MHB Visits Erding Aqua Soul


Ventured out of my normal zones (those of you who know me well would know that I try not to venture out of PJ/ Damansara if I can help it) to visit Erding Aqua Soul at Platinum Victory (yeah weird name for a building right?) along Jalan Genting Klang together with Chloe, Stacey, Adrienne and Stella from Malaysia Hottest Bloggers and some friends in tow.

The place was quite easy to find and parking was easy and free. Look for the Chatime then head up one floor. Erding Aqua Soul is right next to the escalator. Erding Aqua Soul is a well ventilated and has comfy chairs and sofas on the inside while there are some high tables if you prefer to chill outside. I was quite impressed! You won’t find many places like this in PJ/ Damansara. Anyway here’s what happened…

Erding Aqua Soul was buzzing with customers that night but fortunately…
owner Cocious reserved the sofa area for us! Yay!
We started off with a round of beers. Stacey with her Erdinger
Stella with her fav Hoegaarden
Charlie twisted her ankle so she decided to have Connors. I don’t know the logic behind that though hahaha! I’ve always held on to the believe that drinking malted barley is good for you…
The girls liked the Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc which is a fruity flavoured wheat beer that originates from France and is marketed by Carlsberg group here in Malaysia. For guys there is the Kronenbourg 1664 Lager which has a stronger hops taste and is made from barley.
Great way to start off the evening. Cheers everyone!
This is the famous Pork Knuckle! Original – RM45.90+
Honey Glazed – RM48.90+. This is pretty good and I believe one of the cheapest in town!
Combo Mixed Sausage – RM49.90+. Good for sharing!
Seafood Spaghetti – RM25.90. Not bad but I’m not really a fan of seafood.
Pork Ribs – Honey – RM25.90+ or BBQ – RM25.90+. Use your fingers to eat this one! I really liked the honey sauce version!
Penne Pasta – RM23.90+ cooked in creamy carbonara sauce. My suggestion? Order a plate of this and either a Pork Ribs or Pork Knuckle then share among 2 or 3 pax!
Now it was Rebecca’s birthday this was her present! Hahahaha! It was gone in like 15 mins though…
Don’t let looks fool you! These girls can drink!
After that we had Glenfiddich 15 years. Smooth single malt whisky and I had quite a bit!
I’m not a gin drinker but I must say that having this with a slice of cucumber and some soda is pretty refreshing!
Satisfied faces all around
Till our next visit


Erding Aqua Soul has some really unbelievable liquor and beer deals (hence they have a lot of customers making the beer barrels finish fast and you’ll always get fresh beer) and complements this with some pretty decent food and their delicious and crispy Pork Knuckle!

So instead of going to a normal neighbourhood pub and standing outside sweating next to the lok lok van while you have your dinner why not try Erding Aqua Soul especially if you stay around Jalan Genting Klang.

For more info on Erding Aqua Soul head over to

More photos on the Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers page –


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