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Samsung Malaysia Electronics’ Galaxy Watch5 Series Spin Class at FLYPROJECT

Event attendees with the Galaxy Watch5 Series at the experiential event in FlyProject, Publika

Samsung Malaysia Electronics recently hosted its first-ever spinning fitness event at FlyProject, Publika showcasing the Galaxy Watch5 Series’ fitness features to FlyProject members. Jojo Tan and Jaz Izwan, two of FlyProject’s Rockstar Spin Instructors, demonstrated the holistic health monitoring on Samsung Health and exercise performance tracking on Galaxy Watch5 Series..

The primary fitness features highlighted during the session included Body Composition tracking, fitness target setting, support for 90+ Workout Modes, and a fully integrated watch-phone experience, since these are the important metrics that fitness enthusiasts seek for. Customers who attended the event got to experience new hands-on experiences such as obtaining body composition data in just 15 seconds and tracking their spinning (“Indoor Cycling”) workout performance with detailed analysis including heart rate zones, calories burned, sweat loss, recovery, and more.

“The Galaxy Watch5 Series was designed to provide a comprehensive and personalised wellness experience to help users stay healthy and engaged – with its wide range of end-to-end metrics, including advanced sleep coaching, body composition measurement, and in-depth heart rate monitoring to assess fitness and stress levels. Following the intense spinning session, the Workout Mode on the Galaxy Watch5 Series will share detailed results of your indoor spinning performance, including calories burned, workout time, and heart rate zone analysis. The heart rate zone analyses the effectiveness of your workout based on your heart rate. For instance, Aerobic (70% to 80% of your maximum heart rate) is the ideal zone for weight loss as the total calories burnt is higher, making it great for burning fat, strengthening muscles and general fitness!”

Gan Jun Keat, the Product Manager of Galaxy Wearables, Samsung Electronics Malaysia

The event was attended by 40 spin enthusiasts. Jun Keat, Product Manager of Galaxy Wearables, shared the innovative features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 series, after which participants undertook an intense spinning session with fitness experts and spin instructors, Jojo Tan and Jaz.

FlyCycle Instructors, Jaz (left) and Jojo Tan (right), with their ultimate spinning companion, Galaxy Watch5 Series
Jun Keat, Samsung Malaysia Electronics’ Product Manager of Galaxy Wearables gave a welcoming product briefing to event attendees at the Galaxy Watch5 x FlyProject event
Event attendees measuring their body composition with Galaxy Watch5 Series before the spinning class
Event attendees spinning enthusiastically with Galaxy Watch5 Series
Workout Mode feature on Galaxy Watch5 activated during the spinning workout

Samsung Electronics Receives 2022 SEAL Business Sustainability Award for Repurposing Ocean-Bound Plastic

Samsung Electronics was named a winner of the 2022 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards for transforming discarded fishing nets into high-performance, recycled material for Galaxy devices.

The SEAL Awards is judged by a panel of sustainability and environmental, social and governance (ESG) experts annually, and recognises the most impactful sustainability initiatives and top companies that drive environmental progress. Samsung received the SEAL Sustainable Product Award, which honours inspiring purpose-built products that move and change the world in a better way.

“We are honoured to receive the 2022 SEAL Sustainable Product Award for our efforts to advance more circular product designs and by doing more with less when it comes to ocean plastic waste. Samsung is committed to continuing our sustainability journey and unleashing the company’s scale, innovation and spirit of open collaboration to deliver even more tangible climate actions.”

Sungsun Park, EVP and Head of Mechanical R&D Team of MX Business at Samsung Electronics

“A staggering 640,000 tonnes of fishing equipment are abandoned in the ocean each year, trapping and entangling marine life and damaging coral reefs. We applaud Samsung for transforming the Galaxy smartphone series to combat this environmental challenge.”

Matt Harney, Founder of SEAL Awards

Discarded fishing nets are one of the most widespread and invasive ocean-bound plastics that seriously threaten marine life and our planet. Samsung first incorporated recycled discarded fishing nets with the Galaxy S22 series and since then, has used the material in designs throughout the Galaxy ecosystem, including in tablets, laptops and earbuds. By collaborating with like-minded organisations, Samsung created a new material from recycled ocean-bound plastic and upheld its high-quality standards.

This innovation is part of Samsung MX’s sustainability vision, Galaxy for the Planet, which outlines the company’s journey to taking tangible climate actions across global business operations and product lifecycles. Through Galaxy for the Planet, Samsung strives to develop and incorporate recycled materials in all new products, eliminate single-use plastics in mobile packaging, achieve zero standby power consumption for all smartphone chargers and divert all waste from landfill by 2025.


Photos courtesy of Samsung Malaysia Electronics

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