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Food Review – Pietro Ristorante Italiano

[Food Review]

Sometime last October I visited Pietro Ristorante Italiano ( during their launch and got to try their wines, champagne and of course delicious Italian food. I was so impressed that I promised to return for a full food review with the MHB members and I am a man of my word.

The restaurant is divided into a few different sections to suit the diner’s preference. Here is the sofa section where you can have a few drinks before/ after your meal.

There’s even a private room upstairs which seats around 14 pax

Great place to bring a date for an intimate dinner that won’t burst your piggy bank

Chelsea, Naomi and Chammaine

Yuki and Louise

Me with Bell who finally arrived

Capesante – RM38.00 – Pan-fried scallops served with balsamic, rucola salad and parmesan cheese

Carpaccio di Manzo – RM38.00 – paper thin slices of beef, served with arugula leaves, parmesan and mustard dressing. I liked this one a lot! Beef and cheese! Awesome!

Burrata – RM52.00 – Fresh Burrata cheese with fresh cherry tomatoes and rucola salad. This one is definitely for cheese lovers! Burrata is an Italian cheese made from mozzarella cheese and cream giving it a creamy texture!

Zuppa di Portobello – RM25.00 – Portobello mushroom soup with touch of cream

Fegato D’ oca – RM68.00 – Pan-friend duck liver served with caramelized apple and port wine

Taglietelle Fegato Grasso – RM82.00 – Tagliatelle served with foie gras and veal juice. This one is rich and earthy! Order if you’re a fan of foie gras!

Capellini with Cubed Prawns

Taglietelle alla Bolognese – RM30.00 – Homemade tagliatelle served with hand-cut stewed beef in rich tomato sauce

Branzino – RM62.00 – Whole Grilled Barramundi served with vegetables, salsa verde and salad. SHARE this one! Order a pasta or pizza and share this with your partner.

Risotto con Fungi – RM45.00 – Stewed risotto Italian style with mushrooms and parmesan cheese. This one is awesome but I suggest sharing it as it can become a bit ‘jelat’/ too rich if you eat too much of it.

Costolette d’Agnello – RM72.00 – Lamb rack served with roasted root vegetables and rosemary garlic oil

Merluzoz – RM68.00 – roasted cod fish with portobello mushroom and ratatouille. The girls liked this one as the fish was very fresh. I am more a red meat person so I was eating more of the lamb and veal.

Carre’ Arrosto di Vitello – RM122.00 – Roasted veal rack served with mashed potatoes and mushrooms. Awesome awesome awesome!!!

Pizza Diavola – RM32.00 – Tomatoes, Mozarella Cheese, chillies and beef pepperoni.

Pietro’s Tiramisu – RM22.00 – Mascarpone cheese, savoiardi biscuit with Marsala wine. The girls went quite nuts over the desserts. What’s with girls and desserts anyway?

Pure Vanilla Creme Brulee – RM20.00 – sweet but very addictive.

Panna Cotta – RM18.00 – Italian creamy flan, served with fresh berry sauce.

Mele e Gelato – RM20.00 – Filo pastry and apples, served with vanilla gelato and vanilla sauce. Ie. Apple pie ala mode! A very delicious dessert!

Mixed berries with mascarpone cream

Fondant Valrhona – RM28.00 – Hot chocolate in the center, served with fresh cream and gelato. Cut it open and the molten chocolate spills out! Oh my!!!

According to the Italian chef, Italians usually end their meal with a cup of coffee or a digestif such as the Grappa pictured above. It’s strong (above 35% alcohol) and has the flavour of wine.

Another digestif would be this Limoncello liquer which is lemon liquor. Also pretty strong but good for those who like sour stuff!

Wendy is one of the owners and joined us for dinner and regaled us with tales of her travels around Italy.

Wendy with 14% of Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers!



We had a very very good meal with some really rich ingredients. If you want a nice and cosy yet modern place to dine on good authentic Italian food with friends and family why not look up Pietro Ristorante Italiano which is located in the beautiful neighbourhood of Taman Damansara Endah across the road from Damansara Heights.
Pietro Ristorante Italiano is located at

Ground Floor

Bangunan ECM Libra

8, Jalan Damansara Endah,

Taman Damansara Endah,

50490 Kuala Lumpur

For info or reservations call 03-2093 6433 or find them on Facebook at

More photos on the Malaysia’s Hottest Blogger Facebook page (click here).

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