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Romantic Dining Spots – Savini Italian Fine Dining Restaurant at The Intermark KL




Rachel and I headed over to Savini Ristorante Italiano in The Intermark, Kuala Lumpur which is one of the new and somewhat hidden gems of the Kuala Lumpur food scene. The restaurant is tucked away in a corner and the easiest way to find it is to go to the DoubleTree by Hilton lobby then take the escalator up to Level 2.

The restaurant doesn’t look very big from the outside, however looks are very deceiving and the restaurant is pretty large, consisting of a fully equipped bar, bar lounge, cigar lounge, three (3) private rooms and a dining hall. It seats 80 pax and the restaurant aims to provide diners a contemporary Italian fine dining experience in an exclusive luxury setting.

The menu is a modern take on classic Italian cuisine using fresh ingredients, the end product of Chef Azizan’s invention and skills in every dish. which you can pair with an extensive list of wines from the new world and the old.



As it was Rachel’s birthday, we took the small private room (which can fit around 4 to 5 pax) and I ordered flowers which I got delivered to the restaurant beforehand giving her a nice surprise when she entered the room.


Savini Martini (cocktail on the right) RM35++ per glass

Savini Cooler (mocktail on the left) – RM18++ per glass


Foie Gras - Pan seared Goose Liver served on a Pineapple slice drizzled with Madagascan Vanilla Pod Infused Honey - RM45

Foie Gras – Pan seared Goose Liver served on a Pineapple slice drizzled with Madagascan Vanilla Pod Infused Honey – RM45

I love a good foie gras dish and this one was absolutely awesome! The rich earthy flavours of the pan seared goose liver went so well with the piquant pineapple ring and the sweet vanilla infused honey. What an inspired combination of flavours and textures! A brilliant start to the meal and honestly, I could have eaten this one all night!


Blue Fin e Tartare di Salmone - Fresh cubes of sushi-grade Blue Fin Tuna and Salmon combined with Crab finished with Capsicum Coulis and garnished with Mango - RM65

Blue Fin e Tartare di Salmone – Fresh cubes of sushi-grade Blue Fin Tuna and Salmon combined with Crab finished with Capsicum Coulis and garnished with Mango – RM65

This was quite a pretty appetizer! The fresh seafood flavours went delightfully well with the coulis and mango while the dollop of caviar on the side added a touch of luxury! In this dish, you could really taste the quality ingredients and we marvelled at the technique required to put this dish together.


Bisque di Aragosta - Milky Foamed Lobster Bisque served with Cheese Bread - RM65

Bisque di Aragosta – Milky Foamed Lobster Bisque served with Cheese Bread – RM65

The dollop of caviar once again made an appearance and it went beautifully with the very flavourful lobster bisque. Although it is a fine dining restaurant, we couldn’t help but to use out hands dip the bread into the bisque to soak up the flavours. Good thing we were in a private room! The bisque was sweet from the lobster and wasn’t too creamy. Best of all – it had chunks of lobster tail inside!




Cod Fish alla Savini

Cajun roasted Cod Fish with Cherry Tomatoes and Madagascan Vanilla Pod Infused Mango Salsa – RM90.00

Caviar again? Well I certainly don’t mind at all! Seems that it is the chef’s signature ingredient and a luxurious one at that! The fish was fresh and flaky, seasoned perfectly with Cajun (I loved Cajun seasoning ever since my dad brought home a bottle from the USA when I was a small kid) giving it a distinct savoury taste. The Madagascan Vanilla also appears to be one of the chef’s favourite ingredients and while we first thought it would be rather odd to go with a savoury dish, the flavours were subtle enough as not to overpower the savoury taste but rather to give a little hint of vanilla in the mango salsa which provided a nice piquancy to the dish. Obviously a lot of thought had been given to the mix of flavours going into each dish at Savini!


Wagyu MB9 - Wagyu Marbling 9 butter seared and served with Aglio Olio Pasta, Mesclun and Herbed Balsamic Aged Vinaigrette - RM288

Wagyu MB9 – Wagyu Marbling 9 butter seared and served with Aglio Olio Pasta, Mesclun and Herbed Balsamic Aged Vinaigrette – RM288

This was definitely the star of the night! A beautiful melt in the mouth and perfectly cooked to medium rare super tender cut of beef which needed absolutely no sauce! I really didn’t care about the rest of the ingredients on the plate and attacked the beef. It’s certainly not cheap but neither is a cut of Wagyu with Marbling level 9! Heavenly! (The side salad and pasta was nice too but who thinks of that when you’re enjoying wagyu beef?)




Creme Brûlée with Raspberry Sorbet

Madagascar Creme Brulee Pod – Served with Raspberry sorbet RM39

The creme brulee was made using Madagascar Vanilla Beans – a superior variant, with flavour and aromatic qualities that make these beans the most popular and sought after vanilla variety. This added a very fragrance and delicious dimension to this otherwise rustic French dish that coupled with the pretty sugar art, made this a very ideal dessert indeed. The raspberry sorbet kept the balance for this dish, preventing it from becoming too overwhelmingly sweet or creamy. We were though, very intrigued by the pretty decoration designs on the side of the plate which definitely took a lot of skill and a steady hand to make, and all of which could be eaten.


Tiramisu (non-alcoholic) with Balsamic Sorbet

Tiramisu (non-alcoholic) with Balsamic Sorbet – RM39.00

The tiramisu was light and a nice mix of creamy Mascapone cheese and coffee sponge topped with cocoa powder. However the really interesting component of this dish was the balsamic vinegar sorbet. Yes you read it correctly – BALSAMIC VINEGAR SORBET. This proved to be a great counterbalance to the dish, preventing it from becoming cloyingly rich! Eat the tiramisu then whenever you feel it getting too rich, eat a spoonful of the sorbet and bang! Your palate is cleansed and you can eat more tiramisu! This has to be the most unique and unforgettable sorbet I’ve ever eaten, and weirdly enough…I quite like it!



The happy birthday girl!


Rachel and me with Chef Azizan Shukri


Chef Azizan Shukri has decades of culinary experience under his belt, and believes in using contemporary flavours, exquisite techniques and refined textures in his cooking. Chef Azizan Shukri’s dishes have a great nautical and coastal influence, pairing quality produce with contemporary Italian flavours. Chef recommends diners to try his special 7-course degustation menu, as well as his signature and seasonal dishes.


Savini is an ideal venue for both corporate and private parties and events, with its private rooms and AV (Audio Visual) equipment. There is also a 3-piece jazz band performing several times a week in the form of a 3-piece jazz band during the night, serenading guests while in the main dining room.



The fully stocked bar


The wine cellar


The cigar lounge which is equipped with multiple air purifiers so you won’t choke on the smoke


A large selection of cigars in the cigar lounge


The medium sized private room


The large private room



Savini is a great place to bring your date for that special occasion. If you can, try to book the small private room. Or if you prefer the live jazz band, you can opt to dine in the main dining room. Beautiful warm interior and a romantic ambience with polite and professional staff, it’s a wonder that not that many people think of this restaurant when it comes to romantic dining spots in Kuala Lumpur but I’ve a feeling that that will change soon.


Savini Ristorante Italiano is located at:

Level 2, Lot 2-05, The Intermark,

Jalan Tun Razak,

50400 Kuala Lumpur,



Operating Hours:

Monday to Sunday:

11.30AM – 2.30PM



Telephone: +6014 338 8864 | +603 2181 7700 | +603 2181 4488 | +603 2181 5588 | +603 2181 7700






Fujifilm X-A2

Fujifilm X-A2

Photos were shot with the Fujifilm X-A2.

More info at


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