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Toast The Macallan Kuala Lumpur 2016




The girls from Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers and I headed over to the Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur for the inaugural Toast The Macallan (2016) which is a pop-up exhibition-styled event that will be held from the 26th of September to the 1st of October 2016. Toast The Macallan was featured as a pop-up experiential stage where guests not only learn about the whisky and brand thru a lively and entertaining whisky tasting session, but would also be able to savour the latest range of The Macallan whiskies.

This global circuit event has previously been to neighbouring markets like Jakarta and Singapore, and being very popular in countries such as Taiwan and Hong Kong, Toast The Macallan made its was to Kuala Lumpur to give aspirational whisky connoisseurs a chance to experience their world famous single malt scotch whisky.

The prestigious experience was held over six (6) consecutive days in an elegant and bespoke ambience at the Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur, hosted by The Macallan Brand Trainer, Keith Nair and Brand Advocate, Randall Tan. The best part was that tickets to this event were priced at only RM50 nett per person, which includes a whisky tasting flight of the brand’s signature single malts, entry passes to the exhibition area and The Macallan lounge where guests were treated to custom-made cocktails.

Founded in 1824 and immersed in its rich history, The Macallan is one of the best-selling single malt scotch whisky across Asia and Malaysia is becoming one of the key countries to see a significant preference for single malts, which is an appreciated lifestyle of the affluent. With this in mind, Toast The Macallan is aimed at individuals who are brassy and keen to learn more about the esteemed single malt whisky.


With Kassey at the photowall
Kate Lee and Stephanie Lim
After we completed the registration, the female Macallan ambassadors gave us a little run through on the process of making the whisky


Trying out the different scents that are present in the various whiskies at the scents bar.

We even got to touch and smell the different casks that store the whiskies. Each has it’s own unique smell!
Pics with some of The Macallan’s really expensive and rare whiskies!
Soon it was time to head into the “classroom” for the masterclass


During the masterclass, The Macallan has also unveiled its newest series dubbed the Trilogy, which consists of, The Macallan Fine Oak 12 Years Old, The Macallan Sherry Oak 12 Years Old and its latest expression The Macallan Double Cask 12 Years Old.

“The Macallan has always been one of the leading brands in the single malt category and we are very excited to introduce our newest range, The Macallan Trilogy. This platform would allow consumers to experience what The Macallan really stands for and why our whiskies are exceptional in its class” explains Chief Representative of Edrington Malaysia, Mr Edwin Yeo.

The Macallan Double Cask 12 Years Old is a single malt that tells a journey; a story that brings together two different worlds. Bringing new oak from America across the seas to Spain, the casks are crafted and seasoned with sherry before making its way back to their distillery in Scotland and left to mature for at least 12 years before harmoniously blending them with the very best sherry-seasoned European Oak Casks.

Bob Dalgarno, The Macallan Master Whisky Maker; said, “This is a single malt which celebrates the coming together of two styles to create a fully rounded and distinctive flavour.” It is often said that when two worlds come together, they create something magical and this is what the Double Cask represents.

Wow! I really loved the new Double Cask! Now I previously preferred the Fine Oak over the Sherry Cask because I liked the creamy vanilla notes a little more than spice. However the Double Cask was so beautifully balanced that it really was the best of both worlds! Creamy and oily on the palate (due to Macallan’s short stills) yet beautifully balanced with spice and oak to make you keep wanting to drink this to uncover more and more flavours! Not a hugely complex whisky but one that is complex enough to be enjoyed and appreciated slowly, making this great for an easy drinking night with some friends at home or in a bar. 


The masterclass was really interactive and educational, and we got to chat with the presenters and try the different whiskies in the Trilogy

Stephanie got “volunteered” to join the presenters on stage to help make an ice ball



Brand Trainer, South East Asia

Having worked for over eleven years in the food and beverage industry, Keith is a hospitality professional specializing in menu development, training and quality management. Bringing his vast and diverse experience to Edrington, Keith will oversee the brand education for the premium spirits brands including The Macallan, Highland Park, Snow Leopard Vodka, Cutty Sark, Brugal Rum and The Famous Grouse, in the South East Asia region as a Brand Trainer. This role will provide the opportunity that he relishes – to engage both trade and direct customers, through brand engagement sessions.

An award-winning flair and cocktail bartender in his earlier days in the industry, Keith rose quickly through the ranks and has become a respected figure in the local and regional Bartending and Hospitality scene.

His impressive resume includes being a judge at various bartending competitions, as well as an examiner for Hospitality and Tourism Management Higher Diploma Final Exams at Taylor’s University College. Keith has also been involved in training bartenders and operators, and brand development work in the South East Asia region, which includes Nestle and Red Bull.

Keith shared, “The Macallan constantly reinvents themselves to not only uniquely conduct their tasting sessions in an interesting manner but also better educate consumers to understand their whiskies better and be able to differentiate one great whisky from another”.



Brand Advocate, The Macallan & Highland Park

With a strong passion in whisky and affinity with consumer engagement, Randall joined Edrington as a brand advocate for The Macallan from January 2015.

Toast The Macallan Singapore 2015 marked his debut  with the Edrington Group, where he co-hosted a series of experiential whisky appreciation for more than 1,200 consumers over a two day event. He also hosted Toast The Macallan in Jakarta, an exclusive three-day whisky pairing dinner. With the successful collaboration in 2015 for Toast The Macallan, Randall was invited once again to engage the guests for the 2016 Toast The Macallan in Singapore.

Randall’s active engagements with the brand also includes key events and brand experiences such as The Macallan Sea Rare Cask Launch in 2015, The Macallan M Masters Golf 2015, exclusive whisky pairing dinners, private whisky appreciation and tasting sessions with luxury brands and corporates including Hugo Boss and JP Morgan.

A Singaporean actor (who is married to fellow Singaporean actress, TV host Melody Chen), host and emcee, Randall kicked off his entertainment career as a “Fame Awards” finalist for Television Corporation of Singapore in 1995. He then clinched various roles through the years in popular dramas and Tele-movies on Singapore TV, and also presents on television in sports and travel shows.


We got to ask the presenters some questions after the session formally ended. They were really helpful and knowledgeable!
A group pic with Keith and Randall
Then it was over to the lounge for more Macallan over our gossip session



For more information on Toast The Macallan, head over to


Thanks to Thanks Macallan for having us at the event!
Thanks to Macallan for having us at the event!


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