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Samsung Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro

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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. launched the Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro on August 10, 2022 in Seoul. The two new devices were developed to assist people in adopting healthy lifestyle habits thanks to their intelligent insights, latest features, and enhanced capabilities. While Samsung’s most capable and feature-rich watch to date is the Galaxy Watch5 Pro, the Galaxy Watch5 makes improvements to the features that customers use on a daily basis.

“We’re dedicated to giving our Galaxy Watch community the tools, data and resources needed to not only understand their overall health and wellness better, but to coach them on their journey. With Samsung’s groundbreaking BioActive Sensor, we’re empowering users with the most complete picture of their health-related insights yet.”

Dr. TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics

Samsung has set out to deliver in-depth monitoring and useful data offering customers the knowledge they need to support them along their health and wellness path. This is in response to a growing demand to better understand and act on personal health goals. The next generation of digital health monitoring is powered by Samsung’s own BioActive Sensor, which is a feature of the Galaxy Watch5.

The BioActive Sensor, which was first featured on the Galaxy Watch4 series, combines two powerful health sensors, Optical Heart Rate and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, into a single chip to provide comprehensive measurements that include heart rate, blood oxygen level, and even stress level (these features are intended for general wellness and fitness purposes only). Galaxy Watch5 tracks health metrics with even better accuracy than Galaxy Watch4 because to its larger surface area and better contact with your wrist.

The Body Composition measurement tool gives users a complete picture of their overall health, allowing them to establish objectives, receive individualised workout advice, and monitor their progress. And when it’s time to unwind, the Galaxy Watch5 series equips users with recovery information, such as post-cardio heart rate following a strenuous workout and personalised water consumption recommendations based on sweat loss.

Learn about sleep patterns by using Sleep Scores, which track various sleep stages, snoring detection, and blood oxygen levels. Improve your sleeping patterns with advanced Sleep Coaching, which offers a personalised, guided programme lasting one month. The Galaxy Watch5 automatically adjusts connected lights, AC units, and TVs to specified settings that provide the optimum sleeping environment thanks to SmartThings connectivity. Users can rest easy knowing that improved fall detection will notify an emergency contact if they or a loved one trips at home or tumbles out of bed.

With a 13% larger battery than the Galaxy Watch4 and a 30% faster charging time, the Galaxy Watch5 can track eight hours of sleep after just eight minutes of charging. The Galaxy Watch5 is protected by an additional layer of toughness. The screen has a durable Sapphire Crystal display, which has an outer layer that is 60% tougher (compared to Galaxy Watch4). One UI Watch4.5 also provides a more complete typing experience, a simpler call-making process, and a number of additional accessibility features that make the Galaxy Watch more user-friendly.

The Galaxy Watch5 Pro is the newest model to the Galaxy Watch series and was designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind. Thanks to its high-quality materials, Watch5 Pro is up for any adventure, from cycling to trekking and beyond. It has an improved Sapphire Crystal that is more resistant to damage, as well as a sturdy titanium case that guards the screen with a protruded bezel design. The brand-new D-Buckle Sport Band that complements the Galaxy Watch5 Pro’s tough durability and svelte design is also included.

The Galaxy Watch5 Pro features the biggest battery of any Galaxy Watch and is made to last. It has GPX, which is now available on a Galaxy Watch for the first time, and is 60% bigger than Galaxy Watch4. The Samsung Health app’s Route Workout allows you to take a hike, record it, and share it with other trail enthusiasts. As you train for your next race or want to change up your routine, you can also download hiking and cycling routes. Keep your eyes on the trail and off the map while you’re cycling or hiking with clear Turn-by-Turn directions. When you’re ready to return home, the Track back feature on the Galaxy Watch5 Pro will make it simple for you to do so.

The Galaxy Watch5 offers a modern and minimalist design, and comes with all-new neutral colour options, with the large 44mm option available in Graphite, Sapphire, and Silver, while the small 40mm option available in Graphite, Pink Gold, and Silver which features a Bora Purple strap. The Galaxy Watch5 will start at RM1,099 for the Bluetooth version.

The Galaxy Watch5 Pro will be available in Black Titanium and Gray Titanium, with a 45mm display, starting at RM1,899 for the Bluetooth version.

Photo credits: Samsung Malaysia


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