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Joseristine Product Launch and Lunch with MHB Digital

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MHB Digital ( recently organised a product launch and lunch for Joseristine with some of the country’s top beauty and lifestyle social media influencers and bloggers at Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Joseristine is a Hong Kong-based skincare brand established since 1995 by Choi Fung Hong. With the launch, the brand is now available in Malaysia and can be purchased online.

Their flagship product in Malaysia – the Joseristine Anti-Pollution Whitening Mask, is rich in chitosan – a type of sugar extracted from the outer skeleton of shellfish including crab, lobster and shrimp.

Besides the hydrating function, chitosan also helps in the absorption of heavy metals, provides UV protection, has antibacterial properties and is biodegradable.



The product consists of 2 parts – the mask sheet in the cup and a bottle of the essence. Prior to applying, simply pour the essence into the cup (with the mask inside) and shake it well.

Main ingredients of the Whitening Anti-Pollution Essence:

  • Fermented Yeast Extract – hydrating, soothing, anti-wrinkles, removes dark spot, firming.
  • Brown Rice Vinegar – whitening.
  • Natural Herbal Extract – soothing and resists sensitive.
  • Marine Matrix – hydrating and stimulates collagen growth.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – lasting moisture for the skin.


5-in-1 Potent Results:

  • Detox – helps clear pollutants from skin by removing make up residues and dirt.
  • Whitening – helps reduce skin melanin production and dullness for rejuvenated, bright skin.
  • Hydrating – natural potent moisturizers increase skin’s moisture level.
  • Minimizing pores – helps minimize pores and enhances the elasticity for soft, smooth and hydrated skin.
  • Anti-oxidant – potent repairing and anti-oxidants enhances firmness and delays skin aging.


Nadia Heng, Miss World Malaysia 2010 was a guest of honour at the launch



To purchase or for more info, head over to



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