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New Summer 2019 Menu at Chez Gaston KL by Rendez-Vous in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

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My partner in crime and I recently visited French bistro Chez Gaston by Rendez-Vous which is located in Bangsar Utama, Kuala Lumpur. “Chez Gaston” is a traditional French restaurant and bar located just a few minutes from the bustling Telawi streets and one (1) minute walk from the Bangsar LRT station.

This French bistro’s concept is to provide authentic and affordable French cuisine while offering a laid-back atmosphere in which to truly relax and enjoy great food and drinks with family and friends. The bistro is helmed by Chef Florian Nigen whose family ran a well-known restaurant in Bretagne in France for 30 years. He puts all his knowledge, experience and passion into preparing the wide selection of typical French meaty and seafood dishes along with delicious French desserts.

On the menu are popular French beverages, spirits, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, an extensive wine list, cold cut platters, hearty French dishes, and decadent desserts!



Soupe à l’oignon (French Onion Soup) – RM17.00

Roasted onions, brown vegetable stock and white wine soup with bacon, served with a baked emmental and baguette hat.

The most famous French soup, perfectly executed at Chez Gaston and was a really hearty dish of sweet onion broth, topped with a savoury cheese “hat”. A must order dish at Chez Gaston!


Escargots Bourguignon – RM24.00

French most popular starter consisting of snails “out of the shell” cooked in a butter, parsley and garlic French pesto (you can also opt to have the escargots in a cheezy garlic cream instead of the pesto)

Another signature French dish, however, we opted to have it with pesto (instead of the normal garlic cream and cheese) and it turned out to be an inspired choice! Mop up any remaining pesto sauce with bread.


Goat’s Cheese Salad

Order this if you can eat stronger cheeses like goat’s cheese. As I love all kinds of cheese, I thought this was a really wonderful salad!


Terrine de Saumon – RM24.00

Salmon terrine served with cocktail sauce and basil dressing


Cote de Boeuf (2-4 pers.) – RM179.00

800gm Australian Milk fed beef OP rib, grilled and served with choice of sauce. (allow 25 minutes cooking time)

Oh my! This was a gorgeous dish of medium rare beef ribs which were juicy and flavourful! Enjoy this with a glass of house red wine!


Bouillabaisse – RM68.00

Seabass, red mullet, sole fish fillets with a tiger prawn and clams, flambés with Pastis, and simmered in a fish soup and topped with aioli croutons. Marseille city speciality.

This was a very hearty soup just brimming with seafood, with a broth that was full of umami flavours!


Mussels in White Wine Sauce (Seasonal Item/ not on the menu)

If you’re in luck, the kitchen might just have this in stock. Ask your waiter for the specials of the day. Absolutely delicious! Ask for some bread to mop up any leftover sauce!


Small Pork Platter

Cured Parma ham, Pork rillettes, duck rillettes, chef’s selection of 2 cheeses, salad, gherkins, caramelized onions

This dish paired with some red wine, plus a main for sharing, and dessert or two would make a wonderful meal! Sit back and enjoy the various cheeses and cold cuts which you can pair with the gherkins, salad and onion jam. Mix and match the ingredients in this dish – combine the hams and rillettes with the cheeses, or jams or gherkins, or onion jam. 


Tarte au citron meringuée – RM15.00

Lemon custard on top of crumbly pastry topped with meringuée, served with sorbet.

A nicely balanced dessert with sweet, piquant and rich flavours all in one dish! 


The ambience of Chez Gaston by Rendez-Vous is more of a casual French bistro, where you take the time to enjoy your food and drinks with good company. The French are known to really enjoy their mealtimes which can stretch several hours so if you have some time to spare, come over for some drinks, then have some food, slowly and course by course, inter-spaced by more drinks, then some dessert and more drinks!

Parking might be a bit of an issue however you could park in the open air car park just one road away at the corner of Lengkok Abdulah and Lorong Abdulah where parking is widely available in the evenings after work or on weekends.

Apart from dinner, Chez Gaston is also open for lunch with affordable lunch sets going at RM19+ for 2 courses (main + starter/ dessert) and RM26+ for 3 courses (starter, main and dessert)


Chez Gaston KL by Rendez-Vous is located at:

12, Jalan Bangsar Utama 9,

59000 Bangsar,

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Telephone: 011-3993 0036



Thanks for having us over!


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