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Glenfiddich’s Remarkable Time Re:Imagined Series

Glenfiddich recently announced the launch of its Time Re:Imagined series in Malaysia with an exclusive dinner in Kuala Lumpur. The collection comprises exclusive 50, 40 and 30-Year-Old single malt whiskies, and represents the peak of Glenfiddich’s distinctive distillery style as well as the brand’s greatest accomplishment.

Each single malt whisky in the Time Re:Imagined Collection is an expression of a certain moment in time, going beyond the appreciation of age. Glenfiddich redefines the potential of single malt whisky by maturing for decades and achieving a richness and depth of flavour that are exceptional.

Just three Malt Masters have been in charge since the 1960s, supervising the meticulous maturation of these uncommon and priceless casks. The 50 Year Old is the rarest of this highly prized collection; it is a remarkable depiction of Simultaneous Time that explores the parallel and intricate factors and influences that have shaped this exquisite liquid. The 40 Year Old symbolises Cumulative Time by highlighting the layers of accumulated flavour existing in its liquid, which were made possible by Glenfiddich’s pioneering remnant vatting process. The 30 Year Old completes the collection by encapsulating the idea of Stopped Time: the instant the Malt Master stops the whisky’s development, presenting the distiller’s character in its most unadulterated form.

The eye-catching exterior packaging developed for all three whiskies visually deconstructs and boldly brings to life these articulations of time in spectacular form. It does this by presenting their tales using maverick and disruptive design techniques, and is the ideal complement to these whiskies, which have been quietly developing and ageing for decades in Scotland’s Speyside. These single malts have now matured to the fullest extent and are prepared for release.

50 Year Old

The Glenfiddich 50-Year-Old expression is a blend of whiskies from three different American Oak refill casks that were all matured in the same warehouse before being combined and finished for two years in an American oak refill cask. Just 220 decanters of this priceless liquid are available in this release worldwide, making it a highly sought-after collectible.

Climate variables, including air pressure, temperature, and humidity, have an impact on how whisky ages in the cask. Cold winters slow down the maturation process whereas hot summers speed it up, significantly altering the final product of the liquid. These weather conditions are exclusive to that moment in time and cannot be duplicated. The whisky’s distinctive flavour is a result of the development of the oak flavour in conjunction with these climate factors.

The exterior casing is an artistic depiction of the environmental data that resulted in this exceptional whisky. The structure’s unique form was created by computational architect Manuel Jimenez Garca using a physical design language created by decrypting the meteorological data into an algorithm. 

40 Year Old

The Glenfiddich 40-Year-Old is a daring example of remnant vatting, a trailblazing method in which the leftovers from each batch are carried over and combined with the casks chosen for each following release. The only distillery that employs the remnant vatting method is Glenfiddich, and the taste becomes more complex due to the buildup of flavours over time.

The outside box design, which takes a daring and unconventional approach to a geological metamorphosis, brings this to life in the same way as the 40-Year-Old is made up of layers of flavours that evolve. The decanter is contained in a stunning stopper and container made of jesmonite, a material that has distinct qualities that make each piece entirely unique. The outcome is an amazing vessel that genuinely captures the transformation of one thing into another. Dramatic grooves have been cut into this novel stone-like substance to reveal the interweaving veins that run through it, each completely random and unique from any other.

30 Year Old Suspended Time

The Glenfiddich 30-Year-Old portrays the moment Glenfiddich’s Malt Master, Brian Kinsman, stops the whisky’s maturation to bottle it, catching the whisky at the exact point in time, a flawless expression, preserved for all time.

Moving ribbons that are individually frozen in time to create stunning cut-out windows on the exterior packaging design recreate this particular moment, showcasing the regal decanter inside. The dynamic lines and intricate construction give the impression that the bottle is suspended in mid-air, frozen in time, capturing the moment of maturation in all its splendour.

“In whisky production, we often talk about the role of Malt Masters and it is our responsibility to find the delicate balance between the taste of the whisky and the intensity of the oak cask. But we don’t always acknowledge how each cask, each bottle, is absolutely unique because of the time it has spent maturing. Both nature and time play huge roles in making whisky taste like it does and Glenfiddich’s Time Re:Imagined collection pays homage to this process and the exquisite liquid it helps to create.”

Brian Kinsman, Glenfiddich Malt Master

“William Grant, the visionary founder of Glenfiddich, had a dream to create the best dram in the valley. A perfect illustration of that aspiration, the Time Re:Imagined series crowns the Glenfiddich range with three exceptional liquids that celebrate the very heights of our distillery. Decades in the making, the collection pays tribute to the unpredictable nature of time as each expression captures a fleeting moment in time which bridges the past with the present, bottled in a distinctive decanter that beautifully tell the stories of these single malts.”

Will Peacock, Head of Luxury at William Grant & Sons

Bottles within the Time Re:Imagined collection will be available in Malaysia in December 2022.

Photos courtesy of William Grant & Sons Malaysia.


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