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Mr. Asahi Launch 280312


Headed over to Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa with Ashley Mah, Louise Xin and Rachel Ng of Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers on 28 March 2012 for the official launch of Mr. Asahi in Malaysia. Mr who you say? Isn’t Asahi a beer? Hahahaha read on…

A pretty girl and ice-cold pints of Asahi draught welcoming me at the door. What a good way to start the event!
Chermaine Poo was the host for the event and she impressed the Japanese representatives from Asahi (Japan) by fluently speaking Japanese!
The ballroom of the hotel was transformed into a club!
MHB's Rachel, Ashley and Louise
Introducing Mr. Asahi! Mr. Asahi, the world’s first robotic barman, is the brainchild of Japanese brewer Asahi and is capable of serving people in less than two minutes, saving the average person 13 minutes at the bar. Capable of pulling 300ml pints and opening bottles, Mr. Asahi can serve up to 16 half pints or bottles at a time.
I luv the girls' uniform!
A little info on Asahi - Asahi means Rising Sun. Karakuchi is a unique brewing method using a special yeast strain. And the added adjective ‘Super’ is to reinforce the beer’s crispness. Asahi Super Dry is Japan’s first Karakuchi (dry) beer – the No. 1 in Japan, the No. 1 Japanese beer in the world, and one of the world’s fastest growing premium Asian beers. Introduced in 1987, Asahi Super Dry, packaged with a metallic exterior/casing, boasts a unique Karakuchi style that is clean, crisp, refreshing with no bitterness.
I definitely had a good time at the event hahaha!


Ok I know you’re asking – where can I meet Mr. Asahi? Well Mr. Asahi will be mobilized to go on a nationwide tour with a crew comprising of dancers, a DJ and a customized truck that unfolds into a mini party-space where ever he is. Consumers can order a beer from Mr. Asahi and enjoy the entertainment and games there while you’re at it.

Look out for Mr. Asahi at key entertainment outlets in Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Johor Bahru, Ipoh and Penang for 30 days beginning April 15, 2012. I’ll try to obtain the schedule to share with you guys soon.

More info on Asahi at

More photos on the Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers Facebook page –

Photo credits: Asahi Malaysia and author’s own

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