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HUAWEI 5G Experiential Zone at HUAWEI Experience Store



Headed over to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur on 19 September 2019 for the HUAWEI 5G experience media preview at the HUAWEI Experience Store at Pavilion Elite. The 5G Experiential Zone which is located right outside the store features Malaysia’s first ever trial Indoor 5G LampSite, and is available for consumers to get a taste of Huawei’s 5G technology from 19 September 2019 to 6 October 2019.

The HUAWEI 5G Experiential Zone which was officiated by Carlson Leong, Retail Director, HUAWEI Malaysia, Consumer Business Group, comprises of several demonstration zones. The Education Section will showcase HUAWEI 5G network advancement, while the Gaming Zone allows the public to experience seamless, latency-free VR (Virtual Reality) cloud gaming enabled by HUAWEI 5G. The Speed Test Zone will showcase the powerful download speed that is realised by HUAWEI’s trial Indoor 5G LampSite which has been introduced and demonstrated in public for the first time.

“HUAWEI 5G Experiential Zone at HUAWEI Experience Store at Pavilion Elite is a great way to showcase benefits of 5G technology to consumers. We are entering a new era of 5G technology and we are excited to be able to deliver to consumers possibilities of the future, today,” said Carlson during his opening remarks.



The HUAWEI 5G Experiential zone powered by Maxis 5G, demonstrated the benefits of hi-speed and ubiquitous connectivity across a range of 5G enabled services for consumers. “Maxis is proud to be the 5G network provider for the HUAWEI 5G Experiential Zone, which is a testament to our network leadership and capabilities. This showcase will give a glimpse into an exciting future of connectivity for consumers,” said Morten Bangsgaard, Chief Technology & Information Officer, Maxis.

HUAWEI’s Chief Testing Engineer also carried out the HUAWEI 5G Experiential Demonstration, highlighting the revolutionary network and technology that is capable of hitting a high 1.3Gbps download speed on the HUAWEI Mate20X 5G device with the trial Indoor 5G LampSite.

“With supported HUAWEI devices and through the HUAWEI 5G Experiential Zone, we could reimagine the possibilities – almost instantaneous download speeds, higher resolution video and next-level VR cloud gaming capabilities. Earlier this year, we collaborated with HUAWEI to accelerate 5G in Malaysia, followed by our commencement of the first 5G live trials in the country. We are excited at the potential of 5G in a future of smart solutions for both consumers and businesses, and we look forward to more milestones as we progress in this journey with HUAWEI.” Morten added.

“HUAWEI is pioneering 5G to bring faster internet speed, but more importantly HUAWEI is pushing for a completely interconnected and intelligent world across devices, services and applications at an unimaginable speed.” Carlson added.


VR gaming through data-streaming from a cloud using Huawei’s 5G technology


After the demo, we headed over to the Huawei Mate 30 Series Global Launch media viewing dinner.



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Photo Credits: Huawei Mobile Malaysia and author’s own


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