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Breitling Launches the Avenger Bandit in Southeast Asia




Headed down to Suria KLCC on 12 May 2016 for Breitling’s Southeast Asia launch of their new Avenger Bandit timepiece and Avenger collection in partnership with Sincere Fine Watches. The independent Swiss watchmaker and “official supplier to the world of aviation” held a special aviation/ military themed exhibition coupled with a cocktail party for selected media and invited guests.

The exhibition was setup like an aircraft hangar with a model of the Breitling Jet Team L-39 Albatros, and the launch saw local celebrities Fattah Amin, Rashidi Ishak, Vanidah Imran and Sean Lee gracing the event which was hosted by Nadia Heng. DJ Bluwie Liew provided the tunes for the party while we enjoyed the champagne and drinks.


The one time a year that I actually dress up according to the theme


Later in the night we were treated to a runway show featuring hot female “pilots” clad in flight suits, each of them sporting a timepiece from the Breitling Avenger collection.






We also got to try out the latest full-motion flight simulator that was created by Breitling to land a jetliner and have a taste of an aeronautical adventure. I actually managed to successfully land the jet on my first try although I didn’t land it in the fastest time so I didn’t win the prize unfortunately, but I was still pretty stoked that all my years of playing flight simulators when I was young actually paid off!

Besides the Avenger Bandit, the exhibition featured a firsthand look at other 2016 novelties such as the Navtimer 1884 and Navitimer 46 Blacksteel, as well as the special vintage museum pieces of the brand’s most iconic collection: the famous Navitimer from the early 1960s – 2002.

The exhibition was held between from 12 to 18 May 2016 at the Suria KLCC centre concourse area.


Rachel, Nadia Heng, and Jan Sit (L-R)



Datin Sri Joey Low with Nadia Heng
Datin Seri Joey Low with Nadia Heng



Avenger Bandit – The Spirit of Naval Aviation

Breitling Avenger Bandit

The brand new Avenger Bandit embodies the world of daring feats, extreme missions with its 45 mm light ultra-sturdy titanium case, grey “stealth” look, military rubber strap and its high-performance mechanical movement built tough for duty on the decks of aircraft carriers and the cockpits of fighter planes. The dial is distinguished by its grey colour with tone-on-tone counters and aviationinspired stencil-type numerals. An authentic instrument for professionals, the Avenger Bandit is equipped with a brand-new strap combining rubber with high resistance Military strap for maximum comfort and flexibility.


More info on Breitling at

More info on Sincere Fine Watches at



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