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Richard Marx “The Solo Tour” Live in Kuala Lumpur 2016



I was most honoured to be invited to cover the Richard Marx Live in Kuala Lumpur 2016 concert on 9 March 2016 thanks to Fat Boys Event Management Malaysia who organised the concert. Growing up in the 80’s meant that I was familiar with his hit songs and seeing him perform in the flesh was indeed a very memorable experience.


Accompanying me was Ruby who was also familiar with Richard Marx's songs
Accompanying me was Ruby who was also familiar with Richard Marx’s songs



He didn’t bring a band with him this time round but performed solo with the exception of one (1) song with his three (3) sons accompanying him via video. His sons definitely inherited their father’s musical talent!

The show was an intimate evening with Richard interacting with the crowd and performing mostly his hit songs with a sprinkling of some newer songs thrown in for good measure. 

All in all he performed 15 songs – Endless summer nights, Take this heart, Keep coming back, Now and forever, Hazard, Save me, Turn off the night, Dance with my father again, This I promise you, Satisfied, Just go, Angelia, Don’t mean nothing, Should’ve known better, and of course “Right Here Waiting” closed off the show.

Along the way, he shared some stories about the songs. “This I Promise You”  was a song he wrote for N-Sync that became a great hit while “Hazard” was quite an unexpected hit from him as he was trying out something new and wrote a murder mystery in the form of a song.

He performed with only the acoustic/ classical guitar or the piano, both of which he played absolutely brilliantly, and he even played “Angelia” totally unplugged without any mic or the guitar plugged in to the amplifiers. Now Plenary Hall is not a small hall but with everyone as quite as a mouse, we were able to appreciate his voice totally raw and boy can he sing.





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The photos and the video above were shot using the FUJIFILM X-T10.

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Below are the photos courtesy of Fat Boys Event Management.

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