Mr. Asahi Roadshow at Changkat Bukit Bintang 270412


Sometime last month I attended the Mr. Asahi media preview at the Sunway Lagoon Resort and Spa – where I witnessed the fusion precision hi-tech Japanese engineering with Asahi which is billed as Japan’s No.1 beer.

The event was the prelude to the Mr. Asahi nationwide tour and I decided to bring along some of Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers to catch the stop at Changkat Bukit Bintang on 27 April 2012. We were rather apprehensive about going into the heart of town on the eve of the massive BERSIH 3.0 rally for free and fair elections as rumours were rife about police roadblocks everywhere. Fortunately I didn’t encounter any on the way in so looks like luck was on our side.


Chammaine with her friend who insisted that she didn’t drink beer. Well we changed her mind a bit by the end of the night hahaha!
Jane Schwan who somehow dressed to match Mr. Asahi
Povy also somewhat matched the colour…hey did I miss a memo or something?
18% of Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers
The girls were done tasting the Asahi so we headed down Changkat to The Bier Bar next to El Cerdo for a couple of pints and dinner
While waiting for the food to arrive. See told you I managed to change Chammaine’s friend’s mind muahahahaha! Asahi draught is not as bitter as most beers therefore even girls drink it!
Rachel (R) seems really thirsty…
Cheers to a fun night out!


We’ll catch up with Mr. Asahi again this Saturday evening at Sunway Giza for more clean and crisp Asahi draught beer! Come over and try it out! Bet you’ll like it and head over to one of the outlets in Sunway Giza for a few pints (Movida serves quite good pints of Asahi draught!)

More info on the Mr. Asahi roadshow at

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