don’t all the clouds look funny?

And a plane flies past,
and I wave up at it.

And if you’re there too,
then I feel fantastic.

And I fly, fly, fly, like a plane
am so strong, strong, strong
like a tiger
and so tall, tall, tall like a
and tall all-oh-oh
and I jump, jump, jump
and keep on jumping
and I swim, swim,
over to you and I take, take, take
you by the hand because I
like you
and I say

Today is such a beautiful day – la, la, la, la, la


It certainly was a beautiful day (or rather night)!

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Photo credits: Malaysia’s Own Oktoberfest, and author’s own

Remember peeps – always Enjoy Responsibly!


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