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Mikasa and I headed over to the Taylor’s University School of Culinary Arts & Food Studies on 24 September 2018 for the Morandé “The Adventure’s Wine & Dine” campaign finale. 

The wines showcased were the result of more experimental work on behalf of Belén Group’s Morandé Winemakers. They are bolder, more daring wines made without having to follow preestablished rules. They are Morandé’s Enological Adventures that surprise and impress for their diversity, innovation and quality.

The Belén Group’s Most Outstanding Winemakers Participated in this Adventure, transmitting all of their personality and style to each of the wines they make here. This way Daniela Salinas, Irene Paiva, Ricardo Baettig and Jorge Martinez, as well as Matías and Juan Pablo Michelini were in charge of creating the portfolio that is the showcase for “Morandé Adventure Wines”.


Mikasa with Mr. Jorge Martinez, one of the winemakers of Morandé Adventure wine who said, “Morandé wines are widely recognized throughout the world as wines of excellent quality and tremendous value. Morandé Adventure began in 2012 as part of Morandé’s philosophy of innovation and taking a step beyond with our (winemakers’) dreams. We are proud to launch this new range of wine, Adventure, in Malaysia with Cave & Cellar”.


Morandé aims to promote the appreciation of fine wine among consumers and wine lovers. “The Adventure’s Wine & Dine” ran from July to August 2018 and was organized by Cave & Cellar – the exclusive distributor of Morande wines in Malaysia, whereby consumers could enjoy the nine (9) unique Adventure wines at nine (9) restaurants in Klang Valley:

  1. Morandé Adventure Aterciopelado @ Interlude, Taman Tun Dr Ismail KL
  2. Morandé Adventure Vigno @ Sao Nam Vietnamese Restaurant, Tengkat Tong Shin KL
  3. Morandé Adventure Creole @ Goa by Hubba, Jalan Pinang KL
  4. Morandé Adventure Despechado @ Joloko, Chow Kit KL
  5. Morandé Adventure El Padre @ Sorrok, Desa Parkcity KL
  6. Morandé Addventure Gran Petit @ Meatology, Taman Tun Dr Ismail KL
  7. Morandé Adventure Malmau @ Tatto, Off Jalan Tun Razak KL
  8. Morandé Adventure Mediterraneo @ Two Sons Bistro, Damansara Utama PJ
  9. Morandé Adventure Tirazis @ Spitalfield’s Gastrobar, Atria Shopping Gallery PJ


As the finale to this campaign, Cave & Cellar brought all the nine (9) Morandé Adventure wines and nine(9) participating restaurants together in one venue for a wine dinne which was graced by H.E. Mr Rodrigo Perez, the Ambassador of Chile Embassy in Malaysia. The “Morandé – The Adventure Wine Dinner” was held at Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus, where the nine(9) restaurants as well as Taylor’s Culinary Team created a special dish each to pair with the selected Morandé Adventure wine.



1)   Morande Adventure Aterciopelado

Concept: Memories and nostalgia for the 1960s, when very basic tools were used to produce a wine that combined the rustic variety País with a bit of Malbec, which was called ‘Terciopelo’ (velvet) for its soft, smooth texture on the palate.

What’s behind the name: Aterciopelado means velvety, like the soft and silky palate on this wine.

Grape varieties: 80% País / 20% Malbec

Origin: Melozal, Secano Interior, Maule Valley

Grilled Prawn on a trio of capsicum pieperade by Interlude TTDI


2)  Morande Adventure Vigno

Concept: Vigno with a “G” from Carignan is the name of the appellation in the Maule Valley’s dry Secano Interior that draws on the heritage of its old vines and traditions, and whose main grape is Carignan.

Grape varieties: Carignan, Syrah, and Chardonnay

Origin: Maule Valley

Papaya Salad with infused lemongrass dried beef jerky by Sao Nam Restaurant


3)  Morande Adventure Creole

Concept: Creole draws on the rural reality of its origins through the grapes that go into it. The Cinsault and País grapes from the dry Secano Interior of the Itata and Maule Valleys are strongly tied to the culture and tradition of the zone. The dry-farmed head-trained vineyards grow naturally, and the grapes often touch the ground.

What’s behind the name: This is a criollo—Chilean creole—wine, because it is based on varieties that have been present in the vineyards and culture of southern Chile for many years and tended by many rural hands.

Grape varieties: 85% Cinsault / 15% País

Origin: Itata (Cinsault), Maule Valley (País)

Grilled Cauliflower with smoked sauce by Goa by Hubba


4)  Morande Adventure Despechado

Concept: Here is the reflection of the delicacy, rusticity, simplicity, and honesty of Pinot Noir. It was discovered when no one believed in it, but Despechado was strong and shone in its own right. The grapes were macerated without being crushed and then fermented in concrete eggs with wild yeasts and then aged in old clay amphorae. The result is a wine that found the love it was looking for.

