Kronenbourg 1664

WTA Malaysian Tennis Open 2011 – Clive Night 040311

As an official media partner to the event Clive organised a night out with our Clive girls and readers with a Kronenbourg cocktail followed by the quarter-final match between Lucie SAFAROVA (CZE) vs Marion BARTOLI (FRA).
BMW is the title sponsor of the event so they had a bunch of cars on display but the Z4 was definitely my fav!
As you walk from the entrance to the centre court you will be greeted with this lovely sight hahahahahaha!
Managed to snap a pic with these 3 Kronenbourg 1164 girls before the guests arrived
Good thing I arrived early! All the girls to myself muahahaha!
Michaella KRAJICEK dropped by Clive's little party to meet the guests and sign some autographs.
Street magician Zlvin mesmerizing the guests
Loads of beer thanks to Kronenbourg 1664
Malaysian Dreamgirl Fiqa rubbing Zlvin...Zlvin's fork I mean.
Last pic of the night...

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