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FUZE@Skybar Kuala Lumpur – Pop Up Casual Dining Experience with a Stunning View of the Petronas Twin Towers

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Petronas Twin Towers Kuala Lumpur at night
The actual view from our table. This photo was shot with my Huawei P30 Pro and is totally unedited.


We recently headed over to Skybar at Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur to try the FUZE@SkyBar, which is a dining pop-up restaurant located at Skybar Kuala Lumpur on Level 33. Skybar Kuala Lumpur is internationally known as a must-visit place for tourists visiting Kuala Lumpur for its magnificent view of the Petronas Twin Towers and the fountain in the KLCC park from 33 storeys up. On a normal (pre-MCO/ Covid) night, you’ll find a good mix of business travellers having some drinks after work, tourists admiring the view of the twin towers, and locals celebrating birthdays or dating.

For a limited time, Skybar will play the host to the FUZE@Skybar pop up restaurant, which will be serving contemporary Pan Asian cuisine comprising fusion dishes from both East and West with a twist of flavours and style. Unlike haughty skydining esperiences, FUZE@Skybar is a casual yet chic dining experience with a wide selection of small bites are among the specialities on the menu, suitable for date night for couples, or gatherings among family/ friends.

Complementing the food menu are new cocktails and mocktails specially created to match the menu, as well as an extensive wine menu, beers on tap and SkyBar’s globally renowned view of the Petronas Twin Towers.

Now I’ve been to Skybar pretty often over the years, however, this is the first time enjoying such a dining concept (we usually dine at Gobo Chit Chat or Gobo Upstairs Lounge & Grill) therefore it’s was a new experience for me. Even when we did have some bites at Skybar (we usually get rather peckish after some drinks) it’s usually the bar bites like the pizzas, chicken wings, satay, etc. etc.

We got a table at the window facing the Petronas Twin Towers and watched as the colours of the Kuala Lumpur skyline changed as the sun set. (The number of tables facing the Petronas Twin Towers are very limited so I’d recommend that you book early and request for one.)

The menu includes many ingredients which are sourced from local farms (such as honey and chocolate from Pahang, vegetables from Cameron Highlands, etc. etc.) in a bid to support the local market, as well as ingredients which are sustainable and do not leave a large environmental impact. As an environmentalist, I was very thrilled to hear that and I do hope that more hotels and restaurants will follow suit soon.

Here’s a look at what we had:


Tiger Prawn Top Hats Skybar Kuala Lumpur

Tiger Prawn Top Hats – RM28 nett

Crispy pie tee filled with corn salad, topped with tiger prawns, kizami nori

I really like traditional pai tee (often also called top hats due to their shape) so I had to order this one! The mix of flavours, from the umaminess of the seaweed and tiger prawns to the sweetness of the corn made this a very delectable appetiser! Wished we could order more but we needed to keep some space for the other dishes.


Steamed Gyoza with Duck Liver Pate – RM28 nett

Australian wagyu beef, house duck liver pate, Szechuan vinegar, ginger strips

I like my gyoza with pork however as Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur is a pork-free hotel, I was quite curious as to how this would turn out. Somehow, the culinary team manged to blend the flavours to provide a taste and texture that reminded me of the traditional gyoza! Was quite impressed with this dish.


Indonesian Soft-Shell Crab – RM36 nett

Tempura soft shell crab with Asian slaw, pomegranate, Sekinchan coconut oil vinaigrette

This one was more for her as she enjoys salads. I thought it was pretty decent. Pomegranate really adds an interesting dimension to dishes, uplifting routine dishes by adding its unmistakable taste and texture.


Cameron Farm Sweet Potato Leaves – RM18 nett

Crispy tempura leaves, coriander, mint-yoghurt dip

This appetiser is perfect for pairing with a few ice-cold pints of beer! 


Australian Stanbroke Rendang Beef Short Ribs – RM46 nett

48-hour marinated and slow cooked in a creamy, sweet, and spicy coconut sauce

Fall off the bone tender beef cooked (not crispy as a snobby Masterchef UK judge erroneously believes it should be) rendang style. I love a good beef rendang (oftentimes beef rendang comes with rather tough chunks of beef) and was very impressed with this interpretation of a classic Malay dish.


Asian-Herbs Crusted Lamb Chops Skybar Kuala Lumpur

Asian-Herbs Crusted Lamb Chops – RM38 nett

Kaffir lime leaves & lemongrass, lamb jus enhanced with “Gua Musang” honey

Definitely not an ordinary herb-crusted lamb chop! The very Asian flavours were a nice reinvention of this Western dish. The sweet jus was a nice accompaniment too!


Sago & Chia Seed Pudding – RM24 nett

Served with “Malacca” palm sugar, coconut milk and fresh jackfruit

She said chia seed is a superfood so we definitely had to order this dish. It was pretty decadent with the gula Melaka and santan. The jackfruit balanced out the dish with it’s distinctive taste, while adding lots of bright colours to this dessert. This dessert is very Instagram friendly as you can take a boomerang shot of the santan/ gula Melaka being poured into the dish.


Roti Prata – RM15 nett

Nutella, banana, served with vanilla ice cream

A roti prata (AKA roti canai in Malaysia) generously topped with Nutella, bananas and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I can’t say not to Nutella so I had quite a bit of this dessert!


Utt (left) and Ice Potong + Prosecco (middle and right)

Utt – RM36 nett

Coffee infused vermouth rosso, campari, gin, aperol

I’m not really a cocktail person but I did enjoy this one (and finished it pretty much by myself) which really reminded me of a negroni! 


Ice Potong + Prosecco – RM33 nett

Strawberry Mint “Aiskrim Potong” dipped in Prosecco

Dip the “ice cream” into the prosecco and stir it up before drinking! She had this one as I wouldn’t be caught dead drinking this very feminine cocktail!


Coconut Pandan cocktail at Skybar Kuala Lumpur
Coconut Pandan

Coconut Pandan – RM33 nett

Rose wine, coconut water, rum, pandan leaves

She had this one and enjoyed it judging by the look on her face!


Ceri Ceri cocktail and Jasmine cocktail at Skybar Kuala Lumpur
Ceri Ceri (left) and Jasmine (right)

Ceri Ceri – RM33 nett

Nordes gin, rose wine, elderflower liquor, black cherries syrup

I’m not a big fan of cherries, rose or gin but somewhat incredibly, I just couldn’t stop drinking this one until the last drop! What sorcery is this!


Jasmine – RM36 nett

Gin, jasmine tea, jasmine syrup, lemon juice, cucumber juice

Another cocktail for her. She’s not a big drinker but she did drink three (out of the five) cocktails so that says a lot.



During these challenging times, health, safety and sustainability are Trader Hotel Kuala Lumpur’s top preoccupation and the hotel has adopted the changes necessary to safeguard the wellbeing of customers and staff members. To present this unique experience of dining with a view, the hotel has taken into account social distancing safety guidelines with essential hygiene and prevention measures in place.

The FUZE@Skybar pop-up dining experience is available from Sundays to Thursdays from 5.00pm to 11.00pm, and Fridays and Saturday from 5.00pm to 12.00am. Children are permitted entry to FUZE@SkyBar and special events or celebrations can be organised.

For reservations, call +603-23329808 or email fbreservation.thkl@tradershotels.com


Photos shot with the Huawei P30 Pro.

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