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Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Seasonal Collection 2017 and Beoplay P2

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In time for summer, B&O PLAY launched their Beoplay Seasonal Collection 2017 – fresh, vibrant colour collection inspired by global trends and featuring a range of limited edition premium headphones, speakers, and the latest wireless earphones – designed with true, authentic, and long-lasting materials. 

The Beoplay Seasonal Collection 2017 includes:


Beoplay H4 – the new archetype within the over-ear wireless headphone segment with over-ear fit, wireless connectivity via Bluetooth, and up to 19 hours playtime in a clean and contemporary design by Jakob Wagner.

Seasonal colours ‘17: Tangerine Grey, Sand Grey, and Charcoal Grey.

195 x 220 x 50mm
7.7 x 8.7 x 3.5in

MATERIALS: Lambskin leather, aluminium, stainless steel and braided textile cord.

WEIGHT: 235g / 8.3oz (incl. Cable:245g/8.6oz)

LOUDSPEAKER: Electro-dynamic driver, 40 mm diameter


Beoplay H5 – premium, ultra-portable and wireless earphones with up to 5 hours playtime, and powerful sound designed for music lovers with an active lifestyle by Jakob Wagner.

Seasonal colours ‘17: Charcoal Sand.


Earphones: 39 x 28 x 23.5 mm

Cable length attaching earbuds: 52 cm

Charging Cube: 28.8 x 28.8 x 29.2 mm

WEIGHT: 18 g/ 0.63 oz

LOUDSPEAKER: Electro-dynamic, 6.4 mm diameter

Beoplay A1 – the smallest and most adventurous member of the family of portable Bluetooth speakers with pp to 24hrs battery life, a built-in microphone, and true 360 sound in a beautiful design by Cecilie Manz.

Seasonal colours ‘17: Tangerine Red, Sand Stone, and Charcoal Sand.

DIMENSIONS: 4.8 x 13.3 cm

WEIGHT: 0.6 kg/ 1.3 lb

2 x 30W Class D for woofer and tweeter
2 x 140W peak power

Beoplay A2 Active – a dust and splash resistant portable Bluetooth speaker designed by Cecilie Manz with pp to 24hrs battery life, ultra-portable design, and two stylish NATO-inspired straps made of woven polyamide with solid tensile strength. Seasonal colours ’17: Charcoal Sand.

4,4 x 14,2 x 25,6 cm
1.7 x 5.6 x 10.1 in

WEIGHT: 1.1 kg/ 2.4 lb

180 W peak power provided by 2×30 W digital class D amplifiers · 2×3” full-range drivers · 2 x 3/4′ tweeters · 2×3” passive bass radiators · Cabinet principle: Balanced passive bass radiators


B&O Beoplay P2

The B&O Beoplay P2 is the smallest and most intelligent member of the B&O PLAY range of wireless Bluetooth speakers and is designed by award-winning Cecilie Manz. It comes in premium materials such as pearl-blasted aluminium and real leather, with customizable and intuitive control features via Beoplay App and, despite its minute size, the Beoplay P2 has enough power and stamina to punch out the rich, clear and crisp sound.

“Music plays a big part in amplifying everyday moments, so we made a personal speaker that you don’t want to leave your home without. Beoplay P2 is a stunning piece of Danish design, a study in stupendous craftsmanship and the accumulation of 90 years in sound and acoustics with a sound quality that is second to none in this category”, says Director of Concept and Design in B&O PLAY Matthias F. Ørum-Hansen. 

“We decided to remove all switches and buttons for a beautiful exterior and a simple and magical user experience that can be customized in Beoplay App. With just a double tap or shake, you can play, pause and skip track, launch your favourite personal assistant, change sound profile in ToneTouch and you can set up Beoplay App to wake you up with the same music that concluded a beautiful evening – reliving your latest goosebump moment as you wake up and get ready to chase the next”. 

The appearance of Beoplay P2 is rounded, smooth like a pebble on the beach, yet desirable and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. A basic geometrical shape with a defined rim separates the pearl-blasted anodized aluminum top from the soft and warm polymer that make up the underside. The curvature of Beoplay P2 has undergone endless fine tuning to give it a highly tactile and refined appearance, and comes with a genuine leather strap.

“The closer a product gets to the body, the more refined and detailed it should be. Beoplay P2 is smooth and desirable, a compact with great sound and a companion wherever you go”, says designer Cecilie Manz.   

The sound character in Beoplay P2 is rich and spacious with a 360-degree dispersion that provides listeners with the same beautiful sound experience wherever they are located. The Beoplay P2 is the culmination of more than 90 years of Bang & Olufsen sound expertise packed with innovations from its bigger brother Beoplay A1:

•        The Bang & Olufsen acoustics looked to Beoplay A1 for the reproduction of bass out of such a small product. They elaborated on Beoplay A1’s mid-woofer and designed a new one for Beoplay P2 using an anodized aluminum cone structure. 

•        The tweeter in Beoplay P2 is the same ¾” fabric soft dome used in Beoplay A1 assuring excellent detail and smooth reproduction of the highest frequencies. 

•        The DSP is advanced, highly capable and enables the use of high slope filters and advanced character control to facilitate the excellent personal sound amplification experience in Beoplay P2. 

•        Two 15W RMD Class D Amps are used with a peak power of more than 2X50 watts do drive it all – to assure you get the beautiful sound always associated with a B&O PLAY product. 

Beoplay P2 has a built-in microphone for taking calls out loud, and the rimmed design on the speaker’s bottom edge enables the microphone to provide uniform 360 speech sensitivity. This enables the person listening to recognize voices perfectly, no matter where people are speaking in proximity to the microphone. 

As an extra accessory to protect Beoplay P2, you can purchase a black lambskin leather sleeve which provides a layer of protection on the go, while still maintaining the beautiful and authentic B&O PLAY design.  

Beoplay P2 comes in Black, Sand Stone and Royal Blue and is available at RM849 at Bang & Olufsen The Gardens Showroom. 

For more info on the Beoplay Seasonal Collection ‘17 collection, visit the Bang & Olufsen The Gardens showroom or head over to

Images courtesy of B&O.


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