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While H&M is widely known for their collaborations with designers, resulting in affordable designer wear for many, the brand also has a wide range of sportwear which retail at affordable prices. Taking a step further, H&M launches their “For Every Victory” collection which is a line of high-fashion performance sportswear made to inspire and celebrate the power of personal victories. The collection has been developed in collaboration with the Swedish Olympic team, and the campaign is fronted by inspirational personalities who have all achieved their own victories, whether in sport or through life experiences. 

“This is a collection about performance with great style and the input of the Swedish Olympic team has been invaluable in the creation process. The result is high fashion technical sports pieces for everyone to wear,” says Pernilla Wohlfahrt, Design and Creative Director at H&M.

The collection combines high-fashion styles with the help of technical expert knowledge, focusing on core sports and training pieces that have all been tested by the Swedish Olympic team. The athletes advised on design, performance and wearability. H&M also designed outfits for the Swedish Olympic and Paralympic team for Rio 2016, including the opening ceremony uniform, selected competition pieces and the prize ceremony outfits.

The For Every Victory collection has a similar aesthetic to the Swedish Olympic team collection, with its own colour palette in black, grey, dusty pink and gold. It is centred on performance T-shirts, running shorts and leggings, as well as sports bras for women. The technical benefits include quick-drying, breathable materials that help to optimise performance, while recycled polyesters prove that high-function sportswear can also be conscious and more sustainable. The collection was made as not to compromise on either fashion or performance.

The For Every Victory campaign celebrates the power of sport and self-belief to transform people’s lives. Among many, the campaign features Caitlyn Jenner with her Olympic gold medal in the decathlon, who dared to stand up for her true identity; Chelsea Werner, a gymnast who has never let Down Syndrome halt her progress; surfer Mike Coots who still takes to his board even though he lost his leg in a shark attack and boxer Namibia Flores who has fought against prejudice to pursue her dreams.

The collection will launch together with the campaign in stores and online at hm.com on 21 July 2016.

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And since we’re on the subject of sports, here’s a commercial David Beckham shot for H&M bodywear back in 2013. I’m sure you ladies will enjoy this while guys (including myself) will be most envious!


More info at http://www.hm.com/


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