Malaysia International Gastronomy Festival (MIGF) 2016 – Samplings on the Fourteenth

[MIGF Special Feature]



Kathy and I headed over to Samplings on the Fourteenth at the Berjaya Times Square Hotel to try their Malaysia International Gastronomy Festival (MIGF) 2016 menu. This was actually the second time that I reviewed the MIGF menu at Samplings on the Fourteenth, the first being back in 2014.

The restaurant is shared by the Berjaya Times Square Hotel and the Berjaya School of Culinary Arts. During the daytime on weekdays, the students from the school use it to hone their skills, and you can get a decent meal prepared by the students at a very affordable price.

At night, Chef Val’s team takes over and serves fine Western cuisine in a romantic setting overlooking the bustling Bukit Bintang and surrounding areas.


The restaurant has participated in MIGF (and other culinary competitions) for a number of years and won a number of awards
The restaurant has participated in MIGF (and other culinary competitions) for a number of years and won a number of awards
The main dining area offers a nice view of the bustling city below
The main dining area offers a nice view of the bustling city below




The twin towers and busy Bukit Bintang are visible from the restaurant


MIGF Full Festival Menu


Chicken Rillettes

Duck A L’orange

Crusted Tuna With Caramelised Onion



Lamb Tartlet with Goat Cheese Croquetas

A little but delicious morsel to whet the appetite for dinner.





Starter 1

Pan-Fried Haloumi, Chilled Marinated Vegetables in Season and Lemon Emulsion

This one was pretty interesting as Haloumi is not really a common ingredient in Malaysia, and not many people actually know how to eat it. Good thing I’m a big fan of cheese so I knew how to fully appreciate it! The balance of textures and flavours between the cheese, against the vegetables, brightened by the lemon emulsion, showed the care and thought put into this starter!






Starter 2

Poached Baby Mackerel, Chick Pea Puree, Smoked Garlic Cream and Walnut

The mackerel was cooked to perfection and went nicely with the smoked garlic cream and chick pea puree. Not ingredients that you’d normally think of putting together in the same dish but somehow it worked.







Green Pea Cream with Artichoke chips and Tomato Tartar

Chef Val personally served us the soup. This was a very heartwarming soup, with contrasting textures coming from the artichoke chips, while the tomato tartar kept things from getting to cloyingly rich (although the soup itself had just a touch of cream as Chef Val doesn’t believe in letting the soup be overly rich).



Palate Cleanser

Malibu Lime Sorbet

A very refreshing sorbet to cleanse the palate before the main course.


Main Course


Slow-Cooked Lamb Cutlet, Baked Stuffed Red Onion, Glazed Root Vegetables and Jus of Cherry

This was my main and the lamb was cooked to perfection – resulting in a cut of juicy and tender lamb that was already perfect on its own. The other elements on the dish complemented it especially the cherry jus, however I felt that the red wine was the best pairing for this – a match made in heaven indeed!






Pan-Fried Halibut Fillet, Smoked Tomato Puree, Parsnips and Shellfish Froth

She had this one and I did try a little. I think that foam and froth were an integral part of Chef Val’s MIGF menu this year as this was the 3rd appearance. The halibut was delicious and went beautifully with the smoked tomato puree… and the white wine! BTW… if you can do pair your dinner with wine!





Wagyu Beef Medallion, Pumpkin with a Hint of Xeres Vinegar, Duck Foie Gras and Thyme Juice

I had the beef all to myself (we requested for all 3 mains to try so I pretty much ended up having 2 mains) as my partner in crime doesn’t eat beef. But wagyu beef has to be one of my favourite ingredients ever… and another being foie gras! Having both in the same dish was really terrific! The thyme juice complemented the beef well, as well as the red wine. As the beef was wagyu, it was tender and juicy from all the marbling! Absolutely wonderful but I think I’d better exercise for the next week to compensate for such a heavy dinner!






Guanaja Chocolate Delice, Sea Salt Flakes, Butter Scotch, Cream Cheese Mousseline

Chocolate with some sea salt flakes to give it some contrast. A nice, sweet ending to a really decadent meal!





Petit Fours, Coffee and Tea


Full Festival Menu Price

Without Wines: RM228 nett per person

With Wines: RM388 nett per person




 Also available is the Light Festival Menu.


Chilled Alaskan Crab, Fennel and Orange Escabeche, Celeriac and Dressed Micro Greens


Cream of Artichokes with 3 Beans and Garlic Crostini

Palate Cleanser

Malibu Lime Sorbet

Main Course

Confit of Parrot Fish, Glazed Rhubarb, Broccoli and Mushrooms, Light Crustacean


Oven Roasted Cutlet of Lamb, Dainty Root Vegetables and Jus of Cherry


Guanaja Chocolate Delice, Sea Salt Flakes, Butter Scotch, Cream Cheese Mousseline

Petit Fours, Coffee and Tea


Light Festival Menu Price

Without Wines: RM178 nett per person

With Wines: RM288 nett per person






Kathy with Chef Val


Samplings on the Fourteenth is located at:

14th Floor, Berjaya Times Square

1, Jalan Imbi,

55100 Kuala Lumpur,



Telephone: +60 (3) 2117 8000 ext. 8131

Website: http://www.berjayahotel.com/kualalumpur

Email: bth.samplings@berjayahotel.com

Operating Hours: 6.30pm – 10.30pm (Mondays to Saturdays)

More info on MIGF at www.migf.com




Leica D-Lux Typ 109

The photos* of the food and outlet above were shot with the Leica D-Lux (Type 109).

More info on the camera at http://www.leicastore.com.my/

*Photos with people in it were shot with a different camera


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