Events – January 2018


New Drinks Menu at Maze Gin Bar


Maze Gin Bar was launched in April 2017 and is a cosy lounge housing over 200 gin labels, mostly exclusive to Maze in Malaysia. The lounge is Malaysia’s first gin focused parlour by night, as well as a coffee and high tea cafe by day. They recently invited me over for the release of the new menu which features some new bespoke cocktails, gin and tonics that includes 70 unique and unusual gins which are now available by the glass.

The new drinks menu was specially curated by Adam Westbrook, the Head of Beverage Development and who is also a former gin distiller. The bespoke cocktails in the menu are a combination of house made ingredients and locally influenced flavours, alongside a global taste profile.

Maze regularly offers a gin masterclass entitled “Ginology 101” where guests will have the opportunity to learn more about gin and have the option of sampling various craft gins at the same time. 


Dragonboi Sour

Gin, asam boi, dragonfruit, citrus and egg white.

This cocktail had delicate sour and salted notes with hints of sweetness on the finish.


Raspberry Beret

Gin, raspberry, ginger ale, citrus

Crisp, tart and fragrant although I found it a tad too sweet (I have quite a low tolerance towards sweet drinks/ food) but I guess the fairer sex would enjoy it.


Storm in a Teacup

Gin, pineapple, chilli, ginger, and citrus

This cocktail was spicy, warm and peppery with a soothing pineapple finish. This one really gave a kick!


We also got to try some gin and tonics paired with some ingredients from the “gin sum cart”.


Adam Westbrook preparing the Storm in a Teacup cocktails for us

My partner in crime for the night


For more info, head over to or telephone +6 010-3-111-888



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