What’s behind the name: Despechado means scorned—a very fitting name considering that this wine is made with grapes that some once overlooked for their small yield. Now that they have been turned into wine, however, many want them back again.

Grape variety: 100% Pinot Noir

Origin: ‘House Casa del Vino,’ Casablanca Valley

“The Perfect Egg” in truffle cloud served with brioche mouillete by Taylor’s University School of Culinary Arts and Food Studies


5)  Morande Adventure El Padre

Concept: Cabernet franc, the patriarch and founder of an exceptional lineage, has been embodied in its illustrious son, cabernet sauvignon, for centuries. The elegance and depth of its unique character extends over time, making it robust, powerful, and inviting.

Grape variety: Cabernet Franc

Origin: Maipo


6)  Morande Adventure Gran Petit

Concept: The grapes used to make El Gran Petit may be small, but the concentration of aromas and flavors they contain is enormous. A blend of Petite Sirah and Petit Verdot, this wine is fermented in concrete eggs that lend it its essence and spirit, generous aromas and flavors that led us to conclude it is a ‘little giant.’

What’s behind the name: Despite being made with little grapes, this is bold and potent wine with great personality, which makes it a ‘Gran Pequeño,’ a little giant.

Grape varieties: 50% Petite Sirah / 50% Petit Verdot

Origin: La Moralina, Cachapoal Valley

Red Wine Brined Duck Breast served with ceps in cream by Meatology TTDI


7)  Morande Adventure Malmau

Concept: It all began in an abandoned vineyard in the Maule Valley, where Matías Michelini discovered a paradise gone wild. It was love at first sight, and he immediately accepted the challenge of vinifying the old-vine Malbec grapes. He threw the standard protocols and methods to the wind, and the result is a miraculous wine called Malmau, a playful combination of the words Malbec and Maule.

What’s behind the name: This wine was christened ‘Malmau’ as a play on words in honor of the variety and the valley it comes from: Malbec from Maule.

Grape varieties: 100% Malbec from old vines planted in the 1950s.

Origin: Pencahue, Maule Valley

No.8 was paired with a Tuna Tartate with mango, avocado, kyuri and mint sauce in pai tee and topped with wasabi mayo by Tatto


8)  Morande Adventure Mediterraneo

Concept: This wine is the result of a creative combination that reflects the freedom to innovate and experiment. A blend of red and white mediterranean grapes in a terroir far from their birthplace, located in the secano interior of Maule Valley.

Grape varieties: Grenache 54%/Syrah 22% – Marsanne 4%/Carignan 17% – Roussanne 3%

Origin: Santa Elena estate, Loncomilla Valley

Chili Butter Cream Clams with garlic bread by Two Sons


9)  Morande Adventure Tirazis

Concept: Tirazis, whose name refers the Syrah variety’s origins in the ancient kingdom of Persia, begins on hillsides of Cerro Algarrobo on the Belén Estate in Casablanca. The grapes come from vines grown the old way—head-trained, natural, and free.

What’s behind the name: In the Elamite language, Tiraziš means Shyraz, the name of the old Persian city believed to be the origin of the Syrah grape variety.

Grape variety: 100% Syrah

Origin: Belén, Casablanca Valley

No.9 was paired with a Chicken Roulade stuffed with chicken ham and mozzarella with red wine sauce by Spitalfields


Mancura Spiced Poached Pear Creme Brulee, citrus and chili madeleine by Taylor’s University School of Culinary Arts and Food Studies

10. Mancura Leyenda Gran Reserva

A very deep, brilliant wine, its red colour enganced by suggestive violet highlights. The nose is highly complex at the beginning, opening gradually to reveal its notes of ash with red fruits, combined with subtle hints of rose petals and blackcurrant. It is complex and structured in the mouth, but at the same time fresh and elegant. Its potent tannins are complemented by touches of mocha, bitter chocolate and sweet cinnamon, It has a very pleasant finish with long persistence. Recommended for well-seasoned red meats. Serve at moderate temperature between 16 – 18 Celsius.



The event was organised by Cave & Cellar Sdn. Bhd. which started operations in 1998 and specialises in the marketing and distribution of fine wines.  The investors and core management team in Cave & Cellar are made up of a group of wine appreciators who have been together since early start-up days.


Cave & Cellar Sdn Bhd is located at:

47, Jalan PJU 1A/16

Ara Damansara

46050 Petaling Jaya

Tel  :  +603-78450670

Fax  :  +603-78450671


Thanks for having us!


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