Editor’s Note – October 2016

[Editor’s Note]


Pop Pop All Stars Concert



Evonne and I headed over to the Tropicana Golf & Country Resort Music clubhouse on 11 September 2016 for the Pop Pop All Stars concert in collaboration with music label Pop Pop Music. The event featured a night of old school-jazz and retro-pop concert together with a five course dinner held at the Tropicana Grand Ballroom.

Performing on the night were established local jazz vocalists Celist Chow, May Mow and Nutserlar Lim (all under the management of Pop Pop Music) accompanied by the famous local jazz ensemble WVC, spearheaded by acclaimed Malaysian music director Tay Cher Siang. The show comprised of solo, duet and trio performances by the trio and the band.

“Tropicana Golf & Country Resort is thrilled to partner with Pop Pop Music for this jazz concert as they share our philosophy of showcasing quality entertainment to the public,” said Tropicana Golf & Country Resort Event & Promotions Manager Mr James Sai. “Pop Pop Music Concert is our way of presenting the some of the best jazz acts in the country to our members and guests, and at the same time we show our deep support in the local arts industry and our thriving local music scene.”


The pretty May Mow and her jazz band mesmerising us tonight! #jazzband @maydemoe

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The night featured the following songs:

Overture – WVC Jazz Ensemble

夜上海 – May Mow (Solo performance)

醉在你怀中 – May Mow (Solo performance)

雨夜春风 – May Mow (Solo performance)

情人的眼泪 – May Mow (Solo performance)

月光小夜曲 – May Mow ( Solo performance)

静心等 – May Mow & Nutserlar Lim (Duet performance)

Let’s Fall in Love – Nutserlar Lim (Solo performance)

Just The Way You Are – Nutserlar Lim (Solo performance)

Come Fly With Me – Nutserlar Lim (Solo performance)

ABBA medley (Mamma Mia/ Super Trouper/ Dancing Queen/ Fernando/ Winner Takes It All)- Celist Chow (Solo Performance)

Emotion – Celist Chow & Nutserlar Lim (Duet performance)

Goodbye Girl – Celist Chow & Nutserlar Lim (Duet performance)

恋曲1990 – Celist Chow (Solo performance)

女人花 – Celist Chow (Solo performance)

今天不回家 – May Mow, Nutserlar Lim, Celist Chow (Trio performance)

不了情 + 新不了情 – May Mow & Celist Chow (Duet performance)

亲密爱人 – Nutserlar Lim (Solo performance)

恰是你的温柔 Just Like Your Tenderness – May Mow, Nutserlar Lim, Celist Chow (Trio performance)














More info at http://www.tropicanagolf.com/

Photo credits: Ong Evonne and author’s own


Upcoming Event – Comedy Night at Upstage Lounge Bangsar



Nik Coppin is a mixed race London-based international stand-up comedian. He has a confident, affable and energetic approach to comedy which is quick to build audience rapport and his versatility is such that he can easily switch from compering to opening and closing sets, and to doing solo shows. His shows and material range from topics as diverse as race-related issues, animals, superheroes, observations on everyday life, storytelling, and shows that have incorporated his own cartoons and caricatures.

Nik has performed all over the world developing an international fan base through a variety of shows that he also produces. He is one of the few comedians to enjoy success on both the UK comedy circuit and at international festivals. He has performed at the Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringes, New Zealand and Melbourne International Comedy Festivals, all over Australia, and at the inaugural Hollywood Fringe Festival in Los Angeles.

The shows that he produces and comperes – the late show Shaggers and the family friendly show Huggers – have proved very popular brands over the years and regularly sell out to festival audiences. Nik is currently developing his critically-acclaimed show Mixed Racist. He often talks about his heritage on stage – his mother is English and his father is from Barbados, but this show marks a slightly new direction for the affable comedian; more relevant, controversial, and thought-provoking, while never straying too far from his friendly comedic roots.


Price: RM60 or RM40 for Rendez-vous diners


Phone: 03 22 02 02 06

Whatsapp & Txt: 011 2637 8224

Email: bookings@rendez-vous.com.my



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