Sunquick SELECT Dining Experience at RuMa Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur


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Sunquick SELECT rewarded 11 Sunquick SELECT contest winners, media, and invited guests with a premium dining experience at RuMa Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur on 10 January 2020, creatively showcasing their latest product range with specially made mocktails paired with a customised fusion menu. Complementing the drinks and the food was a magic show by Andrew Lee, as well as performances by special guest artistes Dennis Lau, Fara and Elaine Lee, performing some of their hit songs including “The Journey”, “Good Fight” and “Esok”.

New additions to the Sunquick SELECT product range includes Mixed Berries, Pink Guava and Blackcurrant, are made from handpicked premium quality fruits produced in Europe. It is high in Vitamin C and more value for money as it is twice as strobing with its 1:9 dilution versus 1:4 dilution with other brands in the market. The SELECT range, which can be enjoyed on its own, is very versatile and can also be used as a mixer of part of cocktails.

Sunquick SELECT showcased their three (3) new flavours in three (3) complex mocktail recipes that were specially crafted by up-and-coming female mixologist, Raz Ng. The mocktails named ‘Berries First Crush’, ‘Pink Rush’ and ‘XOX’ were individually paired with a personalised Sunquick SELECT 4-course menu by the hotel’s Executive Chef, Chef Tyson, which further increases the dining experience to a whole different level.

“Tonight, is all about creating a flavourful experience as we felt it was the right time to leverage on our knowledge in concentrate as the number one (1) brand in concentrate drinks in Malaysia”, said Soren Ravn, Executive Vice President, Asia

“With immense thought given into developing these three (3) mocktail drinks for the evening, we want to give people the taste of Sunquick SELECT range in an artistic form, allowing it to complement your palates with the combination of great food that best complement each other to give a refreshing experience to your taste buds”, he continued.


Soren Ravn, Executive Vice President, Asia (6th from right) with key guests


With me was hot Instagrammer Collins!



The first pairing of the evening was ‘Berries First Crush’ mocktail with Chicken Parfait infused with Sunquick Pink-Guava and Strawberry reduction, sorrel and savoury crumble. The combination of this pairing gave a delicate flavour, striking a balance between fresh tangy taste and sweetness. The mocktail was also complex and refreshing due to the use of ginger and hint of mint.



The second course consisted of the “Pink Rush” mocktail paired with local clams, tomatoes, saffron spiced broth with hint of Sunquick Lemon. This menu-pairing offered an intense musk flavour and an overall fruity-inspired recipe. The ‘Pink Rush’ mocktail gave a hint of umami from the Aquafaba and Sunquick Pink Guava and strawberry syrup while the use of basil added a fragrant herb aroma to the mocktail.



For the main course, the ‘XOX’ mocktail was paired with the Sunquick Blackcurrant-inspired Roasted Duck Breast. The mocktail was served warm, with its aromatic essence from the use of spices complementing the earthy flavours of the main course, delivering a good balance of flavours. This was my favourite pairing of the evening.


Dessert was a very decadent mixed berries panna cotta


Upholding its tradition in environmentally friendly glass packaging, this Sunquick SELECT range appears in a sophisticated streamlined bottle, lending an ease of handle and offering a more efficient storage feature.


Sunquick concentrate was developed in the 1960’s by Peterson brothers in Denmark. The brand was so loved by many that it spread all over the world and became a household brand in Malaysia. Sunquick is the most ‘concentrated’ product range made of natural fruit juice with no artificial colouring, flavouring or sweeteners and is high in Vitamin C.

Inspired by nature, Sunquick concentrate is mainly made from the freshly picked, premium fruits and berries. As Sunquick concentrate is a household drink, the ingredients used are to promote a healthy lifestyle, thus, it is suitable for everyone of all ages to enjoy a nourishing drink with high nutrition in Vitamin C.

The latest edition of Sunquick SELECT concentrate range gives the people value for their money. The drink popularise their dilution rate of 1:9 versus their competitors of only 1:4. The versatility of Sunquick SELECT concentrate range are endless. Other than the easy-to-mix method or in refreshing mocktails/ cocktails that can be enjoyed by young and old, Sunquick concentrates can also be used in cooking, baking and in desserts as a premium substitute to culinary ingredients.

The continuous use of glass bottles as part of the packaging design is part of the brand’s way of contributing to the efforts of creating a more environmentally friendly practice. It allows one to reuse and recycle which benefits the earth by reducing carbon emissions, raw material consumption, energy use, and waste.


Dennis Lau gave a splendid performance together with the other artistes
My partner in crime for the evening
Amber was seated at the same table as me. Our friendship goes way back to my FHM days!
Amber Chia with Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 Carey Ng (right) and Lavinne Yap (left)

Thanks for having us over!


For more information, head over to http://www.Sunquick.com


Photo credits: Sunquick Malaysia and author’s own


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